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Nittaku Fastarc G-1

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The Nittaku Fastarc G-1 rubber is "Fast" with an "Arc"! A power topsheet with a built-in tension power sponge produces the ideal combination of ball speed and ball arc -- an outstanding powerful spin ball.

G-1 means "Grip First" and S-1 means "Speed First" Choose Fastarc G-1 for more spin with great power, and choose Fastarc S-1 for more speed with great spin.

Speed: 95
Spin: 96
Control: 68
Hardness: Medium-Hard

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Reviews of Nittaku Fastarc G-1 (54)

Strong, powerful, spin ball.
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After using C-1 for an extended time, I was curious about how G-1 is different (so for some more info, please refer to my review of C-1 as well), so I ordered a racket with G-1 on both sides (from the shop selling also the 'MAX' sponge thickness, which is made since July). The topsheet is very similar to the C-1's topsheet, but it seems to be a bit less shiny, and even more grippy at the same time. The rubber material itself cannot be felt tacky at all, but the surface grabs the ball very well already on slight contacts - this lets the player pull extremely thin, spinny shots with great precision (the best non-tacky rubber I have seen so far regarding this ability). The sponge feels a bit harder, but not by too much - I can still feel dipping the ball into the sponge well on more powerful shots. The great linear response and good touch play dynamics already familiar from C-1 is still here, but with even more gears (due to the steeper dynamics, I was able to pull off a few receives on the edge of my reach, which I would have been more difficult to do with C-1), rendering this rubber to be a true class-leading performer with plenty of power reserves. In general, this rubber asks for significantly faster arm pull speeds to be used effectively, so my decision to use it many months later than C-1 was right. Compared to C-1, spin sensitivity is also increased, which means, that I have to actively receive each ball and take extra care with racket angle calculation to better control the trajectories. While I was already amused by the qualities of C-1, I find G-1 even better, providing even more possibilities to play aggressively and sophisticatedly at the same time. I would say, this is an extremely honest rubber, which pinpoints, whether you doing anything right or wrong, while supporting you with extremely reliable playing characteristics during the process. Currently, I use it with a steady OFF rating blade (Xiom Solo), which seems to be a good match for this rubber.
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I gave up with H3 Neo, too many troubles with this mess of different versions factory tuned/not factory tuned... The quest to find a powerfull but controlled backside to suit my playstyle has ended with G1. As a modern defender, I need lots of grip, many gears, no awefull catapult effect (to perform safe chops and pushes) and a pretty high amount of power for topspins. All of this has been found with Fastarc G1 (and Evolution MX-S wich is the exact same rubber, by the way^^)
Feeling is super nice : hard sponge but very elastic touch, hughe grip on this terrible P-ball, lovely crispy-feeling on powerfull shots. I immediatly felt good and safe with this rubber!
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It has all, speed, spin, and price. Definitely FH rubber.
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Very good forhand for control looping etc and last forever !!
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