Sanwei Fextra

by Sanwei
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FEXTRA is a handmade 7-ply all-wood blade laminated using a proven attachment process. This blade offers a feeling of stability and provides additional control to compensate for a player’s potential weakness in this area. The 3 middle wood layers clearly reflect the reaction between each force and counterforce. This helps the blade release feedback quickly to the incoming ball, while the carefully selected supporting wood layer easily delivers a high-quality looping effect on fast attacks.

Reaction: 130
Vibration: 115
1st Speed: 95
2nd Speed: 100
Speed: Fast
Impact: Mid

Style: OFF
Weight: 89g
Thickness: 6mm
Ply: 7W

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Reviews of Sanwei Fextra (16)

 External Review for Sanwei Fextra on May 9, 2019
The first impression about this blade is great control specially on backhand and forehand shots, with good speed when hitting, also good for loops. A little slower than my old stiffer blade (T-11) but increase more spin in the ball. For serves is great with good amount of spin and good control to send the ball at the desired position on the table. I'm using both rubbers with tensor and paired very well with Fextra, so stoked.
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 External Review for Sanwei Fextra on February 24, 2019
I bought this blade because of the good reviews I read, and of course because of the price, so I decided to give it a try.
My main setup is (or was) Stiga Infinity with Rakza 7 2.0 mm on fh and Bluefire M2 2.0 on bh. This setup plays well, but I never get used to the hollow feel and sound of the Infinity. Once I got the Fextra I glued a Xiom Vega Pro 2.0 mm on fh and a Vega Europa 2.0 on bh on it, which I never tried before. I made a test during a training session changing the blades every 10 minutes. I was really surprised with the performance of this setup. Speed and general feel is better than Infinity, it's spinnier and also better balanced and even feels lighter. Infinity is a bit head heavy compared to the Fextra, but I think the XIOM rubbers are also playing an important roll on this. Workmanship is also excellent. I thought Stiga's Master handle was perfect for me, but Fextra's handle which is slightly "thicker" is just perfect for my hand. Aesthetically Fextra looks like Stiga Carbonado but has 7 plywood Clipper structure. Some people call it a clone, but I thinks it isn't. Despite it's affordable price It is is a high quality blade inspired by the Swedish brand but with it's own character: Clipper's wood layers are: Limba, Ayous, Ayous, Ayous, Ayous, Ayous, Limba, and Fextra's are Limba, Limba, Ayous, Ayous, Ayous, Limba, Limba. Will try with different rubbers later. For now, I think this blade will stay in my hand a long time. I really like it.
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Review by guest_37ar9d7h (Verified Customer) for Sanwei Fextra on February 12, 2019
parece buena madera tiene un bote bastante consitente y homogeneo, con buen control
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 External Review for Sanwei Fextra on February 6, 2019
I had only a few short hit with Sanwei Fextra.Nice blade classic Limba wood construction Clipper like structure.Also known in Europe Nordic 7 Gluing technique from Japan. Sanwei is an innovative and very interesting Chinese blade maker and I could not resist got it from Megaspin for $22 unbeatable.Do not let the low price fool you.A good blade comparable to my trusted Clipper in quality,finish.A good back up to my Clipper.I modified it to Chinese C-Pen from shakehand flared handle.One more 7 ply limba blade in collection of 17 blades.Hope was helpful ....
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 External Review for Sanwei Fextra on September 16, 2018
I just wanted to try it because of the similarity to stiga carbonado. Its great feeling the speed is not too fast but just need to let go your hand and the ball is just on the table. I use it with xiom rubbers. I love the sound of the blade. Backhand side no matter how i hit the ball still makes it on the table. This is my most secure blade.
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Review by themaker (Verified Customer) for Sanwei Fextra on September 11, 2018
I really don't understand what the hype about this blade is for. The finish on it is pretty good and minimal sanding was needed for the wings to be comfortable. The handle was large, thicker than Stiga Legend handles, but not too large for my hands. This blade excels in slow shots: service and return, passive blocking and chopping are all very well controlled. However, every attacking shot felt extremely muted. I felt like no matter how hard I hit or tried to load my shots with spin, the ball would come off the racket with 20%-30% less of both. That's a good gimic for confusing your opponent I suppose, if they're expecting balls to come at them with a certain amount of speed or spin. But it was also frustrating for me. I tried this blade with MX-P on both sides as well as Hurricane 8 on a few different occasions to see if it made a difference; I also ensured the glue job was right and the feeling each time was the same. If you're a defensive type of player then this blade should suit you well. However, as an overall attacker and both-sides looper, I did not enjoy my experience with this blade.
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 External Review for Sanwei Fextra on September 9, 2018
Handle is absolutely beautiful and comfy. This blade is a must have and it's worth every dime paid for it. Blade is not fast as carbon blades but it has way more control than carbon blades. Most shots will land on the table. Slow game will frustrate your opponents playing fast with carbon blades. I beat 1800 rated-2 players 3-0 on the first day of using this blade while using cheap chinese rubbers on both sides. This blade excels in chops and backhands. Also topspin is effortless. Let me say this again. Handle of this blade is f..kkg amazing. I am gonna buy 1 more. Great blade to practice. Then go play the tournament with carbon blade. No more butterflys!!!!!!
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Review by papifred for Sanwei Fextra on August 30, 2018
Wow. I don't usually review, but this blade deserve a great one. Stable and balanced. Paired with Donic Acuda S1 2.0 (BH) and DHS Goldarc 8 Max (FH). Control with the Goldarc 8 is amazing. Very forgiving. You can brush, top, smash, chop and do practically anything with high precision. Not stiff not too bland. Not a demon speed like ACL's or other carbons, but it adjust to the player potential. With the S1 in the Backhand is tricky but manageable. Flips are amazingly precise and powerful, smashes as well. Chops in both sides are near the net and difficult for the opponent to respond. Overall I'll give my points with 10 as Max: Speed 8.5, Control 9.5, Stiffness 4.5, Hardness 5.0.
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 External Review for Sanwei Fextra on April 10, 2018
Amazing blade.Super cheap.Superb spin and feel.Good control,speed is not super fast,but good enough so it allows a fast swing for loops to still land to the table.The best thing however is the HANDLE-simply the best I ever used.I am using it with Baracuda(donic)(black),donic coppa gold(red).This handle is helping me with my BH drives,the wood absorbs sweat-so despite having super sweaty palms-I feel confident that this blade will not slip.
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 External Review for Sanwei Fextra on January 16, 2018
I highly recommend this blade for every one. It is very cheap and good in feeling. The handle is very beautiful. This is a 7 layers blade( limba limba ayous ayous ayous limba limba). The 3 layer of ayous is similar thickness. It is good for control and defensive. It is easy to play than cl but less speed and spin compare to cl. When you try to defense, it is extremely stable and didn't has much vibration. If you try power loop, the vibration is much more than fiber blade but less than cl. Conclusion, It is a easy version of CL, defense is just excellent. Compare with fiber blade( Samsonov Cb, Timoboll ALC, Yasaka Alnade) the speed will be slower but the ball is much more spiny. The blade is in the middle of CL and fiber blade. Loop like CL, defense like fiber blade. I highly recommend for this blade. Sorry for my bad English.
papan ini lebih kurang CL, lagi easy control, lagi best in defense, tapi power loop dengan spin kalah CL. Defense feeling macam fiber panpan. Boleh try kerana murah. Jika you nak cari blade yang syok main bukan banyak susah, blade in yang sesuai.
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 External Review for Sanwei Fextra on December 14, 2017
This blade is almost an amalgamation of a 5 and 7 ply, so has the the best of both worlds. A bit thicker (6mm) than a traditional 5 ply, it is slightly more stable for blocking and flat hits, but being thinner than most 7 plys, it still loops and topspins really well.Medium hardness and some flex give you good arc and the sweetspot is large for an all wood blade. It's off- in nature with that great wood feel and excellent control. I've had about 6 sessions with this blade and it compliments my spin based allround/offensive style. Very reasonably priced (about $30 US dollars),
it is a blade that has made a very good impression on me. Tested with Yasaka Shining and Rising Dragon 2mm.
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Review by yogi_bear for Sanwei Fextra on November 24, 2017
Weight: 89 grams; Plies: 7; Thickness: 6.02mm approx.; Speed: OFF; At first glance, it seems that the handle of a Stiga Carbonado was copied but that is just it. This blade is simply the best on what it does - attacking! Even though it has the same composition with the Stiga Clipper wood, it plays better with the same fee. The Fextra has some softness on ball impact and is good for looping. The fextra is actually a very fast blade. It is faster than the regular clipper wood and almost in the level of the Adidas Challenge speed. Top plies are limba-limba followed by ayous layers of wood.
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 External Review for Sanwei Fextra on November 20, 2017
Awesome and superb blade. Outstanding feeling, touch and power. Control just amazing. Handling from the other planet, i'm going sleep with it in my hand))))
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 External Review for Sanwei Fextra on November 13, 2017
A fabulous blade from Sanwei. 7 ply blade with Limba-Ayous-Ayous-[Ayous Core]-Ayous-Ayous-Limba construction.
The Limba -Ayous provides good flex and adds to the topspin capabilities of the blade. I used to play with the DHS Hurricane Long 3 blade (Ma Long 3) and was looking for a off- blade with similar capabilities. This was it!!!
I tried the Stiga Clipper, Tibhar Samsonov Force pro and few other blades but ended up liking the Sanwei Fextra 7.
No other blade at this price range is more suited for spin based game play.
On a comparative scale - DHS Hurricane Long 3 > Sanwei Fextra > Stiga Clipper > Tibhar Samsonov Force Pro > DHS PG7
Rubbers - This blade works well with both tacky and non tacky rubbers. I used a boosted DHS Hurricane 3 on my forehand and Tibhar Evolution MXP on my backhand and the results were impressive. I tried the MXP on the forhand side too and surprisingly it performed well for heavy spin based play style. Never felt any lack of control.
Verdict: If you can afford and handle the DHS Hurricane Long 3, go for it. Else the Sanwei Fextra 7 is a good substitute with reduced speed and added control for topspin based plays
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 External Review for Sanwei Fextra on November 9, 2017
Sanwei Fextra 7 is medium stiff blade. This is definitely NOT a Stiga Clipper clone. I have both blades and can compare. FEXTRA plays and feels different: it is more stiffer and harder. It pares well with soft-medium sponge rubbers (H36-40). My FEXTRA is 101g and 7.2mm thick. It is very heavy and thick for my preference. I personally like Clipper more because it feels better, more flex, more spin, more control and it is lighter. You get, what you are paying for.
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 External Review for Sanwei Fextra on November 7, 2017
I love my Fextra ,feel of the ball is great handle so comfortable. Its no a speed monster but has all the speed that you need just love to play with this blade gives me joy and happiness . I'm using rasanter r 42 fh and Tibhar 5 q on bh,5q on this blade is just ok but rasanter just great. I highly recommend this blade.
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