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Sanwei Fextra

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FEXTRA is a handmade 7-ply all-wood blade laminated using a proven attachment process. This blade offers a feeling of stability and provides additional control to compensate for a player’s potential weakness in this area. The 3 middle wood layers clearly reflect the reaction between each force and counterforce. This helps the blade release feedback quickly to the incoming ball, while the carefully selected supporting wood layer easily delivers a high-quality looping effect on fast attacks.

Reaction: 130
Vibration: 115
1st Speed: 95
2nd Speed: 100
Speed: Fast
Impact: Mid

Style: OFF
Weight: 89g
Thickness: 6mm
Ply: 7W

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  • The blade is highly recommended for its excellent control and defensive capabilities. It is particularly stable during defensive play and has minimal vibration, making it easier to play. It is also praised for its beautiful handle and good feel, as well as its affordability.
  • The blade is described as consistent, forgiving, and perfect for intermediate players. It is praised for its ability to provide feedback on where shots will land, which is beneficial for players who struggle with control. It is also noted for its excellent control during attacking play.
  • The blade is lauded for its great control, particularly on backhand and forehand shots. It is also praised for its good speed when hitting and its ability to increase spin on the ball. It is recommended for both beginners and intermediate players due to its performance and affordable price.


  • The blade is criticized for its lack of stability, which can affect control. Some users also found the feeling of the blade to be subpar, particularly on high-end shots. The core of the blade, which is made up of ayous, was identified as the main issue.
  • Some users found the blade to be too heavy, with one user reporting a weight of 90g for their blade. This could potentially affect the ease of use and comfort during play. The blade was also criticized for having occasional variations that affected shot consistency.
  • The blade is criticized for its lack of responsiveness during attacking shots. Some users found that no matter how hard they hit or tried to load their shots with spin, the ball would come off the racket with significantly less speed and spin. This made the blade frustrating to use for some users, particularly those with an offensive play style.

Reviews of Sanwei Fextra (35)

This is a discontinued model from SANWEI, however they are still available from AliExpress. I picked an ST handle one up for AU $24.99 with the goal of using a training setup that isn't super fast, but has high levels of control and provides feedback when I'm producing lazy, passive strokes as well as when I put effort and intentional driving/looping. Weight is about 95g.

First thing I need to say is that after I paired it with a heavy, tacky rubber such as the Nittaku Hurricane 3 pro turbo orange sponge, it just didn't give that responsiveness working through the gears that I was after. Having said this, I've now got a yellow sponge Palio AK47 ( also on Ali Express for around AU $15) and on the backhand, a FastArc G1. this setup offers a great level of control, but you can also produce the speed as long as you input quality strokes and strong force from mid-to-long distance from the table. The ST handle is rather thick but felt good in my hand, of course you can always sand it down to make it thinner to your liking.

All in all this is an excellent, budget-friendly blade that suits offensive players, with an emphasis on control over speed.
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The Sanwei FEXTRA 7 is very similar to the Stiga Clipper wood. I bought my Fextra, long strait handle, for under $20 (USD) from AliExpress. I had some extra rubbers around that I took off some very fast blades. They were the Victus, V-15 Extra and the Xiom Omega VII Asia. Thes are very good, fast rubbers. The Fextra added the control I needed, and I was still able to manage a lot of speed. My regular setup is the Clipper Wood Classic with Fast Arc G-1 on both sides. The Fextra setup a little bit more speed but the G-1 setup has a little more control. Both blades are great loopers.
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Great blade. Feeling better than stiga clipper. Has nice cracking noise at harder shots. Best paired with Nittaku G-1. Try it. Worth every penny. For $20 usd best blade. I would choose fextra over some yasaka and stiga blades.
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The biggest advantage of this racket is the control. It fits perfectly with both short pimples and smooth rubbers. The speed is not very high but enough to finish the attack. Perfect for the intermediate level. Beginner players can also use this masterpeace. The softness of the blade gives a lot of rotation and margin for error. I've had "boards" $100 more expensive than this one, but none of them had such great attributes.
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I bought this blade because my Butterfly Zoran Primorac veneer peeled off after a month of purchase, and of course because of the positive reviews and low price (twice low than Butt).
This blade is definitely slower and softer than Butt (I used the same DHS Gold Arc 5 42.5 and 47 degrees rubbers on both sides), not much, but still noticeable, which is why I leaked the first tournament with this blade. it takes time to get used to it.
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