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Tibhar Evolution MX-S

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This spin-oriented dynamic version possesses a much longer bat/ball contact time thanks to the especially developed pimple geometry of the rubber surface. For each player who thanks to a more physical action (acceleration arm/wrist) can activate the enormous potential of the MX-S: at the table or at half distance, this rubber will realize an even performance. EVOLUTION MX-S: chosen by most TIBHAR Bundesliga and National Players!

Speed: 97
Spin: 99
Control: 67
Hardness: 46.7

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  • The product offers excellent speed and spin, making it a favorite among offensive spin attacking players. It is particularly effective for hard low sidespin a step back from the table. The rubber quality is also praised, with one reviewer stating it's the best they've seen after testing 130 rubbers.
  • The rubber is highly praised for its immense spin generation, especially for forehand topspin. It is also noted to work well with specific blades like the Timo Boll alc blade. Users appreciate its adaptability and consider it a worthy alternative to other popular rubbers.
  • The product is lauded for its great quality and spin. It is particularly effective for backhand blocking, pushing, looping, and topspins at close to middle distance from the table. The rubber's construction is also compared favorably to other top-level non-ESN rubbers, with a similar amount of natural rubber in the topsheet and a high-quality red sponge.


  • The rubber is criticized for its weight, with one reviewer noting that it weighs 73 grams. Some users also report that the edges of the rubber break after a little use, and that it offers little control despite its speed and spin.
  • Some users find the rubber lacking in certain aspects compared to other rubbers. Specifically, they mention issues with weight and the catapult effect, which can cause problems during gameplay. Despite its high spin and control, they feel that it falls short in these areas.
  • The rubber is described as being very heavy and hard, making it difficult for some players to use. It is also noted to be unforgiving, requiring very good technique to get the most out of it. Some users also report issues with durability, noting that the spin starts to reduce after about 6 months of use.

Reviews of Tibhar Evolution MX-S (64)

I have been using the Tibhar MXS in 1.9 on my backhand (mostly) for around 6 months now.
I use it on a Donic True Inner Carbon blade.
This is a fantastic rubber that excels at top spins, drives, flicks, blocks, chop blocks, and even punches.
Unsurprisingly, it's crispier and more direct than the Yasaka Rakza Z (MAX) I use on the forehand.
Banana and strawberry flicks are particularly enjoyable, as well as loops and counters, and blocks/punches.
Flat hits, smashes, and short touches are also very good quality, while I find it a little harder to execute classic chops.
The only main drawback I find is its durability is okay. After using it for 6 months about 8 hours per week I can tell the spin has started to reduce, while my Yasaka Rakza Z seems to be more durable.
Overall, it's an outstanding rubber!
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This is my first time I played a different brand other than Andro rasanter.
I played With R47, R42 and R37. But I wanted something else that was less bouncy/catapult from the rubber and lower thorw angle. Special de R47 was way to hot for me to handle. I play close to the table or just a bit away as I play aggresive with LP.
When I frist played with the MX-S it felt real different. It felt like the rubber realy grips the ball when you hit it.
It felt very well. I could control where the ball went in slow play but also when spinning.
I don't use very long attacking strokes as I play close to the table and need to recover back in time :)
I have problems with high arc rubbers or very bouncy/catapult ones. This one seems perfect.
It might not be as fast but fast enough for me.
The complete bat was 2 gram heavier (134g) than with FS Battle II (132g)
I can't say much about durability.
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This rubber is phenomenal! It offers unbridled power and speed but almost deliberate control on every shot. It is almost immune from oncoming spin and the output is directly proportionate to the players input. Loops, pushes, blocks, flicks, topspin, service game its all there with MX-S!
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Power, spin and low flight ball it is all what I need on my forhend attacking looper style. Use it on tibhar force pro samsonov black edition blade.
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very similar to the MX-P a little bit less speed and a little bit more spin great for forehand topspin because its very fast but still has extremely high amounts of spin very good for serving
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