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22 Reviews for Butterfly Tenergy 80-FX

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Tried this rubber for about 6 months but I could not used to the soft sponge. I could compare tenergy 80 to this FX version cause that was what I was using at my FH at that time. I wrote my review at the tenergy 80 so I would refer to that. For my playstyle that rubber was way better then the FC version.
The FX is still fast and short game is good but i found less control in it then the regular one cause the ball digs in the sponge far easier. The catapult effect of tenergy gets engaged with it easier aswell which for me lead to balls sailing over the table. I found that control on regular tenergy 80 was far more consistent.
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Rubber started Chipping after 5 Games so far.
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9.3/10 for OFF style. FH: TSP Ventus Spin, 2.2mm, 45g (0.221g/cm^2), 40 degrees (ESN), 33.5 degrees (Shore A). BH: Butterfly Tenergy 80 FX, 2.1mm, 45g (0.221g/cm^2), 32 degrees (Shore A). Blade: Andro Treiber Z, 88g, 157mm x 150mm x 6.7mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 7 (5 Wood + 2 Composite): Hinoki - ZLC - Ayous - Kiri - Ayous - ZLC - Hinoki.
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Ratings for 2.1mm. A bit lighter than 05FX, kind of similar.
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Speed: low (8.6).
Spin: low (8.8).
Control: average (9.1).
Tackiness: slightly tacky (2).
Weight: average (44g, 0.216g/cm^2).
Sponge hardness: medium (45/32).
Top sheet hardness: medium hard (54/41).
Gears: average (4).
Throw: medium high (6).
Consistency: always identical (8).
Durability: average durability (4).
Top sheet thickness: average (1.6mm).
Surface thickness: average (0.7mm).
Pip length: medium (0.9mm).
Pip width: average (1.7mm).
Pip spacing: average (0.7mm).
Overall: average (8.9).
Value: expensive (3).

Lacks speed and spin for offensive play because it's soft. Harder Tenergy sponges are better for looping game.
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Tenergy 80 FX is a rubber a little lacking in speed and spin when compared to other modern rubbers but has very good control. When I first tried it on my backhand I did not like it at all as passive hits came out far too weak and stronger hits tended to go too long. However after trying it again and adjusting my footwork and technique (circular looping stroke), I found it to be very reliable. Where it excels is in the block but I could also solidly flick and power loop after getting used to it but I wouldn't say it does either of these very well.

This rubber has fewer gears than T80 and has significantly less spin and speed. I would only play this on a hard 7-ply blade as it comes out very mushy on a 5-ply all wood. I feel like T80 FX serves a different purpose in being deliberately weaker but slightly less demanding than its siblings. It is a "jack of all trades but master of none" so it works well for people who aren't sure what they are looking for in a backhand rubber and acts as the gateway to the Tenergy series as it is the easiest one to transition into. However if you can help it, I'd recommend sticking to Sriver or Mark V until you are truly ready for one of the 'real' Tenergy rubbers.

An uncut sheet weighs 65g and cut (normal sized Stiga head) is 43g.
I played with this on a 7-ply Carbon (5+2) blade - Stiga Super Carbon WRB.
My playstyle is backhand dominated two-winged shakehand looper.
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I use T80FX on FH and T80 on BH with sardius. This is good for me.
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Muito bom.
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Great Rubber, good speed and control. Made looping underspin much easier.
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Awesome control and durability...
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Good rubber, but it's pointless just get the Tenergy 80.
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Good Rubber for BH. Nothing special btw.
Ok for mid-range game, it requires high sensibility for short game. Good for block, and active block. Not very spinny. FX for more control.
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Better for playing away from the table due to it's speed, to be able to control this rubber ou must already have a proper technique.

The sponge is not very soft, and the edges breaks without being hit
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Still playing with this rubber, it's now been about a month that I got it and Im using it on my FH now. It was too bouncy on my BH while returning spin serves.
So here's fast, it's spiny although there's no real grippy feeling, and it has very poor potential to loop on heavy underspin.
This is the point where it's ruining my games strongest point....I've been loosing all my points while trying to open loops on heavy underspin, even after using a complete stroke and following thru all the way...just can't work it.
My older rubbers, mark V, t05 did a splendid job at that.
Very frustrated not being able to pull this off as the throw angle gets too low only during this shot.

In all other aspects the rubber delivers as per the stroke.
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I use T80FX on FH and T80 on BH with innerforce zlf blade. The T80fx is great for Topspin and loops. I find it a little bouncy though and a bit sensitive to incoming spin. Overall great all round Tenergy rubber
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Love to play usong this rubber because it always consistence...block...chop...flick...smash...loop....just name it...just love this rubber...
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More speed than T05FX without bounciness.
Heavy rubber (like old Tenergyes) for good shape players.
Perfect BH (OFF carbon) rubber for me.
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Perfect rubber.
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I do not like this compared to the other Tenergy's. Used this on BH. Very good spin and speed. Throw is medium. Feel a bit mushy on BTY TBS. T05FX much better for looping, blocks, short game on BH. Don't know why BTY thought they needed to make this version of Tenergy. Update: Very good on OFF- blades 2.1 thickness for FH. More allround in performance and is comfortable for more shot selection. On a flexible blade this rubber has a bit higher arc for loops and drives. A blade dependent rubber. A good choice for first time Tenergy user.
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Me: modern defense with feint long 3 long pips on the BH and inverted rubber on the FH on butterfly def 3. FH is for offense, not chopping.

I speculate butterfly made this rubber because the common saying "beginners should not use tenergy" hurts their sales.

Well, I am very confident this is suitable for a beginner. By beginner I mean one knows all the basic strokes and when to use them, and plans to learn the advanced ones.

This rubber makes difficult shots easy. To date, I can execute the ghost serve the easiest with this rubber, even compared to the sticky Chinese rubbers I used to use. The spin is almost as good as the Chinese rubbers, but the control is higher. It's easy to return serve short and set up a fourth ball attack. Lifting backspin is very easy even when not using the entire body in the stroke. This rubber is insensitive to incoming spin. I don't recall having any problems flicking the ball either.

These were my experiences after 3 or 4 sessions with this rubber. However, I subsequently took it off and replaced it with tenergy 05, with which I am much happier.

The throw angle in the 80fx is low. Also, generating deadly spin on loops takes a lot of effort. I'm used to varying the spin by striking the ball at varying distances from the equator of the ball. Doing this with the 80fx sent balls off the table. A very deliberate brush at the desired speed is needed. Unlike other modern rubbers, speed and spin are very linear. There isn't any "magic arc" as the 05 or "pop forward" like other spring sponges. Don't get me wrong, I could vary the topspin enough to mess with people, but it takes a lot of stroke to do it.

Speed is medium, with a lot of gears. Most of the players at my club are offensive ones, and in forehand rallies, I didn't feel outgunned speed-wise.

Overall, it's a quality rubber. It will help some peoples' game, but others less so. The tenergy 05 is unquestionably faster and spinnier so I'm sticking with 05.
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unlike what the company says, it has much higher spin than power, but you can still generate a ton of speed for fast shots. This rubber is perfect for anyone who is an average player looking to up there game.
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Got it in 2,1red as a replacement for tenergy 05fx in 1,9.Very good rubber,has same control as the 1,9 05 fx despite being thicker,it adds nothing more except the control.Same throw,same gears,nothing spectacular but its among the best bh rubbers.Pairs perfectly with the 80
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