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26 Reviews for Butterfly Tenergy 05 Hard

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  • Many users found the Tenergy 05 Hard to be a significant improvement over the regular Tenergy 05, particularly for forehand play. They highlighted its greater touch at the table, better control, and improved blocking and smashing capabilities.
  • The rubber was praised for its high speed and power, especially for counter hitting. Users also appreciated its ability to generate a lot of spin, making it a deadly weapon for skilled players.
  • The Tenergy 05 Hard was lauded for its predictability and linearity, making it a good choice for players who prefer hard, Chinese, tacky rubbers. Its grip was also highly rated, and it was noted to perform well on soft or flexible blades.


  • Some users found the Tenergy 05 Hard difficult to control, particularly for slow and short loops due to its fast nature. It was also noted to be unforgiving when playing a wrong shot.
  • The rubber was criticized for having less dwell time and a different sound compared to the regular Tenergy 05, which some players did not prefer.
  • Several users mentioned that the Tenergy 05 Hard is not suitable for beginners or intermediate players due to its high speed and power. It was also noted to be harder to play and handle close to the table, requiring a lot of adjustment.

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I had been using Tenergy 05 on both FH and BH for several years and switched to Tenergy 05 Hard on both sides. I love it. Spinnier and faster. I have always maintained that control is up to me and not the rubber. Getting lower trajectory and spinnier on all topspins and contrary to popular opinion, my underspins have been causing consternation in my opponents. I recommend it for the experienced player, not beginners or intermediate level.
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At the moment im using Tenergy 2.1 red on my backhand. I started on the forehand side but due i switch my Rakza 7 to my forehand which was terrible for my backhand. This rubber is excellent for mid-table or far away from the table plays in the forehand. You can feel the rubber grip into the ball when you bring your own power into the shots. With the medium-high throw angle its fairly easy to place the shots. On my backhand i can drive and flick fairly easy. Close to the table this rubber becomes much much harder to play and handle. Chops bounce easily of the rubber and if you do less you dont even feel the ball which can end up in balls dropping the dead. This asks a lot of adjustment which i dont recommend to beginner or intermediate players. If you are an agressive player who likes to attack as quick as possible this rubber is absolute a dream rubber. Im more an allrounder/counterattack/off mixed player who seeks a bit more control in the close to the table gameplay but gains the speed if you move backwards for more powerfull shots.
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Used this with 2 layers booster. Arc is low, much nicer than regular T05. However, not forgiving at all. Far more loops go into the net. You have to be good to use this rubber. It does everything the T05 does well. Just more mistakes. Will go back to regular T05 to get more consistency.
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For me it was a surprise to see it is much slower then 05 FX. Because of being hard, I though it was going to be fast, but no. However, it is a good rubber for spin and control. For smashing it is not the best, you have to adjust considerable amount of power. Recommended for backhand.
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I'm impressed at how I adjusted to this fantastic rubber on my forehand. (2.1mm sponge thickness) I have to make it clear that to5H is definitely an attacking rubber. Not suitable for beginners or Low intermediates. t05H has a medium throw line with great speed so it makes it harder for the opponent to reach to the ball and counter you shot. Using it on my FH with D09c on BH on a Harimoto Innerforce Zlc. Great on my short game and really forgiving on loops topspin and backspin alike. Recommend it ALOT and tips for first time reader: IGNORE ALL THE HATE AND DISAPPROVAL COMMENTS THIS RUBBER IS OVERPOWERED. Update: My spare racket: Using on BH on Donic Ovtcharov senso (7ply all wood) Very slow but great feel on drives and loops.
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Very good rubber and last long. It worth its price.
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does this rubber require any boosting?
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This rubber is a beast in topspin to topspin rallies. Much more speed and power than regular T05. I did end up going back to regular T05 though because I was having more difficulty looping underspin with this version (I used it on my bh). That probably wouldn't be a problem if used on the fh side though
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Wau. What an improvement to my forehand. Easy to spin and do counter spin, very effortless. Quite expensive, but durability seems to be good, so maybe worth of the money, My favorite rubber to forehand.
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9.7/10 for OFF style. FH/BH: Butterfly Tenergy 05 Hard, 2.1mm, 53g (0.263g/cm^2), 43 degrees (Shore A). Blade: JOOLA MC1, 80g, 155mm x 150mm x 9mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 5 (Wood): Koto - Koto - Ayous+Balsa - Koto - Koto.
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Fast & Hard Rubber, Simply Spin a little above T5, this rubber is not for the beginner level.
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Hey guys,
Usually I am not reviewing any materials I been trying but Tenergy Hard changed my mind ( playing it on FH ). After being not sure if it suits my play I didnt hesitate to give it a go and I am not dissapointed. Guess it is very important if you play this rubber, you need a proper FH stroke and good legs. If you dont have this, dont try it, you will be making many unforced mistakes. Also I think its very important for reviews that people know which level you are playing. I stopped table tennis for 12 years before I was playing in the bavarian national squad and in my youth I played german championships. So I would say that I have a good technique and good legs.
As I said I didnt not play for 12 years so I am coming from the speed glue area. In the beginning it was very difficult to find the right setup. I always had the memory that I usually kill more points with my forehand and now, thanks to tenergy hard it is happening again. My opponents make much more mistakes when I am playing with Tenergy Hard. The low throw angle makes it very difficult for your opponents. Countertopspin is so "easy" with this rubber coz of its hardness. Returning serves short is a pleasure. The rubber isnt effected to spin as much as Tenergy 05 for example. Blocking you to be more active but you will get used to it.
Best rubber I tried so far. The rubber tells you immediately if you were out of position of if your stroke was too weak. I personally think it helps you to develop a proper technique. In China for example, also kids, start with super hard rubbers on forehand. I think we do this wrong in Europe. A soft rubber is very forgiving but it will not show you the consequences of wrong standing or technique. If you want to get better and you have enough to for training this rubber you should try.
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Very good forehand rubber (my style: attack close to table). My Top spins are loaded with many many gears. Opponent has problem to return it. Easier to handle as Tenergy 05 but needs more physical effort. One of my top five rubbers. Its expensive but its worth it!
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Pretty good
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Right now I am using Tenergy 05 Hard black 2.1mm on my forehand. I can not agree it has low control. It is definitely an attacking rubber, choppers will not use it nor allround players. So, I will comment about its control when attacking with loops. Coming from regular Tenergy 05 (on forehand) 05 Hard is an improvement in almost all aspects. Looping is more controlled but there is a difference, regular 05 produces a high arc while 05 Hard a much lower arc, making the ball travel faster and near the net, which gives less time to your opponent to react. That said, looping with it is like magic, ball goes exactly where you aimed at and it is also easier to control the deep. Every ball seems to land in the table, mistakes at the end line are reduced. That famous slogan power without control is nothing is very true, but control without power is useless in modern table tennis. A lot of rubbers, specially ESN ones, allow me to control the game with loops but if there is not enough power I will not win against more experienced players. And with most of those rubbers, trying that extra effort to kill the point lead to an increase of errors. This is where T05 hard has an edge, you can kill the points with less effort and reduced margin of errors, due to its natural higher kick and great control while looping. Any cons? Very few. It is not easy to produce slow (and short) loops because its nature is being faster than most rubbers. Despite that I can say T05 Hard has already become the best forehand rubber I have ever tried since I always struggled to kill the points with forehand. Like a soccer team making good plays but failing to convert the goal because the forward is not so good. T05 Hard came to be the Messi in the play, giving quality to the final shot. This is how I see this rubber.
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Good Spin only
not good for smashing and close the table drive very hard to tame.
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Less dwell time. Bit more spin than the earlier 05. But hard to control.
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Impressions after the first workout: the transition from 05 to 05hard - no addiction, all in the table. Rotation more. Catapult smaller. You play shortly - flies shortly, but if you invest - everything is take-out. About a miracle: the sensitivity of the coming rotation is less than that of 05, it is easier to block on the left and fold back. Suddenly, but more control than 05, the rotation is longer than 05. The first move is easier. Tops from the table easier. So far - this is better than I played. Today, all hung up from the rotation on the feed and hanging tops.
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I am using an OFF- blade, Limba-Ayous custom similar to the OSP Virtuoso -, close to the table play. Changed from T05 to T05H on the forehand Max. Overall impression is positive as I have better control, blocking and smashing, loops and no loss of spin on serves. Great for pushes long or short as you can activate the sponge with short hard chop for a deadly low spin push. Very linear the ball goes were you want and leaves the rubber quicker then T05 putting greater pressure on the opponent. Again I am a close to the table player using an OFF-blade.
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Compared to 05, it is harder and more direct. Looping angle is slightly more open, but can generate a lot more power away from table. The rubber is less sensitive to spin, and is similar or slower speed on more passive strokes like block so you get some more control. I like the more direct feeling, but there is less feeling and dwell. On forehand, you get more control looping close to table with fine contact, and ball always goes deep. I actually also really enjoyed this on backhand, especially for counter hitting. If you enjoy more direct feeling and quick bounce, you may like it. Otherwise if you are thinking of switching from 05, I don't know if it is worth it, unless maybe you play at a high level and really need the small extra enhancements.
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Speed: 10
Spin (European Style): 10
Control: 8.3
Weight: 52g in 2.1 (0.256g/cm^2)
Hardness (DHS): 43
Gears: 2.9
Throw: 6.4
Fast Loop: 10
Slow Loop: 9.3
Counter Loop: 8.9
Touch: 8.5
Block: 7.9
Smash: 8.5
Slice/Chop: 8.9
Serve: 9
Flip/Flick: 10
Available Sponge Thickness: 1.9/2.1
Durability: 5
Value: 7
Overall: 9.8
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Very hard. Have to have good fundamentals. I really enjoy it on a lightish alc blade. Nice looping capabilities. Good return of service.
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I play with hard, Chinese, tacky rubbers only. I find tensor rubbers too bouncy for the short game and unpredictable when I need to change the speed of my shots. T05H is very predictable and linear. Some adjustment is needed for the short game, but it plays a lot better than any other tensor rubber I have tried. It is fast when you hit hard. It ranks somewhere between T05 and Hurricane 3 Neo in terms of control, speed, forgiveness, the technique and the physical condition required. Suits soft or flexible blades. I tried it on a Viscaria and felt nice. Its grip is superb when brand new. There is a demand for hybrid rubbers and T05H does a very good in that respect.
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The T-05 Hard allows you to slice it very thin and loop from under the table close to the net which you can't with any other non-Chinese rubbers.
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Used on Viscaria, 2.1mm - Was very very surprised with this rubber. It is really fast and very very strong for counter hitting. Best to use on forehand and can still generate a lot of spin, if you play a wrong shot, it can be very unforgiving. For a skilled player it is a deadly weapon...
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I normally play 05 on both sides of a (custom blade similar in playing characteristics to Viscaria). As most of 05 users, I had to try this rubbers as soon as it come out. At first you will feel like the rubber is slow. Give it couple days and it will break in and be really fast. I feel as it is an improvement to my forehand side with greater touch at the table and servis game. On the backhand I still preffer regular 05. It definitely has for me slightly different feel as 05. But I really like that you can play short game (like with Chinese rubbers) yet of the table it is easier to play with than Chinese rubbers. Overall I think you need to wait about a week to really see how the rubber plays. One thing that it lacks is a CLICK, it has a totally different sounds than regular 05, some ppl will be ok with that some now. Overall I feel it is great Forehand rubber.
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