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Butterfly Dignics 80

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A High Level Of Balance Between Spin And Speed

The essence is the combination of Spring Sponge X, the advanced version of Spring Sponge which has more elasticity; the uniquely composed top sheet, with strengthened abrasion, proves great resistance on the surface, providing the feeling of holding the ball at impact

Adopting pimples code No. 80 , which has a good balance between spin and speed, DIGNICS 80 is recommended all-round players who want more scoring power in any play area.

Surface: Inverted
Speed: 137.5
Spin: 117.5
Hardness: 40
Made in Japan

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Reviews of Butterfly Dignics 80 (12)

Dignics 80 is really fast if compare it to dign05 and 09c. Medium to low throw angle. Kinda need to adjust after 05 and 09c but can be used really dangerous for the opponents. Im using it on 90 grams apolonia on the backhand side in 2.1 thickness. I was not impressed with first shots, it lack some power and energy on the ball vs dign 05 and 09c, its is rubber with softer feeling and bigger catapult. But after an 30-40 min of adjusting i was able to produce really good spiny and fast shots. Gonna practice my serving today, will see how it works for backhand types of it. Actually for serving it has a lot of spin, it really surprised me. Pendulum, tomahawk, backhand - all works fine with a lot of rotation. For now im just interested but not very impressed, will post my final conclusion after playing it for some more hours . Good luck on the table, guys !
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Very good looping and brushing rubber. Not for hitters and blockers. Found it very ineffective for blocking with pace or redirecting and is a bit sensitive to spin. However, really good for opening, 4-5 meters off table looping and countering and pushing. I found its hard to be defensive and aggressive when on the defense or get back into the rally effectively. Overall a really good rubber who continues with pressure, if you find it hard to keep pushing and spinning, it can be a bit ineffective a detriment. Spinny and fast tho.
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This is a call to everyone who thinks they have to rate something (especially speed, spin or control) and use the maximum rating of 10. The rating 10 stands for "the BEST there is", so the maximum possible !!!! - and something like that will only be sold to you by a dealer who lies to you in order to sell his goods. Please everyone think about it!
I couldn't help, but really spend some money !!!!!
Facts: black rubber with 1,9 mm sponge. Orig. packed 92 g. (extra light, selected), uncut 66 g. and at the end 45 g. on my Off+ blade (with 156 x 150 mm).
First I tried this rubber, at my FH, together with my Butterfly fake "Z.JK. SZLC" and had to find out, that this combination gives a very "hard" play feeling!
- actually logical! ... very hard blade + very hard rubber = ... together to hard!!!
Next I used the Lemuria clone from Butterflys Revoldia CNF, named Lemuria CNF. (- see rating under "no brand" !!!)
These two harmonizes really better together. - ... but too not perfect! With this combination, I can place the opponent's serves (in my forehand side) very safely and shortly (behind the net !!!!) and my blocks were also safer. - both better than ever before !!!!
Next (- and hopefully the last ???) blade is my Lemuria ZB (Butterflys Harimoto Tomokazu ALC, Innerlayer clone).
Now I feel an almost perfect playing feeling. ... clearly the best combination so far !!!!
By the way: I actually always had never the feeling that this rubber absorbs the opponent's spin !!!!! ( - like theT 05) ... Wonderful !
Conclusion: excellent rubber (- as long as the blade is not too hard!) and not only for better players. - ... but unfortunately impossible price!
And now I am very excited, about the durability of this rubber.
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It is closer to Tenergy 05 than Dignics 05 in terms of the combined hardness of the rubber and sponge. I found it more controllable than both, especially for blocking and punch shots from the backhand. The low arc and long trajectory create problems for my opponents as balls land near the white line. Other than lacking a bit of spins, it is almost perfect for me. I use it on Viscaria.
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I've decided to write down a post after reading reviews above bcs my impression of D80 doesn't coincide with them. I've been playing it for a year mostly on the Xiom Vega Tour (hinoki/zefilium-carbon) but I tried the rubber on my other blades too: Xiom Vega Euro (koto/zefilium-carbon) and Yinhe Purple Dragon D607 (a clipper clone, walnut top ply). I've been playing D05 on those 2 blades for a year and a half, my normal forehand rubber is Hurricane, so all the Dignics' are being used for backhand. First of, D80 is noticeably faster than D05 bcs its catapult shows itself much earlier. From my point of view that's the biggest difference between the two defining their playing specialties. D05 is better for counter looping particularly close to the table, D80 is better for blocking, smashing, driving and counter driving. The closer to the top end, the lesser the speed/catapult effect difference. Although D05 is a tad more spinny which is better for bananas and slow opening ups and D80 feels a bit softer bcs of pips shape, all those things don't affect their performance as much as catapult timing. Even control feeling may be affected by that, bcs D05 is just slower before some limit despite being a bit harder in feeling. All the Dignics' work the same for me with all my blades
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