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Butterfly Tenergy 80

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TENERGY: Ideal Balance between Spin and Speed

• Tenergy 80 is the ideal balance between spin and speed
• Even faster than Tenergy 05 and offering the same speed as Tenergy 25
• Tenergy 80 enables all-round topspin play, attack and counterattack regardless of your playing style
• Several top players have already made the switch to Tenergy 80
• Tenergy Family Rubbers, realize your more!

Class: Super Speed
Surface: Inverted
Style: High Tension Pimples-in Rubber

Speed: 132.5
Spin: 112.5
Hardness: 36

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Reviews of Butterfly Tenergy 80 (75)

This rubber is like, right between 05 and 64 good speed and good spin and good control good "whatever you can think about", not being excelsior in amything is also its problem. Plus it is quite fragile BUT if you are confident in using it carefully then this rubbers is actually perfect lol. It has everything and control but just doesnt have a domain it excels in.
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one of the best backhand rubber i've used
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9.4/10 for OFF style. FH: Butterfly Dignics 80, 2.1mm, 47g (0.23g/cm^2), 40 degrees (Shore A). BH: Butterfly Tenergy 80, 2.1mm, 47g (0.23g/cm^2), 36 degrees (Shore A). Blade: Donic Waldner OFF World Champion 89, 85g, 157mm x 150mm x 6.9mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 7 (5 Wood + 2 Composite): Spruce - Spruce - ZLC - Kiri - ZLC - Spruce - Spruce.
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Vborn guma, vborn kontrola, snadn hrt BH/FH.
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Blade: Butterfly Viscaria
FH : Hurricane 3 Neo 41 degree 2.2mm
BH: Tenergy 80 2.1mm

So Ive been using the Tenergy 80 for a few months now, which was a transition from the Tenergy 05.

Tenergy 80 is faster than the 05, this is noticeable close to the table and at mid distance . The ball shoots off the blade quicker, and the trajectory is more linear. The spin is a little less than the 05 , which is especially noticeable for slower loops close to the table . Away from the table, the difference is less noticeable.

This rubber is excellent on the backhand , especially for backhand flicks & topspins. Because of the straighter trajectory, over the table the BH shots have an almost punching-like effect that makes it difficult to be returned. When the rubber is fully engaged, it gives a responsive clicky sound which I liked .

One contention I had with the Tenergy 05 was that lifting backspin was difficult especially close to the net because of the high throw angle, which meant you had to keep the angle closed. The result is a small margin for error where you have to both lift the backspin by brushing up , but keep the angle closed. With the Tenergy 80 , it is easier to lift backspin imo with the lower throw angle and it feels less responsive to spin in general .
The transition from 05 to 80 felt very natural , its like the 05 but easier to use, less sensitive to spin, with a little more speed and a little less spin on slow brushing strokes. It doesnt have the signature catapult effect of the 05, so the sudden-ness is lost. Instead it has a more balanced speed throughout.

Overall very satisfied with Tenergy 80 for the BH . Only contention is I wish it had a tad more spin . Might try the Dignics 05 in the future, but currently very satisfied!
If you have any questions, feel free to ask . Cheers!

Speed: MX-P > Tenergy 80 > Tenergy 05 > H3 Provincial > H3 Neo = H8 Hard

Spin: H8 Hard > H3 Provincial > H3 Neo > Tenergy 05 > Tenergy 80 > MX-P
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