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29 Reviews for Butterfly Dignics 09C

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just want to say this is a one try for backhand. for forehand is decent and average. just almost no spin even on strong stroke only power on backhand. i will be switching to t64 since the better reviews. feels ok and medium tacky but not spinny enough for backhand loop. recommend forehand for intermediate players. do not buy backhand otherwise you will waste your money.
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I switched from Tenergy to Dignics, looking for something more than the classic catapult effect of European rubbers. First things first: Dignics 09c is not even remotely tacky: it's much grippier than Tenergy, but calling it a euro/chinese hybrid rubber is far fetched.
I would say this: DURING PRACTICE I immediately fell in love with this rubber: counter loops are a breeze and it's very easy to play attacking shots.
However...I said DURING PRACTICE... The problem is that when you're playing a game, and the pressure is on, the incredible high arc of Dignics does not give you the confidence you need. Or that I need. It's easier to return serves and touch around the net compared to Tenergy, but it's super spin sensitive and passive blocks are not easy. You need to always be ON IT, playing active shots, or you're toast.
The rubber definitely teaches you how to play correctly: if you don't use the right technique, you won't put it on the table. But 90 dollars are way to much for a learning rubber!
Long story short: after a few months I switched to a proper Chinese on my forehand, and to a softer European on my backhand.
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No lies.. pretty good rubber. Not a fan of dignics and Tenergy due to hype and price. But this rubber is actually good. Wasnt hard to adjust off a TG3Prov. Honest comparison would be an improved Rakza 7 soft in all aspects. I actually want to buy a sheet for BH soon. Hoping I might attain a FZD backhand someday lol
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hola!, empec a retomar el tenis de mesa y siempre e sido un jugador de control dentro de mesa, ahora veo que el juego va mucho mas rpido y el que ataca primero tiene mas control (no siempre) pero en general, opt por comprar el dignics 09c para experimentar ya que estuve consultando y viendo revisiones en YouTube, no es lo que esperaba, encontr una goma pegajosa y un poco difcil de controlar en cuanto a control concierne, los puntos destacables son que tiene buen efecto catapulta y buen spin esto dentro de mesa al momento de jugar fuera de la mesa es el problema encuentro un poco de variacin en los golpes, no es consistente, por lo que es difcil de jugar a distancia, es buena para efectos en saques.
en general se me complic el juego la goma no es mala pero no es lo que estaba buscando, sugiero probar si tienen alguien con esa goma, prob un dignics 05 de un compaero y me pareci una maravilla sin duda la goma interfiere en el juego de cada quien y deben buscar la que mejor se ajuste.
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1400-1500 USATT. Penhold-Two wing looper.
I've been playing with this rubber for about 3 months now on forehand with fangbo BX2 blade. The price is ridiculous and unjustified IMHO but you get something quite unique. I've previously played on boosted hurricane 3 commercial and the transition to this was no problem. Counterloops like H3 and opens against backspin have a bit more pace/land deeper. Keep in mind this means you'll still need good technique and acceleration to use the full potential. Serves are just as spinny and blocking is MUCH better than hurricane 3. Surprising how spinny this rubber is given it's relatively low spin sensitivity to H3. It's weight is slightly lower than that of H 3 unboosted. For many though including myself
I'm sure there are comparable rubbers for a fraction of the price.
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Blade: Freitas ALC
Yesterday switched rakza z to dignics 09c. Previous rubbers: xiom vega pro, vega Europe, tenergy 05fx, dignics 80.

Rakza z is good. But 09c is amazing rubber, serves short or long with huge quality, rubber is very grippy. Topspins (fh ) require some time to adjust stroke, but for the first day they are faster and spiny than yasaka. Short game also on high level.

The most interesting thing that 09c allows to make stroke foward during topspin with pretty arc, which produces tons of control on the table.
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One of the best of its kind (medium hard semi tacky rubber). Little bit more pricy than rakza z and sieger pk but with more speed and punching power and higher arc aswell. It 44 degrees but feels not hard to me, i only play hard rubbers they just suits better for my taste. My coach was impressed how i was playing on the 1st training session with this rubber on butterfly timo ball caf, there was no need to adapt after rakza z and sieger at all. Spin is almost the same but ability to put hard balls on the table and speed/accuracy is definitely stands for dignics due to higher arc and spring sponge x. Overall very good and high quality product.
For a period of a half year i have used this rubber on numerous of a blades - apolonia, innerforce zlc, harimoto alc, long 5, nittaku acoustic and timo ball caf. 09c works really good on all of them, with carbon fiber it works even better. It have the best spin on the market ( ofc if u know how to use hard rubber ) and if u hit hard the amount of power can be just crazy. Serves, looping, counter looping, blocks 09c can do it all, just give this rubber some time if you came from soft/medium soft like tenergy 05fx or tenergy 05 and you will be rewarded :)
Good luck on the table, guys!
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Great durable rubber. Compared to a tuned h3 national id say this rubber is close but still doesnt have the ease of use particularly because the low throw of the h3 nat vs 09c medium to high angle. However the slight tackiness does allow more dwell and spring sponge x is very reactive . Im very pleased with this rubber and am using it as an alternative to a tuned h3 nat.

Pros: Fast, Spiny with good touch in the short game and good spin potential for serves.

Cons: Most expensive rubber in the Market. Medium to High Throw will take time to adjust to especially if your coming for H3 Tunes Nat
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Great rubber, maybe the best Butterfly rubber ever made. It requires active play with complete swings no lazy half strokes. It is less sensitive to incoming spin then any other Tenergy or Dignics rubber. Crazy expensive compared to other brands with same characteristics like Nittaku Sieger PK50 what I have been playing for the last year. The 09C it does have an edge over the Nittaku but not by much, it is also a bit harder, a bit faster and less sensitive to incoming spin but with the PK50 is easier to generate spin from slow dead balls due to a bit softer sponge. Overall I love the rubber even if does not justifies his high price in my opinion. In the end remember, Is not the bow, is not the arrow, the Indian! Equipment does not matter if you do not train consistently.
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Very good for back hand ! Forehand you better have full swing and perfect form or a lot of balls will go off table and no because if speed because of high throw angle , also tons of spin more than any other rubber, also do not clean with water only rubber cleaner went through 4 of these already because of water cleaning also good on returning serves it eats up the other players spin and great for blocking enjoy !!
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Very spiny but need to be perfect form or ball will fly off table but not because if it’s speed it’s actually not that fast it’s very very good for blocking and very good on serve returns but the worst thing is it’s durability and price
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At first i was throwing the ball too deep and returned to my hurricanes. But tried again and never looked back. Dignics 09C deliver power, with precision as you request it within each shot.
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After switching from T05 to D09C my control was visibly improved. I lost a little speed, barely noticeable, but overall D09C gave me a lot confidence in my serves and attacks on the 3rd ball. I remember when I tried it for the first time, the superior control of this rubber, was the first things I noticed. Not the speed (on distance play) and not the huge spin.
Except the price, this is the ultimate "uber" rubber for my playing style.
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Butterfly's answer to boosted Battle 2 or Shining Dragon. Definitely slower than e.g. Dignics 80 and such "normal" rubbers. D09C is for those into faster boosted Chinese rubbers who for some reason prefer Butterfly. Spin on serves is not second to Battle 2. The induced spin is deep and can be deceptive.
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To preface this review I'm an average table tennis player, played around 3-5 times a week 3 hours each. I still train with a coach every week to correct my strokes and to improve my gameplay. My FH is said to have very high topspin.

Old Setup: BH Fastarc G1, FH DHS H3N BS Prov., Petr Korbel
Previous Setup: BH Ten05, FH Ten05, Viscaria
Current Setup: BH Ten05, FH D09C, Viscaria

So after a month or two this is my understanding of the rubber relative to Ten05.
- does not bottom out as easily
- last longer
- significantly better control
- easier to counter loop
- better feeling, ball stays with the blade longer.
- quality of the spin is just tremendous, though not as much as DHS H3N.
- I feel that my smash is better

(All this pros may results from my improvements in my strokes as, so you may or may not find similar result. but hey, my coach and friends said i improved significantly after using this rubber, probably table tennis is a pay to win sport after all.)

Neutral concerns:
- i need to adjust the angle of my strokes
- i can no longer do lazy shots
- Blocking angle is also very different

- Weight, its heavy, this ruins my BH flick as the blade becomes significantly heavier and BH flick requires high acceleration.
- Forces you to readjust much of your strokes to accommodate the rubber since it is unlike any other tensor rubbers or Chinese tacky rubber.
- price, its too expensive. I get it, they need to make it more expensive than the Tenergy series, but come on, its just a crazy price for a rubber.

In conclusion i believe this rubber will be adopted by players who has money to spare and loves imparting huge amount of spin to their shots but this rubber is not for those who prefer smashing or have just started playing table tennis. Yes, this rubber has huge control but its heavy, if the player can't hit properly they may injure their elbow or shoulder or even wrist. For me, I think I will stick to this set up for a long time.
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Among many test of D09C on many blades, the best balanced combinaison for me is D09C 2.1mm both sides on Cornilleau Hinotec OFF+ carbon (82g ; outer Hinoki + carbon). Huge amount of spin, enough speed (due to the blade), enough control in blocks/counter (due to rubber), this combinaison allows aggressive shots closed to the table and mid-distance, and a lot of variations in the game (serve, push, smash, chop, chikita, ...). Highly recommended with OFF+ blades (This combinaison leads to rating Speed 9.2, Spin 9.5 and control 9.3, but yes, the rubber itself is very slow on OFF/OFF- blades, ans even slower with 1.9mm. I recommend 2.1mm on OFF+ blades).
D09C is quite linear : short top spin with huge spin are OK, and with good technique you get very very fast shot at mid-distance. There is no spring feeling, and it does not feel hard. It can be used as a All-round play with many variations of rotation and speed, or for very agressive play if you engage more power on every shot. I mean it can cover a wide range of play style, but in 2.1mm. Do not purchase 1.9mm, it is too slow (maybe that is the reason for the overall low speed rate in REVSPIN)
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It's an amazing rubber I must say. Your control and spin will improve a lot if you were using tennergy 05 before like me. I'm using in the FH with Timo Boll ALC and even being a hard and fast blade this combination is killer. The grip is the best I ever tried so far and the sponge is really hard but somehow it doesn't feel hard when you hit softly. When you hit hard you can feel the hardness however the curve is really good to make the ball cross the net and touch the table. Comparing with Tennergy 05 the speed is not that different but Tennergy has way more catapult and this is where the control is affected and I assume that is why 09c gives you much better control. The downside is that you need much more effort to hit the ball for attacking and also need to brush the boll a bit better than you would do with Tennergy because there is little or no help from the sponge for it however after a bit of practice I got used and now I feel that is really difficult to play with Tennergy and very easy to play with 09c because of the control. The price is really high but it lasts way more than tennergy so I think it compensates for the higher price. Also planning to change my backhand to this rubber as after trying a little bit I felt a big improvement in my control however you need to have a good technique to hit good shots with BH which is not my strongest skill.
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Expensive, worth the money. Forehand play and lets you attack and attack more with accuracy. For serves is very punchy and returns can have lots of possibilities. Must take time to get use to its proper technique.
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For real! Play Nittaku Sieger PK 50 INSTEAD, INSANE! Better spin by far, the strokes are even and there is spin i never have experienced. A backhand loop is a kill in the nextcoming shot, the service are extreme*2 Not so sensitive to incomping spin. And you get 2 for the price of one., BUT, i had boght 1 onlyanyway if the price was good. And it is 44E for the best money can buy, Bougth a Yasaka Rakza Z which was also very good, but ended after playig 2 hours 5 days a week. The Nittaku? Does seem to just be taken out of the cover for gluing! Extreme anything. This is a whole new level of TT. People who have followed my recommendations have already stepped one or 2 level. Butterflly also good, but far far from The Deutsche Sieger!
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First impression of d09c was bad. I was really disapointed. Slow and high throw angel. I was not safe in my game and wanted to change. But I gave this rubber a chance and played a while...After the rubber was break in the beast was awaked. If you play with full power the ball will explode on the other side of the table. The feeling is like tenergy 05 hard but the spin is higher. Short game is good. Topspin on backspin very good. Serve has not so many spin cause of the hard rubber. Very Important Whenn you block you have to Close your Racket angel... Down side of this rubber the surface looks after one week already worn like a tacky chinese rubber. Butterfly has to do something on this point! It costs 80 euro!!! Overall a Very good weapon for offensiv aggressiv players who like to attack on thrid ball. UPDATE: After three months the kick effect is gone! Not worthy for that price!
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Update in the 7th row, 2nd update in 9th row (Im leaving the first impressions here to give you an idea of the "struggles" at the beginning). Using it on Yasaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon. Been using it for a month now and my game is improving rapidly. Price is insane im not arguing. As for features i'd say these: serve is good (not insanely good), serve return is quite easy, short game is good (not special), looping and smashing can be good if u put the effort (found it good for chopping as well, i wonder if defenders will change from T05 or not). This rubber shines when u use big swings and hit the ball really strong and fast (as opposed to Tenergy, where u get high amount of spin even with smaller moves). I think D09C is going to be a one-try for many players, its good if u already have it, but not gonna purchase another one. Update (2 months in): now i find it better than Tenergy05. Control is definitely higher, i think even the spin is higher (u can hit insane shots, even from heavy backspin), and the sponge is harder so if u can hit it harder u get more speed and power. Its very difficult to play againts. Good for both FH and BH. 2nd update: now I use it on both sides and i probably wont change neither for a long time. As I mentioned, blocks, serves, pushes (both short and long), service return are all better than other popular high end rubbers, looping is crazy, drives are consistent. 09C is quite insensitive to the incoming ball, therefore i would recommend it to low level players as well. Dignics' durability is just great )after the first few trainings the topsheet starts to look a bit different but thats not altering the rubber at all). I'd recommend the rubber to anyone now after 3 months, in the long run its going to step up everyones game i think.
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Hi table tennis lovers,
like to give you an idea how I play. FH and BH looping,close to the table. Former squad player and I player the german championship in my youth. then 12 years of break. i am back since two years. training 3-4 times a week.
I would say my technique is good and my arm swing is fast enough to handle that rubber, I be honest, if you are not timo boll or any other pro player i dont think youll having advantages with this rubber. Of course its super spinny and controllable especially over the table but the biggest con is its heaviness. Wooow! I was playing with it for two weeks and the weight effected my bh very badly cos the weight of the blade goes into the head. I tried it on viscaria and infinity, enjoyed it more on the visc. but still as I said its not for beginners or even amateurs. And then butterfly is asking 80, are you serious guys. My advice: Get a cheaper rubber and a training session with a proper coach, on the long run you will have more out of that. For me, i am happy i tried it and nothing more,...
back to my old set up. its better to land 10 out of 10 on the table instead of 4 direct winners... dont get distracted by the pros its the best, bla bla - they get money for it, maybe its the best for them. ask yourself , do you play as good as boll?
cheers guys !
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Got one second hand, nearly new from my coach and i'm loving it. It replaced the T05 on my forehand and the arc is clearly higher on D09C, however you really need to do a bit of extra effort to your stroke for that extra topspin. I feel that the serves land a bit shorter on the table with it and i also get a bit of more control out of it. I will admit, it's expensive, but you should like it once you give it a go
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Very good, but the 100 euro cost trade for a spin i can get in 1 Nittaku Sieger AND 1 Yasaka Rakza Z and not alot of gears, bad durabiity doesnt save this, even if i like the rubber. Go for Above mentioned rubbers if you want most spin in the world right now. I kid you not.
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9.6/10 for ALL style. FH: Nittaku H3 Pro Turbo Orange, 1.8mm, 55g (0.267g/cm^2), 45 degrees (Nittaku), 41 degrees (Shore A). BH: Butterfly Dignics 09c, 1.9mm, 53g (0.258g/cm^2), 44 degrees (Shore A). Blade: Stiga Allround Classic WRB, 65g, 158mm x 151mm x 5.3mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Hollow handle. Plies: 5 (Wood): Limba - Ayous - Ayous - Ayous - Limba.
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Use 2,1 mm black on FH with Yasaka Ma Lin carbon ch. pen. Compared with unboosted DHS H3 Neo provincial blue spong 40 degree: H3 is better for me in overall - better spin in serves, better control and spin in short game, equal or slightly more spin when you loop. Drive and weak hit are faster with dignics 09c but if you hit hard, H3 will provide more speed. So not many gears in 09c. Block is easier with H3 (traditional penhold backhand block). D09c has a very high throw angle, for me it is too high, it takes a lot of time to adjust your technic. For me, flat hit is very difficult with D09c, however counterloop is very good and easy. Of course, i know nothing about D09c durability, but I use D80 on the BH side and H3 has much better durability compared to D80.
To sum up: I prefer tacky chinese rubber on Fh side. Maybe it's because of my playing style or I don't know, but I don't feel any special in D09c. And another thing: after 7 months of use, i put my racket on the ball and I can still lift it from the table with H3. With 09c, you can't do it even if it's new. So it has a little tackiness but in my opinion, it's not a real "hybrid" rubber with tacky surface.
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Rubber is a little bit tacky, easy to block and do drop-shots. Very good spinny rubber. I have this at forehand in both Timo Boll ALC and Zhang Jike ALC blades. The rubber behaves a bit differently on these. ZJ Alc is more direct and TB Alc is a bit safer to hit the ball. I like this rubber a lot, but bare in mind that I have only 5 hours practice so far..
Update. 2 months practice now. Price is really high, even unbearable. Serves are very spinny, Currently Zhang Jike in use, TB arc is way too high.
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I`m falling in love with this rubber. Its change my playing style a lot. Very spinny rubber. I use it on FH and this rubber perfect for backhand too. The only problem is the weight. I'm penholder and use stiga mantra on BH. My blade weight now is 195 gram with rubber. I hope butterfly can make it more lightweight so i can use it for my BH too.

Update: after 2 month, it become very hard to play. You need to buy new one to get that "feeling". This is not worth for money. Just buy donic m2, you'll get similar feeling
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