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Butterfly Innerforce Layer ALC

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Well-Balanced Model With Bounce And Usability

The Arylate Carbon fibers are located closer to the core which leads to a softer touch and stunning feel.

Arylate-Carbon fibers dampen vibration and allow for dynamic play and precise placement.

Class: OFF
Style: Attack
Plies: 5W+2ALC
Thickness: 6mm
Made in: Japan

Head Size: 157x150mm
Anatomic Handle Size:100x25mm
Flared Handle Size: 100x25mm
Straight Handle Size: 100x23mm

Weight: 85g
Reaction: 107
Vibration: 94

FAQ: Does Megaspin sell Japan-made Butterfly blades?

Some Butterfly blades like Korbel and Grubba are produced in factories both in Europe and in Japan, so they exist in 2 variants. When a Japanese blade has a Europe-made version, we always carry the Japanese variant. Other blades like Butterfly Timo Boll Offensive are only made in China so we cannot carry a Japanese variant of these blades.

FAQ: Do Butterfly blades come pre-sealed?

All Butterfly blades come pre-sealed from the factory. There is no need to add blade sealing but you may if you require additional protection.

Butterfly Blade Comparison Chart (updated April 2024)

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Blade Weight Variations  - Actual blade weight may vary by up to 8g.

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Reviews of Butterfly Innerforce Layer ALC (29)

I have been using Timo Ball ALC for a few years. It found TB very fast but the control is really difficult. It's hard for me to receive serves, and it is very powerful so much that I made a lot of errors in attack.
I bought this Innerforce two weeks ago with exactly the same rubber that I used before - 09C - for both FH and BH.
My BH game was immediately improved a great deal. My partner said this blade had done wonders to my BH game. It's hard to describe. I just hit BH with much more confident and higher success rate.
In a game, I can play really effectively close to the table, and my receive, push and block all improved. The feel of the racket is very close to my previous wood racket, and it's noticeably more power than Nittaku Violin. For my FH, I found that I need to open the racket just slightly compared to TB. It's a very easy transition (3-4 practices), and it's better since when you open the racket, it's less likely that you will hit the edge of the racket or miss.

Overall, althouth I only used it for a couple of weeks, my game improvement is noticeable. I wish I had switched long time ago. This racket is for those who like wood rackets, and who can't handle the speed and power of carbon rackets like TB. What's the point of using a powerful racket if you cannot even put the ball on the table. This racket will be my main racket from now on.
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This is my first review ever. But once I got this blade and played a few practice sessions with it, I really wanted to share my unforgettable experience. In general: it's just a pure magic for my play style. My Innerforce Layer ALC comes 89g weight. Perfect FL handle for my pretty small hand. I use Xiom Vega Pro for FH and Donic Acuda S2 for BH. Before this purchase, I was playing Xiom Ice Cream AZX and I constantly lacked ball feel and didn't like the "glassy" feeling. So now I feel like I've found what I've been looking for: very good touch, great dwell (compared to any outer carbon blade), monster spinny slow open ups. Also you are able to make active blocking with a huge control. Overall speed on fast top spins slightly slower than Viscaria, but with better control and ball placement. The only drawback I've noticed: it takes really more effort to make "through-ball" style winner shot. Overall summary: it's not a cheap blade, but I'm confident I spent the money with 101% return and usefulness.
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Innerforce layer ALC,2023,5,95mm ,Fl handle,90gr,paired with vega x max fh,hexer duro 1.9 bh...

A great combination, for close to medium distances from the table, for soft rotations as well as for stronger shots...highly recommended.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

One of the thicker btfly woods. Due to the inner layers, it feels softer, but it is quite stiff and stable. It can be controlled very well, and it is fast enough for attacking play. A little faster than the Apolonia ZLC and softer. Highly recommended for varied attacking play. Harder covers work well on it. One of the best woods I've ever played with. My backhand cover is dignics 09c.
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This is a masterpiece from Butterfly, a real beast at the table! It was a complete refreshment after my Korbel SK7.

Speed; This blade has a really good speed and power in it both close and away from the table. Some people were complaining about being slow or not quick enough away from the table. This is definitely not true or they were playing with a slower rubber. Smashes, flat hits and all kind of strokes requiring good speed all are possible with this blade. Powerful hits really activate the carbon layers, providing an extra boost to your ball.
Spin; Due the flexibility of this blade it offers you a good dwell time to impart spin on the ball.
Control; It really has the bigger sweet spot the ALC offers you making it a more than controlled blade. It has a good margin for error and great stability. It maintains that woody feel which helps and boosts your confidence in using both offensive and defensive strokes.
Feel; It has little vibration and great feel. I personally like a little vibration in my blade, this one just edges out the right balance between the great feedback and complete mute feel. It possesses a great and pleasant soft feel because of the limba outer layer.

To sum it up, I don't think I will ever try another blade in the next few years, this blade is just really well balanced in every aspects. If you want great speed with great control and high spin potential, you go for this blade. On a side note, I recommend you having a medium hard or hard rubbers to have all the energy and potential the blade gives you. Too soft rubbers might give different results than previously explained.
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