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Butterfly Glayzer 09C

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Butterfly Glayzer vs Glayzer 09C

High-Performance Rubber Combining Friction And Bounce

Grey Spring Sponge X is applied to Glayzer 09C. Strokes with a stable trajectory are made possible, while combining powerful heavy spin with ease of over-the-table techniques at a high level. It is thanks to the combination of a friction top sheet that provides the High Tension effect and Spring Sponge X with a hardness at 42 degrees. The rubber provides players of wider ranging standards the pleasure of executing top spin strokes with heavy spin, unique to a friction High Tension rubber, as well as decisive counter-attacking play on the table.

Speed: 75
Spin: 87
Arc: 95
Hardness: 42

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Reviews of Butterfly Glayzer 09C (15)

Started playing with a semi-pro racket about a year ago after using recreational rackets till then. My first ever racket had Glayzer 09c in the FH and Tackiness Drive in the BH (wasn't the best combo for me). However, i fell in love with this rubber and switched to using it on both sides. Great rubber for early players learning how to control and spin the ball, with enough speed to get you used to a quicker paced game. Very consistent in play and will allow just about anyone to get used to using it. :))
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Amazing forehand , easy to drive. Speed is 75% of Yasaka Rakza 9
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I have been played it for more than 6 months. Paring with Butterfly Sardius is the perfect match. Forehand or backhand is really awesome. Same thing for block, the ball is always stayed on the table. Flick is also really good. It's not fast but when paring with Sardius is really suitable.
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Glayzer O9C The top sheet with identical technology to that which is used in the Dignics 09C you can read butterfly homepage here I use Glayzer O9C both in BH and FH, my bat is DONIC Original True Carbon Inner. Glayzer O9C is very similar to Hurricane 3 neo, less sticky and faster. At the beginning,
the throw angle was surprisingly high after adjustment and it has lots of spin when you top spin, of course you have to have good technique like the Chinese have, then the Glayzer O9C will be deadly. In the serve you can generate a lot of spin and where this rubber shines most is on the receive. It is very easy to touch the ball short due to the stickiness and at the same time the rubber has enough power to perform forehand flicks. many people say Glayzer O9C is very slow but it is faster in I expected.
If you don't top spin that much, Glayzer O9C is not for you but if you start using Glayzer O9C and start to develop it top spin you can develop quickly but then you have to learn the Chinese technique or is very similar to the Chinese technique because out of it best Glayzee O9C.

Ps I would assume a sponge hardness of approx. 50-52 EUR. Officially, the hardness level is 42 JPN.
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Not compared with a Dignics 09C (which I will never buy) this Gleyzer 09C (in 1.9)is a pretty good rubber if used on a j-pen Tamca 5000 or any similar fast blade. The combination is actually very fast. The high throw angle and the medium speed produce a good match with the blade. The extra speed resulting of the combination will force extra careful shots but, in the end, you will be compensated with good results. Very good spin and speed with controllable offense game. Services can have as much spin you put on them . Top spins and loops are effective. Slow loops are possible. Pushing and chopping at the table are good. Passive blocks are not easy (for the speed) but faster blocks are manageable. Long curvy loops are especially dangerous. In summary, depends on your abilities and style you will be able to play a spinney fast game with this combination. It's NOT a bad rubber. Like any other rubber depends ultimately on the blade and the player.
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