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29 Reviews for Tibhar Evolution FX-P

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I tested it on a few blades I have and I have to say that it is pretty rubish on majority of them. Only on Stiga AC blade it was decent. It is rather heavy aswell, which completely disqualifies it for me, since head heavy rackets don't allow for good control. When I put it on my backhand on Yasaka SE it was just plain awfull. Mushy, hard to receive anything with it and made the racket heavy and unpleasant to play with. Topspins were also a tragedy. On Tibhar IV-L blade was just so slow and mushy. Throw angle is very much dependant on how hard you hit with it. Like I said it was fine on flexxy blade like Stiga AC, but on stiffer ones absolute tragedy. Still 2 heavy to recommend.
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Just a cheap copy of butterfly rubbers, dont even try it after one month no spin possible, topsheet is really bad stuff. Try some other brands if you dont want to be dissappointed!
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Don't use a soft and light blade with it (balsa inner ply), otherwise you'll lack power in some situation at mid distance from the table. Otherwise, good control in all situation. The durability is not that great, after 6 months (2 times a week) the speed has decreased and rubber surface worn.
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9.4/10 for OFF style. FH: Donic Bluefire M1 Turbo, 2.2mm, 52g (0.256g/cm^2), 50 degrees (ESN), 38.5 degrees (Shore A). BH: Tibhar Evolution FX-P, 2.15mm, 49g (0.239g/cm^2), 40 degrees (ESN), 33.5 degrees (Shore A). Blade: TSP Balsa 8.5, 80g, 157mm x 150mm x 10.5mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 5 (3 Wood + 2 Composite): Ayous - GlassFibre - Balsa - GlassFibre - Ayous.
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Fast with awesome control. The weight is perfect. Ball placement and blocking comes easy. Has a very nice grip and plays exceptionally well. Put this rubber (max) on both sides of the Gambler Fire Dragon Hinoki blade and it performed exceptional. Keep in mind that the speed of the rubber is dictated by the speed of the blade when reviewing. Outstanding rubber with amazing control with the ability to perform the way you want it to. Getting good results using Butterfly Free Chack II glue (best one layer glue on the market IMO) one layer on blade and one layer on the sponge. Note: Used many high profile blades but the Gambler Fire Dragon Hinoki FL was a bit of a surprise (top-notch craftsmanship and gorgeous). Also, the rubber performs well on a Butterfly Garaydia ZLC and a Donic Ovtcharov Carbospeed. VERY NICE RUBBER (IMO).
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Currently using/testing this on a few all wood blades, including the Tibhar Lebesson blade. Would rate speed as 8.8. This is a really nice medium/soft controlled rubber at 40 hardness. It's slightly on the softer side of medium/soft, with good speed, being between R37 and R42 (say 8.8), or close to Vega Europe. This has become my new favorite 'FX' rubber, with high enough throw angle for most situations, and great control, providing you're familiar with a bit of Tensor catapult effect. Spin is good on well struck loops, but obviously not quite as extreme as the 'S' versions of the evolution series. Close to Rakza 7 Soft, but faster, and feels very slightly harder and dwellier, so to speak.
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Outstanding soft rubber. I used it on forehand and backhand and it will no dissapointed me. Seems like no speed because its control is outrageous but wiht energie enough agressice strokes are quite fast. Very good for serves despites isnt a tacky rubber. Block is veary easy and countertopspin not bad at all. I truly recommend it. A very complet rubber. Perfect for backhand.
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Una goma espectacular con un sonido al golpear un contra topspin bastante agradable.
Es rpida, no ms que la MXP pero con un poco ms de efecto. Buena durabilidad.
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A very nice, soft, and controllable rubber. Good overall spin with wonderful dwell time. A satisfying kind of 'THOCK' sound when attacking can be heard screaming out from this rubber. The soft sponge allows for somewhat padded, linear blocking. On the flipside, it's not as BULLET directed as some other rubbers are in that area. You are sacrificing some speed for ease of use and consistency with FX-P.

Plays similarly to tenergy 05 fx. There is a noticeable difference between them, so certainly not a replacement rubber. But having said that, if you're John Club playing at the local table tennis spots -- odds are, you've got a bit of a pot belly, no real footwork, and poor stroke mechanics. This rubber will suit you fine! Absolutely fine, forgiving in all aspects of the game.

Tenergy is kind of like learning to drive in a formula 1 car... FX-P is more like a honda -- not too flashy, but you'll get from A to B with few errors along the way. And for most people, they may not "like" FX-P as much as tenergy, yet dollars to donuts they'll play better using FX-P!
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When new is very fast, after a 2-3 months it shrinks a lot, small decrease on speed but increases control.

The surface is very slippery, you must engage the sponge and fast strokes to get some spin... so is not good for flicks or chopping.
The edges of these rubber do not desintegrate like Tenergy! wow I've used it for 11 months straight and not a single crack on topsheet.

It's best used on forehand as log as it used actively and aggresive to get some decent speed.

If you want to replace Tenergy go for the EL or MX versions. Remember to cut it bigger when gluing beacuse of shrinkage overtime
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Speed: low (8.5).
Spin: average (9).
Control: average (9.2).
Tackiness: slightly tacky (2).
Weight: medium heavy (48g, 0.234g/cm^2).
Sponge hardness: medium soft (44/32).
Top sheet hardness: hard (55/43).
Gears: average (4).
Throw: medium high (6.4).
Consistency: always identical (9).
Durability: average durability (5).
Top sheet thickness: thick (1.8mm).
Surface thickness: thick (0.9mm).
Pip length: medium (0.9mm).
Pip width: average (1.6mm).
Pip spacing: average (0.7mm).
Overall: average (9.1).
Value: expensive (3).
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The Tibhar Evolution FX-P is clearly the softest of the six Evolution rubbers and also the lightest at 46 grams cut to the 157 x 150 mm test blade. However, it feels significantly harder than other 40-degrees rubbers, such as the Gewo nanoFLEX FT40, and is only one gram lighter than the significantly harder-sponged Nittaku Fastarc C-1, Gewo nanoFLEX FT45, and Donic Acuda Blue P1.
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Used this on BH of 5-ply allwood OFF- blade for several months. The aspects that really stood out with this rubber were the fantastic control, easy to access spin, and great sensation. Easy to block, counter, or open up with wide margin of error. I can take big strokes from close to the table with 100% confidence. Feels similar to 05FX.

Only drawbacks are of course that the top end speed is not very fast, and you'll reach that peak rather easily. Also, i felt that the liveliness of the rubber quickly degrades. After a month or so the speed seemed to drop off considerably. Takes a bit of effort to get your attacking shots deep onto the table.
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A controversial rubber.
+: unbelievable control; very good spin
-: very strange behavior in blocking; it takes a lot of time to get used to it
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Good BH rubber. Medium soft, not too heavy. Easy to block with and hit. Not too fast but can produce some impressive speed. I like that the rubber is light compared to MXP and Tenergies but it doesnt produce enough spin with the Pball. Maybe FX-S would be an improvement on it.
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A very good backhand-rubber, too slow for backhand in my opinion, but the loops on my backhand have never been better. It has great control, accuracy and spin, and I can loop very well off the table as well, I've got max thickness, but a con for me is the blocking aspect of this rubber.. when ballon-blocking, i can just NEVER hit the table with this rubber, it bouncess so oddly because of the soft sponge i reckon, though for controlling drive-blocks close to the table, it's nice as well.. All in all a very good rubber, bar the blocking mid-far distance.
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Excellent BH rubber amazing control with rly nice spin and speed Recomended!
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Grate rubber for Bh i am using Timoboll Alc its good looping rubber with a strong spin and the control this rubber its great with a carbon blade ,the speed its really good .
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This is an excellent rubber for BH. Play with it in a TIBHAR Ikarus ALX (OFF-) blade an it turnsout fantastically. It has great control. Nice opennings. Very good pushes. Great rubber!
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Nice feel, control, and spin without sacrificing too much speed. I'm using this rubber on my BH and all of my backhand loops almost landed perfectly.

I think this rubber really has the same feel as tenergy 05-fx series with a much cheaper price.
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Excelent rubber for the backhand. Great control (because soft sponje), good speed and perfect touch on my chinese stylle. Very good rubber!
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Awesome rubber!!!
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Excellent rubber for a looper who wants control as well as the speed to finish a point. Got it in 2.0mm on my backhand and if you're moving up from a rubber like energy x-tra it can take a couple training nights to adjust. This rubber has very good control considering it's quite fast and the spin is good too. Looping backspin from my backhand is easy and I can really get pace on the ball if I whip my hand a little. Short play at the night is a dream and flicking is easy enough. Blocking is of sound quality and you can go a meter or two back from the table and still play easily. Definitely for the modern attacker looking to put some consistency and spin into his game.
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Previously playing with grips and then with barracuda big slam I find with evo fxp a real progression in loops and control.
Never experience such play around the table. Spin is greater than all I have tried before (max) and speed is quite like barracuda and greater than big slam.I find more angle and spin than ELP.
My prefered rubber now for 18month
Rubber is still as performant as a new barracuda after 1 year of use (3 times a week!).
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I play it on my backhand in the 2.1 mm thickness. I used Tenergy 05 before trying Tibhar Evolution FX-P. I find the FX-P better for my controlled, spin, counter-attack and finesse style of play. Control, spin and precision are much better than Tenergy. Opening loops, pushes and blocks are superb, crisp, spin-laden and precise. Just point and place the ball where you are looking. It receives serves very well and just is an all-round better value. I can't find any fault or weakness with this rubber. Outstanding job by Tibhar. If you have any further questions, feel free to PM me.
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Top quality rubber as usual in Tibhar.
Using it in the FH side of a Stratus Power Wood in 2,1-2,2 thickness (max.), black.
With X2 platin soft max. in the BH, raquet has a perfect weight and balance (My SPW is a little bit sanded down in the head, about 3 mm)
For me, the best FH rubber to date.
It's very similar to Bluefire M3.
I'm not sure if it's because is newer and a little bit thicker sponged than my M3 (2 mm), but i feel that FX-P is a little bit harder, faster and with more catapult.
In mid distance is more powerfull than the M3 but control (insane), touch (so good) and spin is as good as m3 if not better.
Slow if you want to but a rocket if you loop hard. Short game is easy and natural. Even chopping is so easy.
Perfect rubber for me. We'll see how it "evolves" but first days performance is absolutely brilliant.
You can like it more or less but there's no doubt that it's a TOP TOP quality rubber and deserves at least a 9 overall rating. RNL reviewer gave it a 3. That's absurd.
By the way, I had no problem at all when glueing. I used Donic Vario Clean glue.

And at 36 eur price, it's a total bargain.

I wonder how is the new 5Q sound compared to it.
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What a rubber!!!!!
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After using tenergy 80 for the last few months I can say that evolution is just as high quality of a rubber as tenergy. I am not dissing 80, I love the rubber and still use it on my backhand side, but evo fx-p does as good of a job- just a different one. In the control and spin department I really think that evo wins, my forehand has a lot more spin and dips onto the table more easily. Also, it is much easier to generate loops from table height or below off of chops, ect. I have also seen a large improvement in the quantity of spin on my serve, when switching between the two sides of my paddle it is clear to see which side my serves are more dangerous on. The biggest advantage for me is the gears. I feel as though I have a lot more gears with evo than tenergy, Brushes are slower with a lot more spin but when you really swing freely it can generate massive pace. Fantastic rubber, I have no complaints, this will be updated as I use it more extensively.
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I had great expectations when I purchased the black FX-P in 1.9mm for my FH. My biggest complaint is that I could not glue the sheet flat. I used a good water base glue, and the same procedure I have always used for all rubbers, tensors and others. To my horror, when applied, the rubber was bumpy, almost like a leather grain effect. I tried regluing it with a similar result. I sent pictures to Tibhar, and to their credit, they sent me a replacement sheet, but said there was nothing wrong with the original. This time, I had someone else glue it and we got the same result. Both of us are experienced in the gluing of rubbers. As far as playing with the rubber, the throw angle is a bit lower than I like, and the weight is heavier than the Rakza 7 I normally use by about 6 grams. I will never buy another sheet of the Evolution. I believe that if you want to use an open cell sponge backed tensor, you can avoid my experience by using Tenergy or Donic Bluefire.
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