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Evolution MX-P is the fastest and most dynamic rubber of the EVOLUTION rubber family. Thanks to the perfect adjustment of the pimple geometry, more flexibility is conferred to attacking balls extra energy. MX-P is very well adapted to any player's game, making no concession in terms of speed and spin. The ball/bat contact time of the MX-P is a little bit longer than the reference time, thus conferring much more sensation. Chosen by topspin players willing to feel the necessary pressure of their strokes at the table and at half distance.
Pro-Tension rubber surface is grippy and rich in spin, with perfect elasticity and stability.

Red Power Sponge is bright red, open porous, and spectacular. Adapts perfectly to the situation.

Speed: 98
Spin: 96
Control: 67

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Reviews of Tibhar Evolution MX-P (50)

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 External Review for Tibhar Evolution MX-P on April 27, 2018
Nice rubber, basically an upgraded Genius. Topsheet is much better than that of previous generations. Throw is medium. Same throw as TG2, hence complements it very well on the BH. Good spin, but needs quite a bit of sponge engagement to get to it. Topsheet grab is good but still falls short compared to the likes of T05. For such an fast, offensive rubber this is suprisingly linear on the low end and has good control. There are just two problems, first is that it is sometimes difficult to estimate when catapult kicks in (especially as factory booster dissipates). Second is that you need a very good blocker to actually train with this rubber because intermediate players can't block full strokes with this, or at least not consistently. Other than that, surely one of the best ESN rubbers so far.
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 External Review for Tibhar Evolution MX-P on April 18, 2018
It is a great rubber for aggressive players. It is fast and produces great spin. It's a bit harder to control than T05 so keep that in mind. You have to be at least certain skill level to exploit the potential of this rubber. It requires good impact timing and form. Boosted, it's even better! The lifespan of the sponge however is pretty short. After about 2~3 weeks of training, you'll start to feel the sponge loosing its power. The topsheet does last much longer. I'd say 6~8 week lifespan if you use them regularly. If boosted, it'll be good for about 4~6 weeks and also requires reapplication of booster oil after about 2~3 weeks. Regardless it still last longer than Tenergy at only about half the price (when they're on sale)!
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 External Review for Tibhar Evolution MX-P on March 26, 2018
very fast and not easy to be controlled ... i tried to play in my FH when i first bought it but used it in my back hand :)
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 External Review for Tibhar Evolution MX-P on March 23, 2018
I first used this rubber with max sponge thickness (2.1-2.2) on Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon for my FH. I was quite unsatisfied because the setup was too heavy for me although it produced good amount of spin and speed but not that good in terms of ball feel. Because of this, I decided to try this rubber with 1.9-2.0 sponge thickness on the same blade. I was surprised with this setup because the difference in sponge thickness was way more evident that I expected it to be. With the thinner sponge, it was able to give me a better feel as it allowed me to directly feel the blade better especially during counterhits and touchplays. Its slightly tacky topsheet produced considerable amount of spin on my serves and FH loops, and what even helped is the reduced sponge thickness that made it more controllable and consistent due to reduced rebound. Blocks were also easy with the 1.9-2.0 version of this rubber because there is no unnecessary rebound unlike the max sponge version. The only drawback with using a thinner sponge for MX-P was its reduced speed. However, I would rather lose some amount of speed for my attacks but get way better ball feel for my strokes than use a max sponge MX-P and get a powerful attack but poor ball feel.
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 External Review for Tibhar Evolution MX-P on January 30, 2018
Compare to t05. Test on same blade with consistant stroke, multiball and robot pong. Playing style, looping and drive. Speed not so different. Spin t05>mxp. Throw angle t05>mxp. Catapult effect mxp>t05. Hardness mxp>t05. T05 best for looping, mxp best for drive. Mxp is easy to use, easy to reach the catapult effect. So which one is the best rubber depend on your playing style and skill level. Borrow from your friends, test both on the same blade and u will get the answer. They are good rubber with different character. One is cheap and easy to play and the other one is heavy price and more suit to pro player. I have try many rubber and i found only 2 rubber that near character to t05. It was Dhs GA8 & Mxp. After 5 years using t05 i would say there is no t05 alternative. If u love mxp, it was a good news because u can save a lot, half price of t05. So gud luck.
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 External Review for Tibhar Evolution MX-P on January 3, 2018
What a gem!!! I ditto all the good things said about this rubber!!! A bit too heavy, but performance is absolutely perfect!
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 External Review for Tibhar Evolution MX-P on December 25, 2017
Good speed and control. Spin is slightly less specially when hitting high speed topspins. Very good for FH and for offensive players
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 External Review for Tibhar Evolution MX-P on November 24, 2017
The fastest rubber I've ever used by far. It is often described as the fastest on the market right now. It has a very good speen and monster speed, often hard to be controlled. It is said to have a 45-46 degree sponge, but the speed it generates is amazing. The biggest upset for me about this rubber is the fact that is heavy as all hell. The heaviest rubber I ever played with (I play it on a Butterfly Liu Shiwen, which has a bigger size, 158-152) and it's head heavy oriented. It's a great rubber, but it's speed is simply too much for me. Also an important factor is the durability. This rubber is factory boosted and after 3 months it kinda feels like dead.
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 External Review for Tibhar Evolution MX-P on November 9, 2017
Good rubber for offensive style. Not forgiving also spin is Not high as stated. Rubber feels hard when playing around 50 degree but does look like when pressing. Found best suit soft or medium hardness blades.
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 External Review for Tibhar Evolution MX-P on October 8, 2017
Used it in max thickness,red,FH.played 6 hrs only so far.Best rubber I have used ever.Better than Andro rasant.Shoots the ball,great catapult effect,huge spin that is speedy,ball kicks off the table like a cobra.Amazing control for a fast rubber.Suprisingly chops are awesome and its not very sensitive to incoming good for serve receives.My friend used it for >1 yr,so I know its very durable.Cost is not too high.I am using it on Yinhe ZLC venus 4.

Will update if there is new info.
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