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Nittaku Hammond Z2

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The Nittaku Hammond Z2 rubber has a fantastic "bulkhead" sponge, creating max power while reducing energy loss, and strengthening repulsive force.

The natural rich topsheet, which has a high ratio of natural rubber and a high density of rubber sheets, is great because it does not fall off even if it is taken thinly. Take control of the match with the ability to counter your opponent's rotation and pierce the opponent's court deeply even if you are away from the table!

Nittaku Hammond Z2 provides a superior grab feeling, and upgrades the original speed of the Hammond Pro rubber.

The Hammond series, adopted by many top athletes, has powered up for the new era with Hammond Z2!

Speed: 96
Spin: 96
Control: 67
Hardness: Hard

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Reviews of Nittaku Hammond Z2 (24)

I ordered the maximum thickness version. Along with a wood with SZLC is the racket. The fastest combination I've ever had. Now, I tried to adapt and close the palette more. If I don't succeed, I will also try with woods with more control, OFF, or OFF-. In my opinion, they are faster than Dignics 09C. They are extraordinary, but if you are at the average or close to professional level, try them on wood OFF or Off -, and the 2.1 versions, not maximum. I say this because I tested them with a friend on a pure wood, without carbon, Off, 2.1 thickness, and the sensation was of speed with a lot of control. On my wood, with SZLC, OFF +, maximum thickness, I no longer have that feeling with good control. It's the cosmic rocket.
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I have this 1.8mm rubber on a ver fast Nittaku Miyabi penhold blade (off+) and this rubber is fast with great spin. I had to adjust in the begging after a considerable amount of time without playing. You can loop, hit it flat and block near the table. A heck of a rubber.
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a hard fast rubber with unique characteristics, on hard attack this is bouncy and controllable, while on softer shots it feels tame, medium throw makes lifting heavy backspin a bit difficult, but nothing most people can't handle. Where this rubber really comes into play is medium power shots, 60% power will look like 90%. The edges do crumble after a while if you hit the table, but durable overall. This can be compared to a t05 hard that has less trampoline effect but with more gears.

Reviewed by yours truly: a guy that liked tabletennis
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This rubber is better than Tibhar k3, Victas 22 extra double. More fast, spin, better serve, control is similar
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Update to September 2022. Addendum: I had to remove the solvent based glue from my rubber. After removing it, it only weighs 45 g. !!! - which surprised me a lot, ... "for its hardness very light" !!! In addition, the sponge is very resistant, so that no damage has occurred.
After 4 weeks of testing I had to accept, that this rubber is really exceptionally good !!! After initially trying it on blades that were too fast and hard (for me), it finally ended up on the Stuor Professional Long 5 (Innerlayer) and is there (whether on the backhand or forehand side) an "absolute grenade. Pure security in all shots, whether at the table or far behind. Always far above average speed and spin. At the opponents service, the ball can be "wrapped" excellently and returned very safely. The height of the trajectory and the length allow me to bring significantly more balls to the target !!! Facts: Nittaku itself specifies the sponge of this rubber with a hardness of 45 degrees, which can definitely only be a joke !!! ... because it feels really much harder, round about 50 degree!!! My black rubber in "thick" (1,8 mm) weighs 102 g. in original packaging and 68 g. uncut. Cut to 160 x 150 mm it weighs 57 g. (incl glue!) Conclusion: My previous favorite rubber, the Nittaku Fastarc G-1, cannot keep up in terms of dynamics, speed and control. Only the "angle play" is easier to design with it and the spin is rated higher !!! What I don't like at all, however, is that this rubber is twice as expensive as my previous favorite rubber. - I just hope it lasts twice as long now. Addendum: my used blade, P.S.: soon I will compare this rubber with the Victas V>22 Double Extra. ;-P
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