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Butterfly Dignics 05

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DIGNICS guides your play to a more advanced level.

The essence is the combination of Spring Sponge X, the advanced version of Spring Sponge which has more elasticity; the uniquely composed top sheet, with strengthened abrasion, proves great resistance on the surface, providing the feeling of holding the ball at impact.

Adopting pimples code No. 05 recognized for its high spin performance, DIGNICS 05 is recommended for the player who seeks to generate a high level attacking play imparting powerful topspin, as well as counter topspin play - both close to the table and at mid-distance.

Surface: Inverted
Speed: 135
Spin: 120
Hardness: 40
Made in Japan

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Reviews of Butterfly Dignics 05 (32)

Tried RED 2.1 DIGNICS 05 on Sanwei CC Carbon glued with Butterfly Free Check glue.
Pros:+Control is amazing +Almost Tacky +Durable +Amazin for backhand +Easy to lift backspin
Cons:-Very Slow -To Soft -Very bad for forehand -Can't hit the low balls with full strenght top spin like T05 HARD
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Tried it on Yasaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon. This rubber is a looping machine. First i tried it on my bachand, it felt dead. Then I switched to forehand, drives and looping felt good, looping is definitely above average, the trajectory and spinrate is crazy. But you really need to hit the perfect angle, otherwise u cant even find the table. This is definitely the most unforgiving rubber i ever played with (T05 is not even close). Shortgame is impossible, u need a lot of effort to even push long. Blocks are inconsistent as well. I would only recommend D05 to Timo Boll like players, with perfect technique.
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Non-spring, hard, uninteresting rubber (similar to China) for that kind of money, it's not worth it, the sponge is destroyed when plywood is glued !!! One advertisement !!! Thrown away money !!!
Review helpful?    Yes | No

With this rubber, I can control the ball better and the ball has a lot of spin. Excellent.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

non-spring, impenetrable sluggish sponge - the whole game is gone, I don't feel the Blade - it's impossible to play this and for that kind of money !!!!!!!!
Game-sharply forward or into the table or past the table-50%-50%. (it is for Timo Boll)

An unpredictable game !!!
another big money show sfrom batterfly for fools!

When re-gluing, the sponge exfoliated and torn - it is weak - a low-quality product from the butterfly.I'm in shock !!!Don't waste your money gentlemen !!!
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definitely an improvement over tenergy05 in term of speed and spin and yet some how Butterfly still able add more control to this rubber. Highly recommend
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9.5/10 for OFF style. FH: Donic Bluefire M1 Turbo, 2.2mm, 52g (0.256g/cm^2), 50 degrees (ESN), 38.5 degrees (Shore A). BH: Butterfly Dignics 05, 2.1mm, 49g (0.239g/cm^2), 40 degrees (Shore A). Blade: TSP Balsa 8.5, 80g, 157mm x 150mm x 10.5mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 5 (3 Wood + 2 Composite): Ayous - GlassFibre - Balsa - GlassFibre - Ayous.
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Me: USATT 2130 classically attacking player. D05 2.1 FH/BH
This rubber needs to be boosted. Without boost it feels dead.


- Extremely spinny, the underspin opening is >>> t05. I would say it's at h3 level. My shots are low and spinny on opening which cause a lot of difficulties to my opponent. The ease of use is also better than h3.

- After boosting the feed back on looping feels great. There's this k-cha-poop sound and the ball will fly like rocket with control, curve, and speed. For a top spin rubber, it feels like a brand new t05 (will get to this later)

- The durability and longevity is INSANE. For t05 after the first week or 2, the top sheet will lose a little of grip and the performance will drop a little. That's why all pros change their t05 after 2 weeks. D05 however, plays like new and i'm 4 months in. I clock in 10hrs / week multi balling hard core practice. My falco tempo long also permanently boosted my dignics as well, the boosting effect did not fade. So I guess as long as the sponge is soften by boosting, D05 is good. Unlike h3 where you got good durability, you need to boost it every 2 weeks. D05 have best of both world, insane durability and a 1 time boost done deal kind of rubber.


- The short game of this rubber is horrid. Spring sponge X activation take too little effort, as many of the reviewers mentioned. I"m at 2150 level (i improve a lot since i got that rating Nov 2019 btw), pushing short with d05 is a nono. You either flick/bannana or push long. You push short you get punish by players that knows how to flick. Period.

- The serves are spinny. However it's difficult to keep the serve low like h3/t05.
- smashing is terrible. For some reason d05 grips the ball even during smashing so the trajectory is unpredictable.

Insane durability, great top spin rubber, great opening rubber, good flicking/banana flick rubber, terrible pushing rubber, terrible smashing rubber
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Have it on both sides of Viscaria.

Amazing rubber for BH, definitely the best one I have ever used. The rubber basically plays itself. Very easy to control, amazing for flicking, looping, killing.
I love it on FH as well, but you need to get used to it. Short game and loops very easy.
Generating spin is very easy.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Slower than T05 and less aggressive but more stable and opens better against service and backspin, plays very safe and comfortable, but not a killer like T05 or Dhs GoldArc 8. Nice to try a while but i go back to my old setup because it's more exciting. If you can hit hard like professional player with good condition then it's a rubber than can do anything for you.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

This is very good rubber on forhand is faster as tenergy 05
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I don't know if I'm the only one to have a problem with Dignics 05 ?? I bought a sheet of black Dignics 05 when it first came out in the UK ( although the price is just ludicrous ) ... I fitted it to my spare blade to try ( Stiga arctic wood ) and gave it a try .... It took a bit of getting used to after playing with tacky Chinese rubbers all my days , but it was ok .... I decided to transfer it to my number 1 blade ( Hurricane Long 5 ) ..... When I removed it from the Stiga I noticed a residue of the Butterfly glue that I used on the sponge which I then tried to remove ........ I rubbed lightly with an old TT ball as I've done a thousand times ...... Then started rubbing with a finger ..... Unfortunately the sponge is extremely brittle and is now full of holes .... Very very poor quality indeed !! It has never happened on any Chinese rubber I've ever had in 40 years of playing TT ...... Must say I'm extremely disappointed indeed and 90 out of pocket ....with no comeback ..
Review helpful?    Yes | No

18 Jan,2020:Using black on BH(viscaria).Amazing serve,loops,short game(after 2 mos practice).Best for BH loops.............rocket speed,crazy spin+accuracy
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Better than Tenergy! Especially, counter drive is very easy even against the high top spin drives. Revolutionary, Inovationary, and Catastrophe!
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I bought this rubber from megaspin and after 4 months I found pimple between the rubber sheet and sponge, I tried to get off the rubber from the blade and glue it again to make its good but doesn’t fixed because it’s manufacturing defect..

Megaspin edit: The customer was compensated with credit.

Customer edit: Megaspin got this right for me and I am very satisfied with the resolution.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I tried Dignics 1.9 black on TSP Black Balsa 3.0 def:
Compared to T05 1.9 on same blade the throw angle is lower for topspin,the speed is less,the spin is similar for topspin but higher when serving.
Pushing needs a different blade angle,if the blade is too horizontal the ball is too high with Dignics and not easy to predict the flight path, I like T05 better for this and will need time to perfect.
The topspin arc is lower and flatter with Dignics and I wish the rubber was softer.
I decided to boost with 2 layers of Falco long and the ball is breaking out from the table better than T05 now and finishing the point is easier.
There isn't a big reaction to the booster and the rubber didn't stretch much,I have added a 3rd layer to try soon...
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Great rubber but the price is just insane, it is not worth it unless you are sponsored by butterfly!
Review helpful?    Yes | No

This rubber has been the missing link. I lost my technique after the introduction of the plastic ball. My bh could not pick the ball up when short and close to the net. No matter what I did. It sure can now, with minimal effort. I recorded my best ever win with it recently. There’s no doubt that it will catch my opponents out in future. My blocking is now 2 or 3 hits more effective. Some of my returns have been mind blowing. So much so that it feels like a cheat rubber. The thing is amazing, especially for my bh. Thanks Butterfly!
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Dignics 05 works like magic. The high tension releases the ball quickly but doesn't make it leave too quickly giving yourself the opportunity to add a very good deal of spin into your shot. The rubber grips very well and it's speed is definitely impressive. Because of the high tension tackiness is evident but very concealed giving it slightly more control. The sponge is pretty hard which gives it great speed but could be very weird if you are transferring from lighter rubbers like I did. Counterlooping with this rubber is super easy but looping is slightly tougher in my opinion. Its very consistent and highly recommend this for defensive attackers. Pushing and chops also work with the rubber but I recommend using tenergy 05 hard for that instead. Blocking with the racquet can be tough but with good angles you can return topspin at dangerous speeds. Overall great rubber and highly recommend using it with other racquets from butterfly. Personally I use the timo boll alc but any racquet with carbon infused wood is good too.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I tried out this new rubber for a month ahead of the new season, with a view to possible switch. I tried it on both F/H and B/H. I'll not be switching because I believe this rubber is inferior to T80, my current rubber of choice. My blade is the Carbonado 145 with T80s (2.1) both sides. Topspin player both wings - currently playing veterans (at international level). Please note that one's choice of equipment is very personal and unique. What I liked about D05 on first hit is its low arc (like T80 compared with T05) and it has good spin capabilities. Also good for touch play around the net. It is good for backhand spins too but remember that B/H topspin is a relatively easy shot if you're positioned correctly behind the ball, and you move well, which is important. But that's about it with D05. It's much less responsive than T80, especially away from the table, and is generally an unforgiving rubber: in competition play, there is a real risk that you could get pushed around with this rubber. It is not a 'friendly' rubber, like T80, which is responsive and delivers when needed. I would be surprised if Butterfly extend the Dignics line to D80 etc. The overall soft/FX feel to Dignics is a weakness, especially when played on a high quality carbon blade.
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