Butterfly Primorac Carbon

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The Carbon blade designed and used by Zoran Primorac. Combines Carbon and Cypress wood for power play. Cypress outer plies, Balsa center ply and compact head size.

Speed: 95
Control: 67
Weight: 88
Ply: 3+2

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Reviews of Butterfly Primorac Carbon (37)

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 External Review on November 6, 2008
Bty Primorac Carbon is a very solid, stable offesnive type blade. It has a pretty good combination of speed and control, with sufficient of each, but not extraordinary. It is good for a intermediate level player who is beginning to solidfy their control, but does not want to lose control or have slow shots either. It is also of pretty average hardness and weight, so it will not strain your wrist and hand, but it will not feel like a feather weight either. I used it with some sriver, and it was really good in terms of speed, control, and spin! If your about 1400 rating, i think this is a good blade for you!
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 External Review on October 10, 2011
This is my favorite carbon blade. Great feeling for mid-distance topspin and close to the table blocj and smash game. Moved onto something else for better close to the table topspin potential though. For the price and quality, it is a great buy.
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Review by ejrazon on December 15, 2009
This is a perfect blade for me , nice speed good control .
It is very fast and can produce heavy side-spins and top spins
But this is not good for newbies
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 External Review on May 29, 2009
I have owned many blades over the last 5 years. Amongst them are: Primorac Carbon (x 5), Gergely 21, Kreanga Carbon, M.Maze (x 3), Petr Korbel (x 3), Schlager Carbon, Oh Sang Eun (x 3), KLHS, TBS, Viscaria (x 2), primorac off-, timo boll spark, Keyshot Light, sk7 alpha (x 2), Stiga Clipper Wood, Nittaku Acoustic, KCZ, Septear, Spintech 9th Wonder KC, and Carbo Gold. Out of all of the blades I have tried, I feel like the PC has the best mix of power, control, and feel.

It is very good at blocking and hitting close to the table because of its hard feel (unlike wood and alc blades) While at the same time it is not to head heavy because of its thick handle and thin 6.9mm head thickness (compared to SC 7.4 and G21 7.0). It also has better feel for the ball too than the SC and G21 in that the SC feels stiffer and softer giving you no feedback and the G21 is so compact and thick that vibration is completely cut off. The KC has much more vibration than the PC but it feels very unstable close to the table and very springy. It feels the fastest out of all the blades I have tried when I play touch shots. Its a blade that has to be tamed rather than something you have to adjust your topspin strokes to like most carbon blades.

Compared to all wood and alc blades, I feel like those have the advantage on soft touch shots close to the table. Looping close to the table is easier with wood and arylate blades but not that much easier with alc blades (compared to the PC). However wood blades take much more effort to hit fast and block with and top out win you hit the ball with a certain amount of force. ALC blades are ok close to the table but do not match up with wood blades when looping at the table or carbon blades when playing mid distance. They are okay at everything but dont really excel at anything.

I play a third and fifth ball attack game. I feel very comfortable playing a mid-distance looping game as well. When I play aggressive players I block, counter, mid distance loop, and mid-distance curve loop a lot. When I play defensive players I play an aggressive push game close to the table an set up my opportunities to put the ball away or I will hit really fast serves to their weak wing and blast a winner with my backhand or forehand.

I you play a consistent loop game close to the table then I recommend the primorac off- for feel and consistency. If you play a topspin loop game close to the table and at mid-distance I recommend the M.Maze. If your game is based on picking your shots to powerloop close to the table (you cannot play a loop everything game at the table like an all-wood blade and sometimes an alc one) or playing a counter game close to the table and a consistent looping game at mid-distance than I recommend the PC. It is a great value, a bestseller, and has great feel depending on what rubbers you use on it. I use Tenergy 05 on the forehand and Bryce Speed on the backhand.
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 External Review on May 14, 2009
I found this blade like the perfect one for me. It has very good speed, nice control, and an unique sound. Its weight is preety good. Is the perfect blade for those who want to hit heavy top spins and to play an active gane whenever possible.
The Primocar Carbon is also a godd blade to block with. It feels very consistent and stable when you block. And I'm sure it is not a blade for beginers.
It is the ideal blade to combine with the new generation of high tension rubbers, because with them hitting top spins is easier than if you don't.
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 External Review on September 22, 2008
Used this blade for a couple of years after switching from Gergely. The blade offers a softer feel compared to the Gergely, and probably against other Tamca's from BTY. The blade is powerful! and it's for those who want play mid and away from the table.

I used Sriver's on both sides when I played with this setup and control wasn't compromised at all.

The handle was way better than when I was using the Gergely but I found the neck area rather wider than usual, but it's not really a big concern.

Overall, it's already a classic blade from BTY and will surely become a collector's item.
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 External Review on November 21, 2015
First blade that I have used , one thing about this blade is fast and yet too fast for flicks and I have been using I for 2 years , flick shots often miss in my backhand and drive shot also inaccurate sometimes you need to do something about the angle . I recommend slow to medium speed rubbers and do not even think about placing high tension rubber or you just regret it later . Block is fine however placement shot is poor .
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 External Review on January 26, 2015
Very very fast. Sometimes I think I don't need too fast like this to beat my enemy. FH T05, BH T80. Top spin perfect, block fast, smash is unbeatable cause the enemy would not see the ball coming. Sometimes back spin not good. Need practice hard to control. Not recomend for beginner.
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 External Review on January 25, 2015
I got one of these but dont know how to use it. Can you help me?
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 External Review on January 22, 2015
This is my third blade. The specified weight was 88g. I asked for 86g but Butterfly sent me 90g.

The angular FL grip was originally larger than my liking, but I sand it to a very comfortable size. This is my favorite grip of all.

It took a while to get used to the speed especially with fast rubber like Friendship Aurora/the combo was too soft and springy especially due to the blade's very soft top layer+the softness of Aurora. You can easily mark the blade's surface with your finger nail. Then I decided to switch it to Hurrican III FH & Yasaka Mark V on BH. This is a very good combination. With the grippy H3 rubber, the blade is somewhat loopable and the Mark V on the back hand is good. I like to hit hard and this blade has very good control when you hit hard. it's rock solid, fast, & also very consistent. You need to face down the blade more due to it's very fast speed. The shots are fast and deep. The blade is pretty stiff when you smash the ball, it hardly flexes, but on the other hand you have a very soft surface and you get a pretty nice, soft feel without much vibration when hitting the ball. very unlike the ratings here. Very good combination of stiff structure + soft contact feel. I pref!
er to use harder & grippy rubbers on this blade for FH & med on BH.

Update 6/1/15: I took the Vega Pro 2.0 from Stratus Powerwood and put on this blade FH and boy what a difference did that make. Vega Pro used to be kind of slow & high throw on Powerwood but is now a looping monster and lethal weapon with Primorac Carbon! Loops are extremely fast, low & curvy. Vega Pro is a hard rubber and felt a bit too hard on the limba surface of the Powerwood but seems pretty ideal & rock solid on P/C. When I whip the balls with top/side spin my opponents had a hard time returning my bullet fast looping shots. It is very fun & it kicks butts. With the right rubber & my improved technique the Primorac is now truly a formidable weapon for me.
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