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Tibhar Evolution FX-S

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The FX-S is the "little brother" of the EL-S. Again, the enormous spin values ??of the MX-S and the power of the MX-P were combined with a newly designed interface. The sponge was soft construed as the EL-S so that the FX-S still elastic plays in combination a likewise individually tailored pips geometry and its model designation "Flexible spin" really deserves. Much softer than MX-P and S-MX, but slightly harder than the FX-P, the FX-S still borders significantly from the medium coverings EL-P and EL-S. Thus, he is a self-lining in the Evolution series.


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Reviews of Tibhar Evolution FX-S (12)

Easy playing rubber.
Nice feeling it . God control decent spin and speed.
Very prominent catapult .
A bit bouncy on a service receive .
Blocking is superb because of dwell .
Lifting backspin is pure joy.
Durable also, top sheet is meaty and can withstand a lot of training, sponge is good also.
Ali in all user friendly rubber.
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The Evolution FX-S is my go to feel good topspin rubber for my forehand. It offers tons of spin and good speed, I can place the ball where I want, and it is not too heavy. Mine always weigh between 44-46g (2,0mm). It really interacts very well with my DHS 301 blade and with my PP Vispower blade. It also works well on a Sanwei HC-5S but might lack some speed on all wood blades like my Darker 7P-2a or the Ma Long 5 (Nittaku). What can I say? Have tried so many other rubbers on my forehand (Omega VII Euro/ Pro, FX-P, Fastarc G-1, C-1, P-1, Vega Japan, Tour, Pro, Hexer Grip, EL-P, Super Ventus etc. which are all good) but I keep coming back to this rubber, because of the superb combination of power, spin AND control. Nuff said!
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Bought this as an upgrade from Stiga Mendo on my Stiga allround racket (BH 1.9). I was worried that it would be to fast and uncontrollable for me, but it suited me fine. My son have rakza 7 soft on all+ and felt a little uncontrollable for me. Great spin and a little catapult effect and very controllable for me as an "advanced beginner". Perfekt upgrade for me. Play once a week in a club with other 40-70 year olds. And occasionally with my 13 y son in the same club. Use Evolution EL-S FH with identical experiance.
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I have been using FXS max sponge, on my bh side, with MXS on the fh, On a defensive blade.
I feel the rubber is very consistent and can produce a reasonable amount of spin but nothing special, I felt that my bh serves lacked zip and spin, blocking was good, pushing was good, bh topspin good, a very steady rubber.
For me the rubber felt too soft and slow, especially when compared to the MXS, I tried the FXS on my fh a few times and the difference between the 2 was speed off the face, which resulted in a 300mm shorter landing point on the opponents side of the table when playing fh loop. So the softer sponge helps grip the ball, adds dwell time, but the catapult effect of the sponge is reduced and therefore speed.
On the bh FXS seemed to lack penetration and lacks that crisp feeling Im looking for.
Overall FXS is a very consistent rubber, with good defensive capabilities, its a safe rubber. Playing topspin against backspin is good.
FXS May well be completely different on an offensive blade, with the blades properties making up for the apparent lack of speed.
I have now changed the FXS for MXP, so the set up is now MXS on my bh & MXP on my fh. First impressions are that the spin and speed has increased on my bh, with a more solid / crisp feeling, MXP review in a couple of months, but it felt very nice the first time out!!!!
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Using MAX sponge on backhand (switched to FH since initial writing) of XIOM Offensive S. Speed is only a touch slower than FX-P, call it 8.7. And, just a touch more spin than FX-P. The extra hardness is immediately noticeable when compared to FX-P or other medium/soft rubbers. Almost feels akin to Rasanter R42 in hardness, which isn't surprising as they both have 42~ sponges. Click sound is prominent, as it is with FX-P and some other soft Tensors. I perceive control as similarly high (but different) to say the FX-P or say a Rakza 7 soft. Rubber bites a little better than FX-P, but like the FX-P can slip a bit on very light contact. I'm getting good spin in short game and serves, which continues back from the table too, although good contact is still required from any distance to get the most from it. Obviously one can't rely on tackiness for spin when only applying gentle touch. With good contact, the user is rewarded with quality spin though. I also question the durability of this rubber as someone else did, however would just recommend using good tape and not hitting the edges. If you're deciding between FX-P and FX-S, then decide based on whether you want power, or mechanical spin with a slightly harder sponge. For slightly greater mechanical spin with an equally slightly harder sponge, go with the FX-S. Otherwise, going with the FX-P is a safe bet. I'm using both, and it's just about personal preference.
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