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Sanwei Pro F3

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Our notes:
• An excellent and cheaper alternative to Timo Boll ALC and Timo Boll Spirit.
• The handle is one of the most comfortable handle designs among Chinese blades.
• Offers a solid but controllable looping blade, near and mid-distance from the table.

This blade is factory-sealed so blade sealing is not required.

The Sanwei Pro F3 replaces the original F3 Kiri Core with Ayous, and has Arylate carbon (like the Butterfly Boll ALC). It's covered by an Ayous outer-surface.

This blade delivers excellent and well-rounded performance. It achieves a balanced feeling of power, speed, and spin. The special design of the handle is made using a brand new shaping production technique.

Style: Quick Attack/Loop OFF
Ply: 5 plywood + 2 ALC
Thickness: 6.4mm
Weight: 90g

Reaction: 135
Vibration: 110
1st Speed: 96
2nd Speed: 96
Speed: Fast
Impact: Mid

Blade size : 259x150mm
Handle size: 101x35x24.5mm

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Reviews of Sanwei Pro F3 (32)

Ce bois est une vraie brique, le son parle de lui mme,mes cohquipier me l'on soulign. Le contrle est trs difficile, ainsi que le petit jeu. Il est meilleur avec des revtement dur. Le comparer au TB est une rreur, j'ai tester les deux et aucune comparaison possible, a par un mauvais modle ... pour envoyer des missile trs puissant loin de la table, OK
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I had the opportunity to test the F 3 Pro after becoming curious about it through a teammate's Paramid. What totally surprised me was how different it felt. What confused me a lot were all the articles I read about the blade. First, I want to say that I am very impressed and have tested the blade with a high-class player who plays with the Timo Boll ALC, with Dignics 09c and 05 in Max. I played the F 3 Pro with Gear Hyper 39 in max and Neubauer Monster Classic OX. Therefore, I was able to directly compare the two blades, and even though the rubbers are very different, it was clear that the two blades are completely different. The F 3 Pro, although an inner layer construction, plays much stiffer. What confused me is that exactly the opposite is often claimed in articles about the blade. Some say it's quite flexi, others say it's very stiff. My specimen is explicitly very stiff! Much stiffer than the ALC. However, the amazing thing is that it is incredibly precise. Both in pushing, blocking, and topspin. It's really very fast and surprisingly still very controlled! It also harmonizes incredibly well with the OX pimple and its great stiffness and the very crisp surface make the pimples very insensitive to spin. It plays excellently with Gear Hyper. It's very controlled in short-short play, but you can also attack short balls with extreme speed. The flight curve is very flat. Although it's so fast, paradoxically, it has a lot of control in blocks with the Gear Hyper , the stiffness makes it very insensitive to spin. It really has a very high sound (ping). The combination is extremely precise, controlled, and powerful. All in all, very paradoxical! On one hand very stiff and fast, on the other hand, very controlled and, at least for me, also very spinny. Especially the serves have extreme spin and can be kept very low very easily. For me, it's an absolutely great blade, but it has nothing to do with the woods from Butterfly. At least not with ALC, Inner ALC, ZLC, ZLF, ALCs." For me it`s a perfect fit with the Gear Hyper.Superb Flicks and even short balls, can be attacked with ease.It truely feels, like a new eyperience of progression. Very impressive!
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After playing with this blade for a while, I can agree that it is a attacking blade, but not so fast. Have a lot of control and ball feeling, without vibrating like a pure wood blade. Good combination of wood and inner carbon.
Talking about weight balance it has a heavy tip and light handle.
Can add that F3 Pro is well constructed and very resistant, because i slammed it on the table a few times during matches and only left subtle marks.
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This blade is a little bit head heavy and it makes annoying sound on contact. If you don't care about these things then it is an excellent blade for its price.
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Soft, flexy feeling Inner ALC blade. Medium and long arc. Suitable for FH dominant loopers due to great control and consistent looping ability. BH quite unclear. The best Inner ALC at this price range - maybe don't have the top gear like W968 or BTY Ovtcharov/Harimoto, but let's be honest those gears are only accessible by national level players.
Pros :
+ Great control for forehand looping/spinning. Like a softer, flexier DHS 301 or Long V.
+ Not too fast - tad below Viscaria type so very good for control.
+ Great feeling and vibration
Cons :
+ Unclear BH feeling. Softness and vibration means you have to put effort, spin into your BH.
+ Blocking , especially on BH not great. Have to put force into blocking, since blade absorbs lots of power.
+ In low power shot, feeling unclear

Recommended for FH dominant loopers who have a more all-around game.
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