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Tibhar Evolution MX-P

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Evolution MX-P is the fastest and most dynamic rubber of the EVOLUTION rubber family. Thanks to the perfect adjustment of the pimple geometry, more flexibility is conferred to attacking balls extra energy. MX-P is very well adapted to any player's game, making no concession in terms of speed and spin. The ball/bat contact time of the MX-P is a little bit longer than the reference time, thus conferring much more sensation. Chosen by topspin players willing to feel the necessary pressure of their strokes at the table and at half distance.
Pro-Tension rubber surface is grippy and rich in spin, with perfect elasticity and stability.

Red Power Sponge is bright red, open porous, and spectacular. Adapts perfectly to the situation.

Speed: 98
Spin: 96
Control: 67

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Reviews of Tibhar Evolution MX-P (66)

Good rubber
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Incredible. Incredible...
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9.6/10 for OFF style. FH: Donic Bluefire JP 01 Turbo, 2.1mm, 51g (0.25g/cm^2), 50 degrees (ESN), 38.5 degrees (Shore A). BH: Tibhar Evolution MX-P, 2.15mm, 50g (0.244g/cm^2), 46.5 degrees (ESN), 36.5 degrees (Shore A). Blade: TSP Balsa 8.5, 80g, 157mm x 150mm x 10.5mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 5 (3 Wood + 2 Composite): Ayous - GlassFibre - Balsa - GlassFibre - Ayous.
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Put MX-P Max on a new Butterfly Viscaria FL blade and it is a machine. Speed, control, blocking, and everything else is awesome. Matching this rubber with the right blade is very important. The Viscaria blade weighed 85 grams without rubber and with the MX-P Max rubber it weighed a nice 190 grams (perfect weight). The playing characteristics of the MX-P and Viscaria together are a perfect match (IMO). Great combination that deserves 5 stars and a 10.
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It is not so good. Did not bounce the ball very well.
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I have been using MXP for almost 3 years now. First year was with one of the very few blades made my Adidas and unfortunately I could never find its specifications. It was on the heavier side and combined with MXP both bh and fh, produces amazing spin from a step away from the table. I am someone who uses a lot of lower body (more than required) to loop underspin. My stroke and MXP complimented each other and I got the best use out of it. I moved on to TBALC with MXP for the next 6 months which took a lot of getting used to and one immediate thing I noticed with ALC + MXP is that my close to the table counterloop was extremely effective. I couldn't produce as much spin far away from the table as I used to because of the new blade but if you're someone who wants to go up to a semi professional level with a new setup where you reply on spin more than speed, TB ALC + MXP is the best combination to go with. I tried using T05 for a couple months. The difference between MXP and T05 was that I had more control over soft with MXP where I lose my gripping or my bat angle. I could land the ball easily for sudden out of position short strokes with MXP which I could clearly not do with T05 ( my guess is T05 takes A LOT of time to get used to and to get the feel and control). The only downside with MXP is life. with 15 hours a week training, you might get 2 months out of it. Gradually loses its ability to produce effective spin.
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MXP max, red on a Drinkhall defensive blade on forehand side, MXS max, black now on backhand.Swapped the FXS for MXP, the MXP is similar to the MXS, maybe has a very slightly softer feel, so the change over didnt really have a huge effect or change to my forehand.
Spin is really good, speed is good, control is good, blocking good, serves are great good speed and spin, easy to vary the amount of pace and spin.
Forehand loop against backspin is great, I found it fairly easy to attack a backspin ball, my technique is improving!!!
The big difference in the new set up is that the MXS is much better than the FXP on my backhand. Direct, zippy, easier to impart spin, faster.
Overall I have found it difficult to identify much of a difference between MXP and MXS, I would be happy to play with either on backhand or forehand sides.
Both of these rubbers are excellent!!
I know a lot of you want a comparison against T05 or D05, I have not used either of these rubbers, I have used T80FX, but on a slightly faster Stiga defensive pro blade, I found the T80FX to be faster, but more linear, more catapult effect, less forgiving for a player of my standard, I like the MXP/MXS much more.
I have also used Stiga Mantra M 2.1mm, on a 30+yr old Butterfly Tamca 5000 blade, this set up was extremely fast!!!!! For me verging on uncontrollable.
In the future I may put the MXP/MXS/T80FX on the Tamca blade just to see how fast these rubbers are compared to the Stiga Mantra
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Tibhar Mx-P is the rubber used by all pro and advanced players. Flat hitting, Blocking are its speciality 10/10. Spin , serve and touch game (9/10). Looping 9/10. It has medium catapult after breaking in after a 1 week. After 1 month it is very linear and requires effort in looping and TS. BS is also consistent during this period. After 2 months or 125 hours the speed and spin reduce greatly. Almost comes down to Mark V speed, no spin. with boosters can extend by 1 month. No other rubber which is currently as good as this for blocking and flat hitting with very good looping capability with medium high throw. In comparison to Tenergy 05 spin is marginally less, speed is 1 order high, duralibility is one order less, throw is also one order low. Overall a great tournament rubber.
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Perfect match for Nittaku blade Septear Lead Off
Very Happy ;-)
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Ratings for 2.15mm. Similar to tenergy, but cheaper, top sheet has a bit more grip, which is good for services.
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This is Tenergy on steroids!!!!
Only difference is that you can hit flat with this rubber while Tenergy will go off the table.
Go with 1.8-2.0 mm thickness.
Higher than that would be hard to control.
Best value for the money.
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Good bh rubber,activ block is ok,low throw,more speed and power than t64, les filling,but still ok.
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Fastest rubber ive used. Short game is okay, blocks are okay, lifting backspin is easy. Rubber is not hard at all, its only 45+ degree and is much softer than Vega Pro/Omega V Asia. Topspins is crazy fast but can go long with hard strokes.

Rubber is factory tuned so lifetime is not so long.
Suitable for high level play close to the table with short strokes.
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Wow! I am coming from a Tenergy 80 on my FH (like the user Killerspint), and I have purchased one of these for my new Timo Boll ALC blade. What a feeling, what a speed! I can do good spinny spins, I have control, I can smash. Very happy of this choice so far!
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One of the best rubber in the market, unfortunately it has durability issues. After 2 - 4 weeks of continues use, you need to replace it. Go for it if budget is not an issue or you have sponsors...
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Speed: 9.5
Spin (European Style): 9.1
Control: 8.7
Weight: 49g in 2.2 (0.239g/cm^2)
Hardness (DHS): 37.5
Gears: 2.6
Throw: 6.4
Fast Loop: 9.3
Slow Loop: 9.1
Counter Loop: 9
Touch: 8.6
Block: 8.6
Smash: 9
Slice/Chop: 9
Serve: 9
Flip/Flick: 9.3
Available Sponge Thickness: 1.75/1.95/2.15
Durability: 5.2
Value: 7.5
Overall: 9.1
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Nice rubber, basically an upgraded Genius. Topsheet is much better than that of previous generations. Throw is medium. Same throw as TG2, hence complements it very well on the BH. Good spin, but needs quite a bit of sponge engagement to get to it. Topsheet grab is good but still falls short compared to the likes of T05. For such an fast, offensive rubber this is suprisingly linear on the low end and has good control. There are just two problems, first is that it is sometimes difficult to estimate when catapult kicks in (especially as factory booster dissipates). Second is that you need a very good blocker to actually train with this rubber because intermediate players can't block full strokes with this, or at least not consistently. Other than that, surely one of the best ESN rubbers so far.
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It is a great rubber for aggressive players. It is fast and produces great spin. It's a bit harder to control than T05 so keep that in mind. You have to be at least certain skill level to exploit the potential of this rubber. It requires good impact timing and form. Boosted, it's even better! The lifespan of the sponge however is pretty short. After about 2~3 weeks of training, you'll start to feel the sponge loosing its power. The topsheet does last much longer. I'd say 6~8 week lifespan if you use them regularly. If boosted, it'll be good for about 4~6 weeks and also requires reapplication of booster oil after about 2~3 weeks. Regardless it still last longer than Tenergy at only about half the price (when they're on sale)!
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very fast and not easy to be controlled ... i tried to play in my FH when i first bought it but used it in my back hand :)
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I first used this rubber with max sponge thickness (2.1-2.2) on Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon for my FH. I was quite unsatisfied because the setup was too heavy for me although it produced good amount of spin and speed but not that good in terms of ball feel. Because of this, I decided to try this rubber with 1.9-2.0 sponge thickness on the same blade. I was surprised with this setup because the difference in sponge thickness was way more evident that I expected it to be. With the thinner sponge, it was able to give me a better feel as it allowed me to directly feel the blade better especially during counterhits and touchplays. Its slightly tacky topsheet produced considerable amount of spin on my serves and FH loops, and what even helped is the reduced sponge thickness that made it more controllable and consistent due to reduced rebound. Blocks were also easy with the 1.9-2.0 version of this rubber because there is no unnecessary rebound unlike the max sponge version. The only drawback with using a thinner sponge for MX-P was its reduced speed. However, I would rather lose some amount of speed for my attacks but get way better ball feel for my strokes than use a max sponge MX-P and get a powerful attack but poor ball feel.
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