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Butterfly Glayzer 09C

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Butterfly Glayzer vs Glayzer 09C

High-Performance Rubber Combining Friction And Bounce

Grey Spring Sponge X is applied to Glayzer 09C. Strokes with a stable trajectory are made possible, while combining powerful heavy spin with ease of over-the-table techniques at a high level. It is thanks to the combination of a friction top sheet that provides the High Tension effect and Spring Sponge X with a hardness at 42 degrees. The rubber provides players of wider ranging standards the pleasure of executing top spin strokes with heavy spin, unique to a friction High Tension rubber, as well as decisive counter-attacking play on the table.

Speed: 75
Spin: 87
Arc: 95
Hardness: 42

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Reviews of Butterfly Glayzer 09C (9)

Have just tried it on the Lin Gaoyuan in 2,1 with D80 1,9 on the other side. One layer Kailin + one layer Falko long on both. My normal rubbers are Hurricane 3 Nat BS 40 and D05, so I got used to boostering all the new sheets. Have been playing a D09c as well for more than a year. Decided to leave a comment bcs of totally different impression comparing to most of the comments here. I don't know what are you guys complaining of, it's a really good rubber, especially for those who bothered by controlling bouncy tensors but don't have enough footwork, heaps twisting movement and legs-body-hand synchronization for using typical Chinese tacky rubbers. First of I don't think D09c is whatsoever similar to Hurricane 3 Nat, in my opinion it bears much more resemblance to Friendship Battle II Gold, particularly in terms of feeling and arc. G09c has actually higher arc than both of them, comparable with H3Nat, and it helps a lot on opening up looping. Yes, it's not that speedy but has a lot of spin and is absolutely controllable in terms of length unlike that of from D09c which tends to go long. Controllability is what allows G09c to shine at forehand countertopspinning close to the table. In this department it's much more close to H3Nat than D09c. It's a bit bouncy on the table if you just push or try to make a dead ball by tossing coming backspin up but if you make a sharp swing under that ball your long push turns into deadly counterbackspin. And finally. It's just as good as D80 on blocking, smashing and flat hitting. So, safe opening up looping, strong backspin long pushing, blocking, smashing and flat hitting. Do you recognize what kind of playing we're talking about? Yeah, it's actually a typical amateur game style. And additionally you get reliable close to the table countertopspinning. Just for growing on.
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I have it since two months in 2.1mm. I tested it for both my forehand and backhand with a Ma Long Extra Offensive Blade, but it's too slow for my forehand. However for my backhand it's perfect, top spin on chop balls is verry easy, i can use a lot of force and it always go on the table. Same thing for block, it always stay on the table. It's not the fastest rubber but it feel verry secure. I recently reglued and stretch-it a little bit more and it gave me the perfect speed, a lot of control and verry low spin-sensitivity. On top spin i can really feel the rubber tackiness gripping the ball, and on flat punch the now stretched sponge give me good catapult effect.
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This rubber is too slow for backhand, and not quite hard or powerful enough for forehand.

It's kind of like a softer, slower, less tacky Hurricane 3. I feel the rubber needs some booster, otherwise it is just too slow. With booster, it is fast enough on 90% of regular match shots. But on the hardest topend power shots, it can't reach the same power as harder rubbers like H3 40 or Dignics 09c.

Not a total failure, but far from a success.
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A friend kindly made this rubber available to me to test! ( - THANKS, Chris! ;)) I compared this rubber with my Dignics 09 C for half an hour on my (stiff, fast) Stuor Nobilis ZLC Hinoki. (both in 1.9 mm) - and I think that this rubber is currently completely undervalued !!! Compared to the Dignics 09 c, the speed and rotation are lower. ... like the throw angle. Due to the lower hardness of the Glayzer, I have the impression that it has more catapult! ... which was also confirmed for me in the short game. Conclusion: this rubber is unfortunately not "the hoped-for high-flyer" and "low-budget dignics", it's more of an own development a bit removed from Dignics 09c. - but he will definitely make some friends!
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I'm playing with this rubber on my forehand on Butterfly Innerforce ALC.S blade for about 3 weeks already, here is my feelings so far. ~1200TTR German rating.
- a lot of control on blocks
- hitting balls is easy (aggressive block)
- need to generate a lot of power in order to give some spin for top spins, especially for first one.
- low arc, after Donic Bluestorm Z2 I hit top of net very often (need to adjust my technique)

Rubber positioned as for amateurs and cheaper alternative of Tenergy and Dignics, but unfortunately force you to put a lot of energy and focus to make less mistakes. I believe there are better offers on the market for my level (only started to work on proper technique), with similar or cheaper price.
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