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Reviews for Stiga Airoc M (9)

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Speed is poor. For BH only now!
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The STIGA AIROC M is a good rubber...I've been using it from a month now.... I use it as a backhand rubber on the ply TIBHAR STRATUS POWER WOOD. The rubber gives a good spin and has good control. But the speed has disappointed me! So it is a major problem! I recommend this rubber for forehand as it gives a LOT OF SPIN when you hit topspin. The ball doesn't slip when you hit topspin. So overall I think AIROC M is a good rubber!! I use DONIC DESTO F4 as my forehand rubber and this is a good combination with STIGA AIROC M!
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It is a very good rubber for BH not good for backhand.
I would rather choose the airoc astro series.
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(used in 1.7mm on FH, Allround blade)

This rubber generates very good topspin from small-moves FH topspin/sidespin blocks; is also very good in counterhits and direct hits (quite fast, and it feels like hitting with a brick). My technique for loops and pushes is rather weak and the results are mixed. Lower throw than Xiom Vega Europe.

Heavy, I estimate it at 48g glued, and the most sensitive to incoming spin among my rubbers. Given these and the price, I don't intend to buy it again.
Maybe for my son once he starts beating me consistently; but then will likely pay extra and get him Tenergy. Also, at 1.7mm after three months of use, I started to hit with the wood on the more direct hits, and don't like the feeling.
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i have been playing with the airoc m for about a week now on the darker 5p and for me i like it. i was looking for a rubber to make the 5p more consistent and this is brilliant its a bit bouncy though but still has reasonable spin and doesnt slip on brush loops. i dont think this is good for backhand. i would highly recommend this for forehand but take into consideration blade
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Was pretty average for high end inverted.
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Stiga have definitely produced a high quality rubber which can produce a high level of spin with the plastic ball. The oxygen capsule system has allowed them to combine the properties of softer sponges into a more medium firm sponge. The result is a rubber which achieves longer dwell time, great spin and arc as well as superb control. While the rubber could be improved by adding a bit more power, the Airoc M is well suited for close and mid-range attackers and spin-control type players. The rubber has a higher throw angle and you can loop high arc balls with a strong margin of safety against both topspin and underspin.

This rubber is definitely great for those who are struggling to generate spin with the new ball and those who preferred softer rubbers with the celluloid ball but are now looking for something a bit firmer but with similar properties.

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This rubber kinda disappointed me. Love Stiga Calibras Series, espscially the Tour M. I've tried this rubber on same blade (innerforce AL) with a Tour M on the overside

Airoc is clearly slower that Tour M, Airoc M don't have the insane speed of Calibras LT&Tour. Spin is good, first top spin is really easy. But this rubbers doesn't provide as much power as calibras. Its still a predictable rubber, very linear but clearly lacking the top speed of Calibras.

I commend this rubber on stiff blades like Stiga Emerald VPS.

Also, the durability isn't as great as the Tour M, the topsheet shows signs of degradation quite fast, after 20 hours of training is already looks "used", but it is still "above average".
Just like Tenergies, the rubber remains grippy a long time but the speed is dropping dramatically after 4 weeks maximum.

Tested booster on it to gave it a second life but booster looks like doesn't working on it......I wonder why.
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Fantastic Rubber! Using it with my Backhand on my Stiga Hybrid Wood NCT Blade. Amazing Feel, Many Gears, and awesome Control. My favorite Rubber!
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