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Butterfly Dignics 09C

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Butterfly Dignics 09C vs Butterfly Tenergy 05

The essence is the combination of Spring Sponge X, the advanced version of Spring Sponge which has more elasticity; the uniquely composed top sheet, with strengthened abrasion, proves great resistance on the surface, providing the feeling of holding the ball at impact.

This is even more true with the newest addition to Butterfly's Dignics line, Dignics 09C. Compatible friction and a high level bounce is realised thanks to the synergy effect between the original top sheet and a rather hard Spring Sponge X (a little harder than Tenergy 05 Hard), to bring out the features of a friction rubber while upgrading the High Tension effect. The pimples code No. 209 delivers topspin and defensive play with high amount of spin as well as ease of over-the-table techniques and counter topspin. Dignics 09C, with the upgraded friction High Tension features, guides a player who expects the unique feeling of a friction rubber to new heights. Dignics 09C, Overpowering Evolution.

Surface: Inverted
Speed: 130
Spin: 130
Hardness: 44
Made in Japan

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  • Improves game performance with good control and spin. Works well for both forehand and backhand strokes.
  • Rubber is durable and maintains its performance even after months of use. It is also recommended for low-level players due to its insensitivity to the incoming ball.
  • Dignics 09c provides good control, spin and speed, making it suitable for aggressive play. It also offers a good balance of spin and speed, making it a versatile choice for different play styles.


  • The rubber is heavy, which can affect certain strokes like backhand flicks. It also requires significant adjustment in stroke technique.
  • The price of the rubber is considered high, making it less accessible for some players.
  • The rubber's durability is questioned by some users, with reports of the surface looking worn after a week of use. There are also concerns about the rubber becoming hard to play with after a few months.

Reviews of Butterfly Dignics 09C (49)

best rubber
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i'm using this butterfly rubber on my backhand and I've to say that I love it,it has a very good control despite the speed and spin that dignics 09c generate,my backhand flip improves a lot thank to the high arc, I love the feeling that this rubber gives to me,I mean when I do a backhand I feel secure to give all my power in that shot.
I recommend this rubber to people who are more intrested in spin and control
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Do Not listen to negative and too many nuances - find even used one Dignics 09c and you will be blown away on right blade. Lasts much longer then Tenergy- Much longer.
Also spins much more. If you have proper or Chinese stroke - unreal spin. And spin lasts for very long.
Control is simply superb.
Best rubber.
Its 44 degree Japanese scale - so around 54 ESN scale if I now wrong. So inner carbon or 7 ply wood is best for it. On DHS hurricane long 2 blade this is beast of all beasts that I have had
I cannot go back to other rubbers now.
Excellent on FH and backhand.
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Dignics 09c all the way
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Tensor effect is reduced by a lot after 2 months. The spin is still really good after using it for 2 months. I play on average 4-6 hours weekly. I am currently using this for backhand at the moment on lin gaoyuan alc blade. I did not like this rubber on forehand, most likely my technique is not suitable with this rubber. I am currently using battle2 national blue sponge for forehand. I feel like the arc on this rubber is on the higher side. Backhand smash is really fast with this rubber, one and done shot. Serve receive and backhand spin is great. Very hard to find an alternative to this rubber at the moment. Rakza Z Extra Hard is the only rubber that I could think of. I tried Sieger PK50, but I did not like it compared to 09c. Should pair this rubber with a faster blade if you want to take advantage of this rubber. This rubber is really hard to tame, requires a lot of technique. Serve receive is not that good with 09c. Good rubber if you play far from the table. If you try to loop from mid table, you should consider looking other rubbers. This rubber is better on the backhand, not forehand
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