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23 Reviews for Nittaku Fastarc C-1

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Good offensive rubber for forehand, not very tacky and not very spinny but it's great weapon when you get use to it and make the strokes right.
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Je suis class 13. je jour principalement en attaque CD base de top spin. j'ai jou avec le G1 en 1.4 mm en revers sur un bois Petr Korbel (moyennement dur). j'ai ador jou avec car il m'a procur beaucoup de contrle avec la mousse en 1.4 mm. J'ai progress dans mon jeu et cela m'a donn plus confiance pour poursuivre et dveloppe mon jeu ct revers qui est mon gros point faible. je suis pass au C1 en 1.8 mm (avec bois plus tendre que le Petr Korbel, un Nitakku Latika Light) pour 2 raisons. le rejet du G1 est tellement haut que mes retours de service l'taient galement engendrant des difficults dans la suite du jeu et permettant l'adversaire de prendre le jeu son compte. Enfin, avec le C1 je peux mieux contrler, la mousse tant plus tendre. Le rejet est tout fait correct.
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Do it all rubber.
I like i can feel my blade with this rubber more than any others .
Meaty top sheet and very durable.
Phenomenal spin and control, not speed monster but fast enough even for forehand ..
Lifting backspin balls is very easy ..
Blocking is also easy, serves are spinny , very rounded rubber. Nice speed glue sound ..
On a acoustic carbon inner on a backhand side very nice to control ..
Recommended 10/10
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I play the C1 on fh and bh in 1.8 for some weeks now and right from the start I was surprised how controlled it is. It suits perfectly my allround game, creates lots of spin and is quite fast. Its also great for blocking thanks to the medium hard sponge (45 degrees). What I also like is that its quite light (cut to an BTY ony 43g). I used to play Andro Hexer Duro before which is a fast allround rubber but the C1 takes the lead in almost all disciplines. Id recommend it to offensive allround players and it works best on stiffer blades.
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UPDATE from 12/2021:
Although I have actually excellent experiences with the Fastarc G1 (... on my Stuor Nobilis Hinoki ZLC blade, FH side), I had to try a slightly softer rubber again !!!
Facts: C-1 in black, Super Thick (2 mm), sponge hardness 45 degree. Weight in orig. packing 95 g, uncut 65 g, on my blade (156 x 150 mm) 45 g.
This softer version of the G-1 (- same top sheet!) has more catapult as the G-1. The spin development is not far away from the G-1 and too on a very high level.
Although I have actually excellent experiences with the Fastarc G1 (- ... in connection with my Stuor Nobilis Hinoki ZLC blade, at my FH), I definitely had to try a slightly softer rubber again!
Facts: C-1 rubber in black, Super Thick (2 mm), sponge hardness 45 degree. Weight in orig. packing 95 g, uncut 65 g, on my blade (156 x 150 mm) 45 g.
This softer version of the G-1 (- same top sheet!) creates in the short game more speed (catapult) as the G-1.
The spin development is not far away from the G-1 and too on a very high level. With the G-1 the topspin jumps out much flatter !!! ... on the other hand, the "angle play" with the C-1 is more difficult. In the end, I had the impression in many game situations that the C-1 was more "forgiving" and gives my game more security !!!
CONCLUSION: this C-1 is the best rubber with a 45 degree sponge that I have played so far. (- however, there weren't that many either. ;-P ) - definitely try it !!!
( - if you like more informations, about this rubber ... )
Adendum: I recently became the proud owner of a Butterfly Zhang Jike TAMCA 5000. This blade, slower than my Stuor Nobilis, offers a significantly better performance ( ... together with the C-1), as it clearly needs catapult-stronger rubber (... than the G-1). - so I am also well advised (on my BH side) with the 45 degree hard Tibhar Aurus Select (in 1.7 mm) !!!
- a dreamlike combination. :-P
... next I will review the Aurus Select
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I would say, this is a reference training rubber in its best possible meaning /I give a bat with this rubber on both sides to my training partners, and they seem to well acknowledge its qualities/. The topsheet is not tacky at all as I can tell, but has a surface with surprisingly good grip, which lasts for a very long time (however, the edge is a little bit prone to chipping, if it is not protected by a properly chosen edge tape). The rubber feels a bit harder than the specified ESN 45 degree, possibly due to its relatively hard and thick topsheet. I could not observe any difference in playing characteristics of the rubber even after months of usage, which is a very big plus for me. The rubber response feels very linear on almost every stroke, which gives great precision in placement. The rubber is only moderately bouncy in the low gears, but speeds up noticeably when more force is applied (employing the sponge gives a good gradual speed boost without any sudden changes). On the lightest touches, the rubber has almost no catapult, so you have to be a bit more mindful regarding placement (counting on off-balance shots is possible, but they are not really effective) and confident in executing your shots - but once accustomed to it, you will be rewarded with great short play precision, and your shot quality will develop as well (the rubber will definitely 'tell' you if you execute your shots correctly, but it is also forgiving to some extent). Brush loops are relatively easy to execute - the produced spin is very good, but I know a few better rubbers to pressurize the opponent with spin. Usually, the produced arcs are safe enough to clear the net easily, but not largely. On the strongest counterhits, the rubber starts to behave noticeably differently (due to the start of bottoming out?), but it is still possible to calculate the proper bat angles. Sensitivity to spin of incoming ball can be felt to some healthy, but manageable extent. Very good value for price.
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Need a power and right technique to able get real performance from this rubber. If you dont have a power and right technique i think this have performance just like ordinary cheap rubber.
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Used for BH rubber on Andro Timber blade and now test on TMOUNT ( Korean)
TCORE 560 Blade.
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Really great for bh.
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Softer version of Fastarc G1, best for backhand, love this rubber.
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Fast, spinny yet controllable rubber
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Among the most sold rubber in the world:

Whole Asian, every major store counts
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Little brother to Fastarc G1. Talked to alot of people here in the club, and everybody is confused by the poor reviews here. It is the 4th most sold rubber in Asia goddammit!
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Wow, never have i played with such accuracy! The spin here is totally wrong. This is made after G1 but is a softer rubber with enourmus spin. Long contact, almost sticky. I saw it was the third most sold rubber in Asia. And that means pretty much the world. Fastarc G1 still in top with Roozena and 05, then CI. Here is the list over most sold rubber in Asia Top Ten: 3 Yasaka and 3 Nittaku among top ten! Butterfly, are we a little bit too expensive maybe??? (:-
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This sponge is firm. The topsheet is medium only for a couple of days then it becomes firmer. The topsheet has medium spin. Speed is slow like a sriver. I do not recommend.
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Lassabb mint a fastarc g 1 hasonl tulajdonsgokkal kicsit katapultossabb
Slower than fastarc g 1 with a bit more catapult with similar properties
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This superb rubber is totally underrated here! If you speak German go to Marcel's German tt-spin blog and read his review. He compares it to EL-S and Vega Japan in terms of spin arc. While EL-S seems to be more aggressive, C-1 seems to give quite a bit of stability. From my point of view, you can achieve better angles with C-1 than with, say EL-P. Usually, I play Evolution EL-P, Vega Japan or FX-S on my forehand. While EL-P is too hard for me in certain situations and FX-S is too soft or not powerful enough, Fastarc C-1 is like a good blend between these two and plays like a Japanese rubber. I also think it behaves in a very linear way and placement is better than with other high tech rubbers. You always feel like you are in control of your shots and your shots can also be as vicious as with other powerful rubbers. Am using Tenergy 25FX on my backhand and have tried C-1 in backhand opening loops, too, which also works greatly. However, 25FX will stay on my backhand, because C-1 is a little too aggressive for the job. Highly recommended!
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It is very versatile rubber with soft feeling. Great speed and great spin. Moreover it has good range of gear, it mean you are able make a drop shot with ease and when you hit hard it can generate enormous speed and spin. For me it a lil bit too soft may be a harder one will be better cuz sometime it bottom out too fast.
If compare to T64, this one is a lil bit harder (but still a lot softer than 05) better gear, and thanks to sligtly tacky surface it grip the ball very well either mechanic or tackiness. Despite it has slightly tackiness topsheet, this one do not that sentitive to spin, let say around Mark V level.
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When I first used this it was quite fast. I bought it with the S-1. The S-1 is still very fast where as this has just completely lost its speed. It is now pretty much a stock Sriver/Sriver FX. I think this is the same as Tenergy 80; the mediocre failure between the two greats (T05 & T64 : G-1 & S-1). Don't bother with this -> Just stick to G-1 for forehand & S-1 for backhand if you need something faster.
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Best forehand rubber... Good consistency in Smash, Loop, Drive, Block, n' Push... Use on Medium Hard Blade...
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Great allround rubber. Slightly faster than non-tensor rubber like sriver, not too fast. Great for close to the table and mid distant. Can loop, drive, hit, push, block and flick. Not too sensitive to incoming spin. Serve is average but good enough. This will be a good choice for those wanting to try tensor rubber but afraid it is too fast for them to handle. If you can play with sriver, you can play with this rubber and you will have more speed.
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Used 2.0 on BH. You need technique to make this perform well, but after that, you will be rewarded. This is like a universal rubber. You can go on the offensive or play defensively when you need to. Nittaku wasn't kidding when they said "create artistic shots."
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Review is based on 2.0mm red. Quite nice rubber, made in German, Japanese brand. Can be used for forehand and backhand.

Good for brushing and straight hitting. Can generate decent top spin, flat shots, good push to name a few. It is decently fast which means you need good hitting techniques and good blade combination to produce faster shots.

Great rubber for players who want to develop their techniques.

Combines well with the G-1 as forehand.

Downside is the edge is quite brittle, so parts will come off easily. But this is quite normal with tensor rubber.
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