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34 Reviews for Butterfly Tenergy 64-FX

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  • Tenergy 64-FX offers more control, speed, and versatility than other rubbers, making it suitable for a variety of shots and distances.
  • The rubber is easy to clean and maintains its quality over time, providing good value for money.
  • It is particularly effective for backhand shots, with users noting improved consistency and power in their strokes.


  • Some users found the pushes to go higher than desired, indicating a potential lack of precision.
  • The rubber requires some adjustment to lift the ball, particularly on backhand shots.
  • Despite its overall quality, some users found the Tenergy 64-FX to be less spinny and more unpredictable than other rubbers, occasionally causing the ball to pop up or go long.

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This rubber is quite similar to it's brother: T64 in terms of throw angle, speed, and spin. I have tried the 05FX and the 80FX and the T64FX feels quite different. Ofcourse I have used all the FX's mentioned above on my backhand, so I am just reviewing this rubber for the backhand. I used this rubber on a Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ZLC (T64FX Red, 2.1mm) I got the thickest sponge for this T64FX because I was worried, like the other FX rubbers, it would excel in spin rather than speed, but I was wrong. This rubber is very similar to the regular T64, very direct. But because of the softer sponge, the 64FX still does lack in a bit of speed, but has increased the spin. So, in long range rallies, the T64FX often forces you to lob almost immediately when you are forced backwards, while the regular T64 gives you the choice to just keep going with the rally or to lob for one or two turns then to rush back into the rally. For lifting backspin, these rubber are very different, the 64FX requires a full knee the forehead slanted motion to life backspin, but reacts and jumps back with more spin while the regular 64 just reguires a swift circular motion (wrist- forearm power flick). Personally, I like the T64 more as its faster and gives you more choices during gameplay, but it all depends on your preferences and blade choice. Thanks for reading, hope this review helps, and keep on ponging guys!
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One of the better backhandrubbers out there. Only con (as with all tenergies) is the price.
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9/10 for OFF style. FH: Butterfly Dignics 64, 2.1mm, 47g (0.231g/cm^2), 40 degrees (Shore A). BH: Butterfly Tenergy 64 FX, 2.1mm, 43g (0.215g/cm^2), 32 degrees (Shore A). Blade: Stiga Carbonado 45 / 90, 89g, 156mm x 150mm x 5.8mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 7 (5 Wood + 2 Composite): Limba - Ayous - Ayous - Ayous - Limba.
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amazing rubber from butterfly
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Ratings for 1.7mm. Nice pace, good for blocking. Suitable for beginners or kids.
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very good rubber for speed, spin etc. recommended for advanced players. It seems to me that the durability of this rubber is not as long as other rubbers like donic, rakza etc.
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Topspin with turbo speed available on B/H and F/H. I am glad I bought this.
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This is a very different type tenergy in my opinion.
The fx spring sponge works very differenly with the 64fx as it has a longer pimple hiehht compared to 05 hence low throw soft rubber , but still super fast.
People who like slow flex blades and soft rubbers but find difficultly with speed due to the soft rubber and blade, you will love this. Better on fh since the longer pimples means that a harder stroke is required for the ball to get the throw above the net.
Works great for smashing.
Now since it's a low throw and fast people may think that having an upward brushing action will do the lifting job and the speed will come by the fast rubber , absolutely wrong ayse the pimple structure is such that the long pimples need a more forward motion for the rubber to work , while brushing upwards only top sheet using , the ball is super slow and weird . It's however good away from the table fishing lobbing counter Topspin away from the table.
One more big confusion is that it's bad for chopping , in my opinion it's one of the best chopping rubber and has beautiful control because of the long pimple structure.

I tried it on many blades.
Sanwei f3 pro (horrible very flat)
Nitakku violin (superb combination)
Stiga all round classic (best blade for this rubber,)
Gergley (too flat)
Dhs pg7 (good but a lil flat)
Use it on a springy blade and you will love it.

I think for the average player ,fx series are better on the 05 or 80 rubbers. The soft spring sponge and longer pimple height act weirdly and will take time to get used to.

UPDATE: after adjusting to it it works pretty good for BH also on my pg7 blade.
It will take a month at least to get used to it, but overall feels more powerful than t05 I started playing this counter push shot even despite heavy backspin it crosses the net and goes to the other side of the table with backspin making my opponent hit it to net. I don't know whether it spoiling my backhand from developing but it feels amazing and really fun to do.
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Using 2.1 mm black with the nittaku ma long 5 blade. This rubber is excellent for backhand, great absorption and control. It has many gears also so that helps in banana flicks, backhand pushes and even in backhand loops (i am not much of a backhand looper though). This rubber is worth the price. It will do pretty much what you ask from it. I have used several other brands in the past such as nittaku, donic, yasaka, andro. This rubber is probably amongst the best that i have ever used for backhand.
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Speed: average (9.1).
Spin: low (8.5).
Control: low (8.8).
Tackiness: slightly tacky (2).
Weight: light (43g, 0.214g/cm^2).
Sponge hardness: medium (45/32).
Top sheet hardness: medium hard (54/41).
Gears: average (3).
Throw: medium high (5.4).
Consistency: always identical (9).
Durability: average durability (4).
Top sheet thickness: average (1.7mm).
Surface thickness: average (0.7mm).
Pip length: long (1mm).
Pip width: average (1.6mm).
Pip spacing: sparse (0.9mm).
Overall: bad (8.8).
Value: overpriced (2).
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Best backhand rubber.
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Great feel on my playing style. Others are using it for their backhand but for me I use it on my forehand and the control is good. I will also try the Tenergy 05-FX and 80-FX.
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Let me started to say that I've used several types of Tenergy rubbers on fh and bh. T05fx, T05, T64, T64fx and T80 (see my other reviews on these other types)

I find that the 64 serie is very suitable for bh If you have prefer a blocking style. T64 for agressive direct blocking, but not many gears. T64fx for controled blocking not agressive but direct and very suitable for the banana flink on service receive. It has more gears than the standaard T64. I also find that the 64 series is less reactive for incoming spin. But it produces also less spin than t05, T05fx and T80.
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Had Tenergy 05 1.9 on a Time Boll Spirit for years before changing to this rubber also in 1.9. I had no problem lifting backspin and pushing but would often lose control of the ball during fast rallies. My forehand suffered from this the most even though my technique is OK on both wings. Since using this rubber my forehand has become a much more consistent and powerful shot and my backhand has only dipped a little; this is because the rubber has a lower throw which has helped me keep control of the ball on the forehand side during counter drives and topspins. I tend to open up on a push receive more often on the backhand and this is where I'm having to make more adjustments to lift the ball. The rubber blocks much better and returns serves much better than Tenergy 05 . It works best a mid distance because of the straight trajectory. I can produce high spin serves and flicks but more of a light touch is required in comparison to Tenergy 05. I'm so glad I took the risk and tried this rubber as I am very happy with it.
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Not a practical back hand rubber, but interestingly, it is not a bad forehand rubber. Very nice off-table loop.
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I use Tenergy 64-FX on the backhand of a Kasumi Basic in 1.9. I switched from using Tenergy 05 only a couple days ago, and what a relief it has been! With 05, my shots were going off the table, when I tried to just hit and receiving was a definite issue. 64-FX has solved both those problems. I can do anything I want with it and looping with it from any distance- close or far- isn't difficult at all. Although the pushes sometimes go a little higher than I want, this is definitely a more all purpose rubber than 05. If you are a hardcore looper, than pick 05, but if you need to push or hit, try this out. You get more speed, a little less spin, but tons more control. If you really flick your wrists while using this on the backhand, your shots will come low and fast at your opponent. Cleaning this is a breeze and there are not any real problems with 64-FX (except maybe the pushing, but it's better than all the other Tenergys). Butterfly, many of your products may be overpriced, but at least when I paid my $64 and tried this out, I felt I got my money's worth.
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I bought a 2.1mm sheet of a teammate and put it on the backhand side on a Stiga Intensity NCT. It is amazing. Its easy too get loads of spin, and loads of power. The dwell time is perfect. It has a medium-low throw angle. Its good for offensive developing players, especially on the backhand side. The serves and short game is really good. But on the forehand, personally I like 05-fx more because of the higher throw angle.
I love this rubber, I will keep it forever on my backhand.
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Ideal rubber for BH
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This was kind of a disappointment after T-05 FX. I was expecting something similar but with a bit more speed and little less spin. That was not so. These are two very different rubbers (amazing level of difference, seeing as how the only thing that distinguishes them is the position and shape of pips).

Speed - yes, a bit faster than T-05 FX.
Spin - less than T-05 FX; lots less in lighter strokes. You really need to apply yourself to generate a lot of spin.
Control - about the same as T-05 FX, but sometimes unexpectedly pops up the ball, or sends it long.
Basically zero of that softish ball-sticking-in-the-rubber feeling that I had with T-05 FX.
Very low throw, much lower than T-05 FX. Couldn't use it on BH without severe adjustment of my grip.
The rubber is surprisingly much more linear in not-very-powerful shots than almost all other Tenergy rubbers. Almost made me say "this is not a Tenergy!"
Probably plays much better on thin flexy blades - mine are 7-8 mm thick with low or very low flex.
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The best of the Tenergy range for my BH needs. Lower throw than 64, 05, 05-fx, good speed, linear response, good spin generation. Easiest Tenergy for blocking and flat hitting(without switching to the more specialised T25).

I tend to switch between this and 05-fx on the BH side. 05-fx has the edge on raw looping, but 64-fx is more stable, better in allround play and close-in, and easier for pushing and noodling around the table.
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Very good rubber for BH. It is slightly slower than regular T64, but with better control. Spin is quite the same. I used T64 max (BH on Viscaria) and T64FX max (BH on Stiga Intesity NCT) and I can say both are very good rubbers for BH. For those who prefer softer, slower and more accurate rubber, go for T64 FX. For those very agressive BH attackers with very good technique, go for T64. Best BH rubbers!
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The best rubber after T80. It surpasses T80 in attack power and spin.
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I started my Tenergy adventure with 1.7 Tenergy 64fx FH and 1.7 Tenergy 05FXBH on Grubba Carbon blade for that time it was best blade & FH rubber I ever had I learn my game with 64FX and progress to 1.9 as my game got better and better. I now try tenergy 80 and new blade Innerforce ALC but just can't be ask to ''learn'' new rubber got used to Tenergy 64FX and its got fantastic dwell time on my new blade its not to fast ( ALC blade make it slow ) for close to table game, block is just a piece of cake and if you are in mid distance its got enough ( when you hit hard that deeper carbon lawyer works !!! ) power to loop. I never had a single coaching and learn my game by playing and watching better players but every shot goes where I want it to go. Moving from ALL+ blade and rubber to OFF/OFF- went smoothly thanks to Tenergy 64fx
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Like this much better than T05fx. T05fx has a higher throw and seems to get a bit wild with shot selection. T64fx is fast,spinny and more linear than T05fx. Plays very nice at ALL distances. Great power with nice control. Intermediate level players can use this rubber to elevate your game to the next level. Outstanding price for an outstanding rubber. Works very nice on FH also in 2.1 on a flexy fast blade for close/mid looping and hitting. Lacks a small bit of power away from table but blade selection effects that not the rubber.
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Very good rubber. Because it has low throw and is not too much affected by incoming spin I have a better shor game and counter looping. Its slightly faster than roundell and spinnier with better control. I use it on FH but only used during 1 night (2 or 2 and a half hours) when I play more with it will add info
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I can only compare it with T05 because I haven't tried the other Tenergies yet. Less spin and speed, more control and lower throw. Astonishing undercuts. Top product.
I suggest that you should stick it on BH and stick to it :)
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I got this rubber as a replacement for my Bryce Speed FX but I can't feel mutch of a difference between the two. The topsheets are identical but the sponge is different. Tenergy 64-FX has a harder sponge same as on the Tenergy 05-FX. Overall a great speedy rubber what works great on my Darker Speed 90 blade as a backhand rubber. After all I would prefer the extra spin of the Tenergy 05-FX versus the extra speed of the Tenergy 64-FX.
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salto w jaja! z potylicy w jaja!
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Galaxy T10
T-05 FX 1.9 mm
T-64 FX 1.9 mm

choose 1.9 mm thickness over 2.1 mm irrespecive of what blade you use unless you are 2500 plus rated player.
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hopefully that rubber will be a mix between bryce speed fx and tenergy 05 fx. So the speed, control and catapult of the bryce speed fx combined with the spring sponge technology, spin, and control of the tenergy probably would be the perfect rubber for me!!!
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no review bummer!
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i just want itttttttttttttttttt cause i'm the most spinny oriented player as possible and i play glued to the table i havent used the 64 only the 05-fx i want more spin will this rubber be good to me ?
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I guess the Tenergy 64 FX will be like the Bryce Speed FX with much more spin and spring sponge!
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if any one use tenergy 64 before u will no how soft the people who invent this rubber is..........................
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