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Strong, powerful, spin ball.
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After using C-1 for an extended time, I was curious about how G-1 is different (so for some more info, please refer to my review of C-1 as well), so I ordered a racket with G-1 on both sides (from the shop selling also the 'MAX' sponge thickness, which is made since July). The topsheet is very similar to the C-1's topsheet, but it seems to be a bit less shiny, and even more grippy at the same time. The rubber material itself cannot be felt tacky at all, but the surface grabs the ball very well already on slight contacts - this lets the player pull extremely thin, spinny shots with great precision (the best non-tacky rubber I have seen so far regarding this ability). The sponge feels a bit harder, but not by too much - I can still feel dipping the ball into the sponge well on more powerful shots. The great linear response and good touch play dynamics already familiar from C-1 is still here, but with even more gears (due to the steeper dynamics, I was able to pull off a few receives on the edge of my reach, which I would have been more difficult to do with C-1), rendering this rubber to be a true class-leading performer with plenty of power reserves. In general, this rubber asks for significantly faster arm pull speeds to be used effectively, so my decision to use it many months later than C-1 was right. Compared to C-1, spin sensitivity is also increased, which means, that I have to actively receive each ball and take extra care with racket angle calculation to better control the trajectories. While I was already amused by the qualities of C-1, I find G-1 even better, providing even more possibilities to play aggressively and sophisticatedly at the same time. I would say, this is an extremely honest rubber, which pinpoints, whether you doing anything right or wrong, while supporting you with extremely reliable playing characteristics during the process. Currently, I use it with a steady OFF rating blade (Xiom Solo), which seems to be a good match for this rubber.
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I gave up with H3 Neo, too many troubles with this mess of different versions factory tuned/not factory tuned... The quest to find a powerfull but controlled backside to suit my playstyle has ended with G1. As a modern defender, I need lots of grip, many gears, no awefull catapult effect (to perform safe chops and pushes) and a pretty high amount of power for topspins. All of this has been found with Fastarc G1 (and Evolution MX-S wich is the exact same rubber, by the way^^)
Feeling is super nice : hard sponge but very elastic touch, hughe grip on this terrible P-ball, lovely crispy-feeling on powerfull shots. I immediatly felt good and safe with this rubber!
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It has all, speed, spin, and price. Definitely FH rubber.
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Very good forhand for control looping etc and last forever !!
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I have to decide between Joola Rhyzm P and Fastarc G-1 for my forehand. I decided to go with G-1 because of the reviews here and simply because it is one of the best sold rubber in asia. After using it, I am not surprised anymore. :)

I put it on Joola Flame Extreme (off blade) on FH. First time using it, I am struggling a bit to control my stroke especially on flat hit, simply because I am using a completely different type of rubber previously (hard sponge, less dwell time). with G-1, the sponge felt medium with more dwell time to generate spin and the speed is fantastic too! the ball used to go away from the table, but after several weeks of practice, I notice that I can loop backspin ball easily especially on the 3rd ball attack setup unlike my previous rubber that usually goes to the net.

for me, this rubber is prefect for you who are in intermediate level with tactical attacking playing style.
the cons are probably the flat hit can be too fast for some players and counter-looping felt a bit inconsistent sometimes.

for more controlled shot, I recommend this rubber to be put in OFF- blade.
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Dangerous spin good control, not good to your opponents, try it.
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I gave this rubber a try and indeed it is a really nice rubber. It can do all, if you are thinking loop based attacking game. It has decent control and many gears. The catapult effect is low, which makes it a safe rubber when playing over the table. But I found it slow when looping, and a bit inconsistent when counterlooping. Also it is a bit slow. My alltime favourite is the Bluefire M1 and this rubber has some areas, where it is clearly better, but due to it's speed it is simply not as aggressive and not as efficient. If you are a looper, who likes to control the game, this is an insanely effective rubber.
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If you looking for a good rubber for all aspects and levels look no more and go buy this. The best one i ever tried!
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Very spinny rubber, suits for either BH/FH.
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Update: A report, about the Nittaku G-1, made me curious !!!
Facts: black rubber, "Thick" (1,8 mm), 47,5 degree sponge hardness. Weight in orig. packing 114 g, uncut 64 g, on my blade (156 x 150 mm) 44 g.
At first I played the rubber (on my Zhang Jike SZLC Fake, very hard and fast) at my forehand. On that blade, it was difficult for me to control it, because it took on a lot of opposing spin (in passive game, as by the opponents service) and I felt no security. As a second attempt, I used my Lemuria CNF, a Butterfly Revoldia clone. Now I had a lot more confidence in my strokes and also no longer the feeling, that the incoming spin is so uncomfortable. With the FastArc G-1 you can generate an incredible amount of rotation! For me, next to the Andro Hexer Powergrip SFX, which is much softer (42.5 degrees), it is one of the spiniest rubbers on the market. After the rubber was now "in my storage" for a while (6 month ;-P), I have now taken it out again and glued it (with solvent-based glue) to my new favorite blade, the Stuor Nobilis Hinoki ZLC. Compared with this Fast Arc G-1, it is wonderful to play close to the table, in mid-distance or far from the table !!! In addition, the Stuor blade increases the level of rotation of the rubber and provides better control with incoming rotation.
Conclusion: How good this rubber is, ultimately depends heavily on the right combination with the blade! I mainly got the impression, that this rubber harmonizes better with medium-hard, almost stiff blades. (- I also tried an inner layer ALC blade!) BUT: incomprehensibly, however, the best result was the combination with the Stuor Nobilis ZLC (- review under "no brand"). Best choice !!!
If you want to know more about this rubber, read:
Addendum (Update): Now I play this rubber (on my Stuor Nob...) in "Super Thick" (2 mm). Weight packed 117 g., uncut 66 g. and 46 g. on my blade !!!
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The topsheet on the Fastarc G-1 is pretty darn stiff which means it does somethings well and some things poorly.

Brush looping and flicking ends up feeling very strange and ineffective on this rubber. In contrast, because the topsheet is thick and stiff, flat hitting and blocking were great because of the spin insensitivity. When I do execute a full power loop, Fastarc G-1 does produce a faster and higher quality shot than other tensor rubbers such as Rakza 7.

Weight: 1.8 sponge Uncut: 65 grams, Cut (157/150 blade): 46 grams.
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This success of a rubber is well worth getting familiar with. Because of having a good grip of the ball I prefer it on backhand but its a fast rubber so you have to take care to follow-through your stroke and when u do the ball kind of dives at the end of the arc and close to the boarders of the table it can often surprise your opponent that the ball came in but most importantly it makes you having to really hit good clean relaxed strokes and when u do your ball will be fast, very spinny and hard to handle. I think this rubber helps u get a better technique because of the above so eventhough its almost too fast for me on the bh I have held on to this and my backhand has kept improving. Also a rubber great for spinny serves.
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I use G1 on FH on a Yinhe V14 Pro. There is good synergy between top sheet and sponge , giving excellent balance between spin, speed and control. The rubber can really bite into the ball to produce wicked topspin, causing opponent to completely miss the ball. Near or away from the table, the rubber performance is steady, reliable and consistent. The feel and feedback on impact is direct and natural feeling. Serves, pushes, flicks, blocks, smashes, lifting backspin, topspin rallies, this rubber handles everything competently! It delivers! It also feels fun! Relative to other tensors, it is fairly priced in my country. It is also durable. A real gem!
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Best rubber i've tried so far, low catapult which makes this rubber very linear, predictable and easy to control, yet still have a very decent speed. Which for me, is a big improvement over MX-S. MX-S and G1 are very similar to almost identical, But G1 is more lively with better speed, not as tiring to use as MX-S. Spin is almost the same, can't notice much difference.

Felt like Dignics05 has a slightly better spin, however, they are completely different rubber. G1 still have a better control imo due to the lower catapult, not very spin sensitive and is easier to execute short push. Not to mention much better price point which make this my go to rubber
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9.5/10 for OFF style. FH: Donic Bluefire M1 Turbo, 2.2mm, 52g (0.256g/cm^2), 50 degrees (ESN), 38.5 degrees (Shore A). BH: Nittaku Fastarc G-1, 2mm, 48g (0.237g/cm^2), 37.5 degrees (Nittaku), 37.5 degrees (Shore A). Blade: TSP Balsa 8.5, 80g, 157mm x 150mm x 10.5mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 5 (3 Wood + 2 Composite): Ayous - GlassFibre - Balsa - GlassFibre - Ayous.
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This is the best rubber i played with, and the most sold rubber in Asia!
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Best Fh i have played with. Hope you will test it!
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I started using G1 with nittaku acoustic blade. My play has improved a lot. My backspins were very effective. The main feature was the topspin. I was counting the numbers when my opponents thought the ball was coming out .
Then I made a sharp decision to switch to zj.alc and t05. The remote game was great, but I started making too many mistakes in the short game and service. I couldn't turn the backspin into a stable like g1. Now I've turned fastarc g1 again on zj.alc and everything is fine again. More dynamic than acoustic g1 setup. The best forehand rubber for me is the Nittacu Fastarc G1.
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Use for both FH and BH. Great spin, speed and control when needed. Has about 80-85% speed of Tenergy series, but loads more control and more all round capabilities such as easier smashing, countering hard topspins and opening up is a little easier with serving options. Blocking is easier and more controlled and relatively low throw when blocking but medium when looping or driving. Great all round offensive rubber that has not huge flaws and I always come back to this rubber after trying others because it lasts longer, has great deals o. TT11 and keeps on spinning even after 5-6 months. Love this rubber and would recommend to anyone that is a intermediate to professional off the bat.
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Fore me one of the best universal rubbers . Not for beginner's, only players with well fitting stroke and position game can use whole potential and control it. Rubber is more forgiving than my other favourits. Is working well on many blades. Guess cause of low throw G-1 works better on hard blades and blades with bigger catapult (Hinoki)- I can use it on both sides. I mostly prefer on FH cause of powerful topspin's. Use it on Donic Persson Powerplay an Joola Aruna OFF
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I love these rubbers due to their control. Not speedy, enough grip.
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A good backhand rubber. RPB
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Very good FH rubber , best as I ever tried. Thickness - super thick (2,0). Played on Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon blade 86 gramm. Smaller catapult , good speed and very good spin. Direct feel , plenty of control by every stroke.
Comming from Baracuda , G1 has better speed , control and block-counter-smash game .Spin is similar. I was surprissed - with this rubber is possible to do different "touch" strokes and direct attack through opponents topspin. With this rubber open me new possibilities in many areas of my game. My new lethal weapon. Highly recommended.
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This rubber suitable on 7 plies all wood blade, such as stiga legend 7 or Darker alba.
If put on carbon blade, will be hard to control.
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I bought this because of the good reviews and tried it on Nittaku Ludeak for 3 months. I got really disappointed because of low spin. It is very durable and consistent with good control but spin is way lower than Razka 7 and, Baracuda and Acuda P2. The first day I tried it all of my practice partnrs noticed my serves and pushed do not have usual spin. the spin is overrated.
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Ratings for 2.0mm. Not as fast as tenergy. Has good grip and spin. Easy to play with and the price is decent.
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Very good rubber I used on both sides of the black for much better backhand, red for proper forehead but for me much better Gewo nexxus el pro 50
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I've been playing with the Fastarc G-1 for about a month now. I've always used tacky chinese rubbers on my forehand so this was a big change. Please keep in mind that a lot of my opinions on this rubber are made in comparison to the Hurricane 3 Neo (H3N)

I don't think that this rubber generates as much spin. I notice the spin difference especially in my serves. I am not able to get my opponents to make as many errors on serve returns as they used to with tacky rubbers. The difference in spin on loops, however, is small. The rubber also feels slightly slower than the H3N.

That said, I feel the difference is more than made up by the amount of control the rubber offers. The majority of my strokes now land on the table and even when I am out of position and have to lunge/stretch to get to the ball, they still end up on the table. I think this rubber is teaching me to play better and hit the ball harder. I do feel the ball a LOT more and can tell exactly which part of the bat I hit the ball with and thus allows me to make minor modifications to find that sweet spot and play better strokes.

With the H3N, when I tried to gently guide the ball, the margin for error was so small that I'd often get those strokes wrong/or be of poor quality. The G-1 just seems to bite into the ball every time and it's so easy to control and direct the ball despite the incoming spin. The rubber isn't very heavy either so it'll help you to get around and play your strokes in quick succession.

In short, the rubber isn't the fastest but it's fast enough. It isn't the spinniest but it's really good. The control is out of this world and if you are a half decent player, this will give you the margin you need to really build your confidence and play the strokes properly. I wasn't sure about non-tacky rubbers but this one has really impressed me and I'd definitely recommend it.
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The easier version of t05. Speed is enough for my fh stroke ( top spin, looping etc). Spin is awsome, maybe close to t05. My friend at the club told me that my fh top spin is more spinny and less error. I can do fh flick more confidence with this rubber more than with t05 ( same blade ) I use it on yasaka ma lin extra special with rakza 7 on bh. I can even do a hard flat hit with it. For me, my fh stroke is all about confidence and got it with this rubber. Great combination. I'm sorry because my english is not good....
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One of the best FH rubbers, much better in blocking and short play than T05, speed and spin similar to yasaka R7, greater angle than R7, medium hard, good feeling, I think that T05 and g1 are the best for FH, however for intermediate and advanced players G1, for professionals with great skills T05, this rubber is very good, I would not use it in BH.
perfect mix between dhs neo national hurricane and rakza 7, lower speed to 9, it is not so fast, perfect for FH,it is sad that the maximum thickness is 2.0
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Some say it is a hybrid between Chinese and Tensor rubbers. I would say it is slower and more predictable than tensors but a lot faster and less predictable than hard Chinese rubbers. It's great advantage is it can used close and far away from the table. The short game is easier than it is with tensors. Smashing is very powerful. I was tempted to hit flat to finish the point, hindering the development of my technique, so I went back to the hard Chinese rubbers I have been using all my table tennis life. I recommend it to those who are tired loosing points because their tensor rubber is too bouncy and too fast to control.
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Japans most sold rubber as of today (27/-2018) Not strange, my top 5 on the list!
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I have pasted it on XVT ZL KOTO.
I have used Omega IV PRO and Rakza 7 with Carbo 7.6 in the past.
Hence I am comparing Fastarc G1 with these rubbers.
Throw angle of Fastarc is better than these 2 rubbers. Provides good clearance over the net.
Lifting underspin is easier.
Spin in slightly better Rakza 7.
Hardness is same as Rakza 7.
Control is very good.
5% slower than Omega IV PRO.
In short Rakza 7 + better throw angle + better grip = Fastarc G1.
It is only a week since i have started using hence cannot comment on durability.
Overall very very good rubber.
Just go for it.
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Well, I had very big expectations on this rubber. Speed is good, spin is better, nice throw angle, but unfortunately, a little bit unpredictable. It do not have a linearity in it's strokes, the forehand topspin, sometimes you have to use more strenght for the same stroke, and the backhand (Shoto, i'm a penholder) in several occasions, went to the net. I let It with my coach for 2 days, and he said the same thing. This lack of confidence was a real let down.
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Les qualits maximum d'une plaque coup droit pour de trs gros top spins, mousse dure mais dynamique sans l'inconvnient double effet tensor des tenergy, plaque linaire dans la vitesse, pas la plus rapide, mais trs grippy, peut tre la meilleure depuis la balle plastique . Etonnant que pour une plaque homologue en 2010 sur LARC de l ITTF, elle ne soit connue que rcemment en Europe. Un contrle exceptionnel dans tous les compartiments du jeu et galement mi distance. les qualits du tibhar mx s , sans les dfaut s de ce dernier, c'est dire un peu plus dynamique, rejet, lgrement plus haut pour le top et le bloc, et moins exigeant pour toper. Mx s = professionnels la table, et puissants dans les jambes, fastarc g1 = joueurs avancs pour joueurs mi distance
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just one word to describe this rubber "PERFECT" for all aspect , one of the "must try rubber" , i used on FH , spin & control are insane
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G-1 - is one of the best F-hand rubbers. Sponge hardness is just right for the strong fore-hand engagement, and G-1 produces satisfying clear shot with med-high arch and high amount of spin. Slight tackines helps in over-the-table game and really helps to bite into the ball during short pushes/chops. G-1 is great for blocking and active blocking as well. Very durable, not too heavy. The only one regret that 'super thick' is actually 2mm sponge, would love to have it in 2.1mm or more!
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Hardness breaks in quickly, superb rubber for everything. Almost like T05, it's only a bit slower and has less catapult. Perfect for my forehand.
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I got mine as black (super thick =2.0mm)
Currently using it as forehand rubber for my Hurricane Hao 2 Cpen.
I wish to play mid distance looping with great topspin..
I tend to do a full swing because I am used to chinese tacky rubbers having said that..
the ball still consistently goes in to the table ..
Feels good to play and produces decent speed with great control..
The spin is noticeably strong.
I can lift back spin easier than my previous rubbers..
It takes a bit of time for the rubber to break in.... it gave me trouble when the first time I used it. it was hard.. but when it breaks in it feels amazing to play with..
I am currently having having trouble with my short game pushes but I think that it was just my technique needing adjustment
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After changing my playing style from close to table to mid/far from the table, I was looking for a faster rubber and found this rubber ideal for my forehand . This rubber is fast ,spinny ,easy to control and the medium hard rubber helps catapult any gear during play, based on the power you generate . I found the throw angle on medium high which is effective to keep some top spins low if required. As I twiddle during the game , this rubber is good for BH and FH side effectively .
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Yes, very good in all aspect in speed, spin and control. Thumbs up!
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The best forehand rubber I have tried out of the following : rasant powergrip , rasant, tibhar aurus, yasaka rising dragon, xiom omega 4 pro, xiom omega 5 tour, tibhar 1qxd, h3neo, skyline tg2 neo

fastarc G1 incorporates the best qualities of the above rubbers :
1. tackiness like 1qxd (this helps a lot over the table short game, server receives, pushes, lifting underspin balls in a controlled manner without overshooting edge of table, sidespin-hook topspins)
2. spin/grip like rasant power grip (provides great spin when brushing looping as well as when you engage the sponge in close/mid/far distance game)
3. med-hard sponge like aurus (not too hard, but not also medium like rasant... this allows you to start engaging the sponge relatively closer to the table, without fear of ball overshooting
due to high throw of rubber, or ball rushing to the net due to med-low throw...... the med-hard sponge also ensure adequate power from all usual playing distances)
4. med-high throw angle like rasant (helps in clearing the net easliy from close/mid .... )
5. blocking is also good like xiom rubbers .. no issue in this aspect

from the look, feel, and daily playing experience, it seems pretty durable as well !!
Totally satisfied !! Highly recommended !!
I m using it as FH on DHS long 5 blade, with tibhar 5Q+(power update) on BH. Great combination.
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very similar to hurricane with 70% of Tenergy speed. spin is practically identical to hurricane except on serves bc of the lack of tackiness. Its weight and feel is very similar.
The only con is that when new, it is quite hard and boosting does not really resolve this. Fortunately, it breaks in quickly though not as quickly as alhelg. When it does, hardness becomes medium from hard. Durability is one of the best and you can play it like either T05 or H3.
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My FH rubber setup...

I like it's spin effects... D best spin rubber i ever used (although adidas p7 slightly gives a better spin effects but p7 have a catapult effect, Makes it bouncy n even to bouncy on off+ blade)

It's difficult to passively block a spin especially fast top spin, but i rather to counter spin vs spin d ball rather then blocking it ( not like xiom omega v tour which can easily block a spin) n its definitely gives a better spin touch then lot's cheap Chinese rubber except d yinhe 9000 which is d best cheap Chinese rubber for me which is almost close to fastarc g1 rubber...
Control is good for att... But not to good for def on spin att...
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This is an outstanding rubber. Great spin, fast and powerful. Works good with both pure wood and composite blades. Can be used in competitive matches.

Update: I play with this rubber for two hours, 4 times a week, for 3 months now. It hasn't changed any of it's characteristics, and when I clean it, it still looks like new, so it seams to be quite durable.
The only downside I found is that the top sheet collects moisture from the air more than usual, when it's humid, and it has to be cleaned (dried) during play, so it wouldn't lose it's grip.
Other than that, this is one of the best rubbers I have tried so far.
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You need to hit the ball to generate the speed and spin. If you want to loop a ball close to your table and have it land close to the net, this rubber can't help too much.
This rubber is good for the guys who perform smashing more than looping because it can't grip the ball when over certain angle. Yasaka R7 and Tenegy doesn't has this problem.
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I tried g1 as an alternative to tenergy 05 and glad I did. It feels slightly slower than 05 but has a bit more control and you can feel the ball rather than the bounce feel of 05. It performs slightly worse on thin contact slow loops but just as good away from the table. I really liked it after 4 to 8 hours play getting the 05 out of my system. It is different but its a good rubber and im going to stick with it. Give it a go if your fed up of t05 prices.
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Review is based on the 2.1mm black version.

This tensor rubber is great for forehand. Made in Germany, Japanese brand.

Awesome for forehand top spin, drive, serves ok, even quite good for chop blocks. Can get good brushing from it to produce good spin. Speed wise, it is fast but not super fast.

Strongly recommended to players who want to improve their techniques because of its balance and consistency.

Downside is it can be a bit brittle around the edges so parts of it will come off over time. This is a character of tensor rubbers.
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I really like FastArc G1 - it can handle looping, blocking, pushing just fine. FastArc G1 has proven to be awesome in all aspects and all types of strokes from flat to ultra spinny. In my opinion it has about the perfect amount of tackiness, not so much like chinese rubber where you have to throw the ball of the paddle or it will stick, but an ample amount that you can mask really heavy serves and short pushes. So far I like it more than the replacement Fastarc C-1. The C-1 is 2.0 max vs. 2.1 for the G-1 and the C-1 is not as tacky.
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Very good rubber! A lot of spin and speed but also good control. I use it on fh and bh. I love this rubber!
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One of the expensive rubbers in the market today. Durability and Strong Performance typical of a Japanese made
Rubber. Tried this with my other blade
Nittaku Tenor with Mark V HPS as BH.
An explosive combination. Will definitely
Recommend this to our club.
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Just replaced Tenergy 25 FX with Fstarc G1. Made in Germany. The Japanese Nittaku website says Japan's female TT star Ishikawa uses this rubber. It feels faster and spinner than Tenergy, but a bit heavier. A little brittle. One of the best rubbers I've ever used. Am an offensive pen-hold player.
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This is a great rubber with a lot of spin and very good speed. I put this on the backhand of my ma lin extra offensive blade with acuda s1 on forehand. I am looking for a different rubber for forehand though. I want something with a lot of spin but not a really soft sponge. Any suggestions?
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