Tibhar Evolution MX-P

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Evolution MX-P is the fastest and most dynamic rubber of the EVOLUTION rubber family. Thanks to the perfect adjustment of the pimple geometry, more flexibility is conferred to attacking balls extra energy. MX-P is very well adapted to any player's game, making no concession in terms of speed and spin. The ball/bat contact time of the MX-P is a little bit longer than the reference time, thus conferring much more sensation. Chosen by topspin players willing to feel the necessary pressure of their strokes at the table and at half distance.
Pro-Tension rubber surface is grippy and rich in spin, with perfect elasticity and stability.

Red Power Sponge is bright red, open porous, and spectacular. Adapts perfectly to the situation.

Speed: 98
Spin: 96
Control: 67

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Reviews of Tibhar Evolution MX-P (42)

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 External Review for Tibhar Evolution MX-P on November 9, 2017
Good rubber for offensive style. Not forgiving also spin is Not high as stated. Rubber feels hard when playing around 50 degree but does look like when pressing. Found best suit soft or medium hardness blades.
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 External Review for Tibhar Evolution MX-P on October 8, 2017
Used it in max thickness,red,FH.played 6 hrs only so far.Best rubber I have used ever.Better than Andro rasant.Shoots the ball,great catapult effect,huge spin that is speedy,ball kicks off the table like a cobra.Amazing control for a fast rubber.Suprisingly chops are awesome and its not very sensitive to incoming good for serve receives.My friend used it for >1 yr,so I know its very durable.Cost is not too high.I am using it on Yinhe ZLC venus 4.

Will update if there is new info.
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 External Review for Tibhar Evolution MX-P on October 5, 2017
Tibhar MX-P is a great attacking rubber for offensive players. I will just confirm what many have already said: that if you are a Tenergy 05 user your transition to MX-P will be fairly easy. While they don't feel exactly the same their performance is similar using the same technique. MX-P is a tad faster and harder than T05 and the throw angle is lower. In terms of spin, I think they are fairly similar but T05 is still more spinny on brush strokes with MX-P being equal when the sponge is fully engaged. While I still feel T05 is the best pure looping rubber because of it's higher throw angle and increased bounciness I feel MX-P is the better overall attacking rubber. MX-P has better control and consistency than T05 that results in a superior short game including pushes, blocks, flat hits, and serve returns. It has that advantage while still being 95% as good as T05 in the looping department. An excellent rubber and value. It can be played on either FH or BH but I personally use it on the BH as I prefer a slightly higher throw angle for my FH. Recommended.
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 External Review for Tibhar Evolution MX-P on September 7, 2017
Great rubber. Very fast but with good control over the table. It has a lower throw than Tenergy 05. Good for playing near the table.
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 External Review for Tibhar Evolution MX-P on July 29, 2017
A really nice rubber. Very good for spin-oriented players.
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 External Review for Tibhar Evolution MX-P on July 29, 2017
Goma rpida de buen efecto, increble loop .
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 External Review for Tibhar Evolution MX-P on June 16, 2017
Extreme speed, you can destroy smashing but too heavy, spin is not the strong point of this rubber
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 External Review for Tibhar Evolution MX-P on May 18, 2017
By far the fastest rubber i have tried speed 9.5 is very acurate and spin 9.4 too. Very good for blocking but since it is fast you dont have much dwell time to put a lot of spin. If speed is your game buy it but your stroke must be precise otherwise the ball will go out of the table. Very good rubber for my playing style (looping far from table but close really good for blocks on the forehand). Definity faster than Andro Rasant Powergrip which im using on backhand but a little less spin. A lot of catapult effect.
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 External Review for Tibhar Evolution MX-P on May 15, 2017
Great overall rubber. You can do everything with it, it is fast, spinny and has control, can play close or away from the table, really good.
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 External Review for Tibhar Evolution MX-P on April 11, 2017
This is a hard and fast rubber with a grippy topsheet. I am coming from xiom vega europe. This rubber is faster but much less predictable. This is my first day with it and i didn't do well. I will have to try to understand its weird reaction. This rubber is very heavy, more heavy than I expected. I will post more later. Update this is my second day of playing with this rubber. I am playing against a robot and i am learning different angles and stroke force. I still find the rubber is hard to control and is unpredictable. Third day of playing with this rubber, and the rubber is just difficult to understand as the plastic ball bounces of the rubber at weird angles. The old celluloid ball plays better with this rubber. Also, I notice that the rubber has lost a significant amount of spin. I lost my money on this one. I will remove this rubber and go back to xiom vega europe which is very predictable and controllable. At this point I do not even want to take a chance on another tibhar model rubber. UPDATE - After a few days of play, the factory applied booster has worn away, the rubber now plays predictable and natural, no more weirdness. The rubber feels medium soft, it is fast like tenergy 05 but softer and more controllable. But unfortunately, after 1 hour of play all the spin capability of the rubber was lost. Then I cleaned the rubber and the spin came back.
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