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Butterfly Timo Boll ALC - Chinese Penhold

The Timo Boll ALC is the blade of choice for the European Triple Champion, Timo Boll. Timo working with Butterfly’s technicians, helped design his new blade which offers a touch more speed than his previous model but still allows for the production of the heavy topspin strokes Timo is known for.

Using his new blade along with Butterfly’s new Tenergy rubbers, Timo successfully defended all three of his Titles at the 2008 European Championships. Timo plays fair and wins and so can you. The Timo Boll ALC offers the maximum blend of speed, heavy spin, and Control.

Speed: 85
Control: 80
Weight 84g

Review by TableTennisDaily:

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FAQ: Does Megaspin sell Japan-made Butterfly blades?

Some Butterfly blades like Korbel and Grubba are produced in factories both in Europe and in Japan, so they exist in 2 variants. When a Japanese blade has a Europe-made version, we always carry the Japanese variant. Other blades like Butterfly Timo Boll Offensive are only made in China so we cannot carry a Japanese variant of these blades.

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Reviews of Butterfly Timo Boll ALC (59)

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 External Review for Butterfly Timo Boll ALC on February 9, 2018
Bought this blade as a backup to my zjk blue dragon but when I started using it I kind of like it providing more speed and spin. Switched to timo boll alc and made my zjk blue dragon as a backup blade. I'm using this blade with tibhar mxp (fh) and tenergy 05 (bh).
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 External Review for Butterfly Timo Boll ALC on January 14, 2018
Work of art.I have been using it for 2 months.magical blade,somehow butterfly has managed to put the soul of Timo in it make me play shots that are dreamlike.I have red Tenergy 05,black Fastarc s1.Both great rubbers,fastarc is faster,tenergy 05 is more spinny and great control too.This blade has just enough feedback.Out of position loops land on table.So it has a large and uniform sweet spot.Loopers blade ll the way
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Review by paisamaster (Verified Customer) for Butterfly Timo Boll ALC on October 18, 2017
great blade
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 External Review for Butterfly Timo Boll ALC on October 5, 2017
very good blade, that has a great speed with a very swayed control. with this blade the topspins are beautiful, with the ALC TB you can have an
offensive game where you can control the game. but I recommend this blade with a semi hard rubber to have good control and at the same time to good aggressive tospins, since the ALC helps to absorb the impact for which one gives you time to scrape the ball.
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 External Review for Butterfly Timo Boll ALC on June 12, 2017
Best blade for spin oriented attacks. Good feedback. Going down as a classic.
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 External Review for Butterfly Timo Boll ALC on May 29, 2017
This was my first carbon blade after playing on 5-ply wood (Nittaku Acoustic, Ma Lin Extra Offensive). First big differences I noticed were large and uniform sweet spot and reduced vibrations. I play H3 on forehand and T64 backhand. My forehand was faster and more linear off the paddle, and I liked the harder and more direct feeling paired with H3. Backhand was much faster and a little harder to control at first. Had to close up more for looping, but mid distance backhand loop was very easy. I feel this blade packs a lot more power than the wood blades, especially paired with tenergy, but it is not too fast or crazy. Very nice and comfortable to play with.
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 External Review for Butterfly Timo Boll ALC on April 5, 2017
I have got this blade for quite a short time but I can say it is absolutely great. It has a lot of speed while keeping so much control. My topspins which went 5-10 cm over the table with different bats (also with slower ones) are now easily on table with the same speed and spin. Highly recommended for offensive play!
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 External Review for Butterfly Timo Boll ALC on February 1, 2017
After 2 years of using this blade, i have never felt like i have had to change it. it is perfect for me. Not too fast and not too slow, but the thing which i like the most about it which i haven't seen in another non-carbon blade is the solid feel you get of it. with other blades, i dislike the hollow feel were you can feel the bat almost vibrate on the other side. I don't know if this is because of the carbon, but i like it.
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 External Review for Butterfly Timo Boll ALC on February 1, 2017
My favorite table tennis blade so far! But I just got the Garaydia zlc from japan.its very good frim smashing and 50cm away from the table. Its a perfect match with tenergy 05 on both sides because Timo Boll uses that. So you wont exactly play like Timo but you still get the feeling of being like him. I use the AN handle, its very good for me because the top has a curve and its comfortable for long dwell time! So you got money and you want to find a very good blade with good control and power then go for it the Timo Boll alc is your best choice. Oh and if you'd like a cheaper blade Primorac is good for fast ball and power and control, this counts as offensive plays but spin in primorac is not good but smash your a beast.
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 External Review for Butterfly Timo Boll ALC on January 24, 2017
it suffices to say the entire blade is one large, beautiful, very consistent -and not so reasonably priced- sweet spot. TBALC is a complete murderer. No wonder Timo Boll himself plays with this. Not reccommended however for intermediate or advanced players that are still developing technique, since it provides no vibration feedback compared to an all wood 5 ply blade of it's speed range (take Xiom Off S or Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Off). Even A thick 7 ply all wood like say andro CS7 Vel (Off+ as fast or even faster than this) provides better feedback when playing short or middle distance game .TB ALC is quite fast and not so easy to control due to the feedback issue I just described. However for Elite and pro players this is the blade to buy. Worth every penny if you can afford it.
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