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31 Reviews for Sanwei Pro F3

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  • The Sanwei Pro F3 blade offers a woody feel while still allowing the power and stability a/c blades generally offer. It has good feel and control and is a solid blade that can compete with its European and Japanese counterparts costing 3 and 4 times as much.
  • The blade offers great power, spin, and control. It is balanced and allows for precise block and smash, and spinny serves. It is particularly effective for opening up on backspin balls.
  • The blade is well constructed and very resistant. It is suitable for attacking play style, with good control and ball feeling. It is also noted for its great control for forehand looping/spinning and has a good feeling and vibration.


  • The downside to these blades is that they end up feeling too soft or mushy and the Sanwei Pro F3 is no different in this respect. It can come off as mushy feeling.
  • The blade has a pingy sound that some users find overwhelming and distracting. This sound is present regardless of the rubber used and can affect the player's concentration and confidence.
  • Some users find the blade too hard and stiff, especially when used with soft rubbers. It is also noted to be heavy and thick, which can cause strain on the shoulder during play. The blade is also considered to be too fast and mushy with soft rubbers, causing the ball to fly with no arc over the table.

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I had the opportunity to test the F 3 Pro after becoming curious about it through a teammate's Paramid. What totally surprised me was how different it felt. What confused me a lot were all the articles I read about the blade. First, I want to say that I am very impressed and have tested the blade with a high-class player who plays with the Timo Boll ALC, with Dignics 09c and 05 in Max. I played the F 3 Pro with Gear Hyper 39 in max and Neubauer Monster Classic OX. Therefore, I was able to directly compare the two blades, and even though the rubbers are very different, it was clear that the two blades are completely different. The F 3 Pro, although an inner layer construction, plays much stiffer. What confused me is that exactly the opposite is often claimed in articles about the blade. Some say it's quite flexi, others say it's very stiff. My specimen is explicitly very stiff! Much stiffer than the ALC. However, the amazing thing is that it is incredibly precise. Both in pushing, blocking, and topspin. It's really very fast and surprisingly still very controlled! It also harmonizes incredibly well with the OX pimple and its great stiffness and the very crisp surface make the pimples very insensitive to spin. It plays excellently with Gear Hyper. It's very controlled in short-short play, but you can also attack short balls with extreme speed. The flight curve is very flat. Although it's so fast, paradoxically, it has a lot of control in blocks with the Gear Hyper , the stiffness makes it very insensitive to spin. It really has a very high sound (ping). The combination is extremely precise, controlled, and powerful. All in all, very paradoxical! On one hand very stiff and fast, on the other hand, very controlled and, at least for me, also very spinny. Especially the serves have extreme spin and can be kept very low very easily. For me, it's an absolutely great blade, but it has nothing to do with the woods from Butterfly. At least not with ALC, Inner ALC, ZLC, ZLF, ALCs." For me it`s a perfect fit with the Gear Hyper.Superb Flicks and even short balls, can be attacked with ease.It truely feels, like a new eyperience of progression. Very impressive!
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After playing with this blade for a while, I can agree that it is a attacking blade, but not so fast. Have a lot of control and ball feeling, without vibrating like a pure wood blade. Good combination of wood and inner carbon.
Talking about weight balance it has a heavy tip and light handle.
Can add that F3 Pro is well constructed and very resistant, because i slammed it on the table a few times during matches and only left subtle marks.
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This blade is a little bit head heavy and it makes annoying sound on contact. If you don't care about these things then it is an excellent blade for its price.
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Soft, flexy feeling Inner ALC blade. Medium and long arc. Suitable for FH dominant loopers due to great control and consistent looping ability. BH quite unclear. The best Inner ALC at this price range - maybe don't have the top gear like W968 or BTY Ovtcharov/Harimoto, but let's be honest those gears are only accessible by national level players.
Pros :
+ Great control for forehand looping/spinning. Like a softer, flexier DHS 301 or Long V.
+ Not too fast - tad below Viscaria type so very good for control.
+ Great feeling and vibration
Cons :
+ Unclear BH feeling. Softness and vibration means you have to put effort, spin into your BH.
+ Blocking , especially on BH not great. Have to put force into blocking, since blade absorbs lots of power.
+ In low power shot, feeling unclear

Recommended for FH dominant loopers who have a more all-around game.
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To me, the current 9.2 speed rating is way too high. This blade is not really a speed demon. It is a soft, flexy, control oriented blade. It has a very woody feeling, not like a carbon blade. By no means is it slow, but it's just not super fast.

Compared to Viscaria type blade, this blade is way softer and flexier and has more dwell time. It is even flexier than Long 5.

It is really designed for looping and spinning.
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Sanwei f3 pro is too hard for me .. Its outer ply is hard but the feeling is soft.. Very good in looping back spin .. It is spinier and fast while doing the loop .. Soft rubbers are not good for this one.. Medium hard tp hard rubbers only .. Over all a good attacking blade near the table.. Sad to say this blade doesnt fit my playing style ..
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Good blade,you pretty much can achieve most shots and it's decent. I just can't live with frying pan effect on every shot clonk clonk, if you can live with that than it's a great blade actually.
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Sanwei F3 Pro- Ayous - Spruce - ALC - Ayous - ALC - Spruce - Ayous86 grams
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mine weighs 88 grams and is about 6 millimeters thick. It is very easy to do a top spin with a Big Dipper on the right hand. but so far there are problems on the left DIGNICS 80
I will put something slower to solve this problem. Medium blade is softer than Viscaria. Highly recommend this for the price.
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Masterpiece!!! Unbeatable value for money !!! Great blade with speed and balance just far and near the table !!
I recommend it!
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From DHS 301 to Yasaka Goiaobao and now this blade. This has much control for me than the first two. This blade suits my playing style. Smashing and occasional looping. This is really good while pushing but very fast when smashing and fast looping because the carbon is close to the core. I glued it with Tibhar MXS on fh and Uranus Poly on bh. I ordered another blade to try on different rubber combinations.
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Im using the one with innerlayer ALC version, with DHS Hurricane 3 Neo on both sides. The set up is very comfortable. Looping is fast and controlled. The feel is good. Vibration is low. Spin is perfect. Soft touch serves will turn up soft and heavy hits will turn out fast and spinny. Have not tried it with European rubbers so dont know how it plays there. May update this in the future if I notice anything else.
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I love it, after two years of use it is my favorite paddle... Not for beginners, you need to have a very good technique to use this paddle because it is very very fast, if you don't have a good technique first, it will be difficult to learn to spin the ball... On the other hand if you use short pips it will help you to make fast straight shots.
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I tried to play with it but the sound is too overwhelming to concentrate on any feeling. Doesnt matter which rubber you use, the pingy sound is very bad. Cannot get feeling or confidence from the blade.
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Hi guys, After a year in which i've played tt for an average of 5 days a week , i've figured out that i was needing something different in my blade to improve my game. In a season i've succeded in gaining 3000 positions among the italian ranking but now i was in a blind road. I was used to play with stiga offensive wood nct. Nice Blade, i had great control with It, but when i Met a passive opponent that waited my topspin i never succeded in making winning points. All of a sudden i've tried this Blade and i fell in love. This is exactly what i was looking for. Great Power, great spin but a lot of control. I Don't know how It Can be so balanced. You always know how to hit the ball. Great arc far from the table, precise block and Smash. Spinny serves. Please give a try at this Blade.
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**Note: There are two versions of this blade. The old one which sounds like it was a copy of the Timo Boll ALC and the new one which is more of an Innerforce ALC build. This is a review of the newer Innerforce ALC version. Also note that I am not the most experienced player and reviewer.

I compare this blade to a Liu Shiwen ZLF and 2 DHS H301's. This blade is the fastest of the 3 and has control that is very close to equaling the others. Though, the build quality is the worst of the bunch.

When I first got this blade I found it had too much bounce for my liking. I was using Rakza 7 and 7 soft at that time. However, my game has improved a bit and I have put on Battle II (45) on the FH and Palio Hadou 40+ (40-42) on the backhand. This combo works great for me, it is just a little bit heavy. I have a bad shoulder and the weight of this setup can cause strain if I have an odd stroke while reaching for a wide ball. I recall my blade is 91gr. My Liu Shiwen and H301 are all about 6-7 grams lighter overall and do not irritate my shoulder as much. I am now looking to get an 86-87gr version of this blade.

This blade loops as well as any of the three. The short game touches are on par with the H301, maybe better (could be rubber choice). Where this blade excels is opening up on backspin balls. It is the best at this shot compared to the other two. I hope to get ahold of an 86-87 gram version and hope it is close to my current blade in performance.

If you ever wanted to try an Innerforce ALC type blade with a Limba/Ayous outer ply, this is cheap way to go about it.
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I use this blade with Battle II max (FH) and Joola Zack (BH). Strong weapon for looping and speedy also. A little vibration, and it's good. Blocking is also nice with great sound. Overall, it's a good training blade with descent price, compared to it's role model, TB ALC.
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Pingy Sound. Good for tensor rubbers. Bouncy with the tensors, would recommend to boost mid tensor rubbers. Throw is MID, spin potential is high with the right rubbers. Got straight handle and like the play but the sound is horrifying to listen too.
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Very stiff blade, it's nothing like Butterfly. It's made to play with chinese rubbers, otherwise is very stiff and fast. Heavy also, very thick. With soft rubbers is to fast and mushy, The Ball flies with no arc, over the table. Good for smash and block. Doesnt worth the money. Its like xvt hinoki carbon, much cheapper.
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Outstanding!!!!! Most underrated but amazing control and speed.
It's a clone of Timo boll ALC but it's slightly slower with precise control. I own 2 new Timo boll ALC but this plays better with more control. On tensor rubbers like Rakza7 soft, this blade gives super human powers. Try this blade in flared handle and you will fall in love with it
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This is a blade constructed much like Butterfly's Innerforce series in that the a/c layer is next to the core rather than right after the top layer. This offers a woody feel while still allowing the power and stability a/c blades generally offer. The downside to these blades is that they end up feeling too soft or mushy and the Sanwei Pro F3 is no different in this respect. It has good feel and control but can come off as mushy feeling. Using hard rubbers, especially Chinese rubbers will reward you with a balanced feeling of power, control, and consistency in any playing situation. It's definitely a solid blade that can compete with its European and Japanese counterparts costing 3 and 4 times as much.
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Very good blade (88g), faster than BTY ALC. Cheap and easy to play. On forehand with Vega Pro is very beautiful, but on backhand i am still searching, because so fast to play with Tenergy 05. Not forget to seal up the surface and edges. On plastic ball is very good.
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I buying one for last week. Before i used xiom axelo with t80 on fh and rakza 7 on bh. After i change to f3 pro with gewo hyper kr on fh and gewo xt 5.0 on bh. F3 pro have alot of control than axelo. Power is the same. But speed of sanwei f3 pro is slower than axelo. I think is better for my style.
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Great powerfull and control blade. More spin and power when go with hard rubbers. I use gewohyper kr on fh and gewo xt 5.0 on bh.
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Amazing blade. Lots of catapult. Awesome spin, power and speed when clubed with hard rubbers.
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Just like the expensive arylate carbon blades which cost 3-4 times more.
Best bang for the buck.
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This blade is wonderful
I like it a lot
Using mxs rubbers both sides and plays like a dream. In my opinion better than butterfly viscaria blade.
Here in India cost is only rs.5,500 (75usd)
Judy cause sanwei is.not popular like bty it's so cheap. It's a steal for this price.
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Better than anticipated, Handle fits my larger hands well. feels balanced and responsive yet accurate.
Only have about 8-10 hours of table time with it so far. Didn't miss a beat armed with Joola Energy max blk BH, and Joola Maxxxx 450 FH. I love it !!!!!!

DD Maui Hawaii
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Blade was delivered on time and as expected. Customer service was exceptional as usual. Very happy customer.
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A good blade and is similar to the Timo Boll ALC from butterfly. Good dwell time for topspin. Recommended to use hard sponge rubbers in forehand to get the maximum spin potential.
I use Gewo Nanoflex FT48 on FH and Gewo Nanoflex FT45 on BH
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Weight: 89-92 grams approx.
Thickness: 6.0-6.2mm approx.
Speed: Off to Off+
Plies: 7 (ayous - spruce -carbon kevlar - ayous (mid)

The Sanwei Pro F3 is an offensive composite blade. I was not really fond of Sanwei before I tested this blade and the V5 but they have come up with a good and affordable composite blade. The overall blade feel is stiff. Even though the outer ply is ayous, the blade has a very stiff feel due to the spruce and carbon arylate layers. I tested this with the Target National and A+, a bit heavy set up but produces powerful shots.

The F3 is a good attacking blade producing very solid shots especially on hard smashes and loop drives. It is faster than the TBS in some ways and offers high control. Looping is above average but I preferred doing drives more with this and because of the weight, I would suggest using a medium-soft or medium rubber for this. I observed a low to medium height of arc when looping with the F3. Blocking is one of the best feature of the blade wherein it blocks really well because it is stable against strong shots and because of the high control, it is forgiving.
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