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6 Reviews for Butterfly Glayzer

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This fine rubber has a superb grey sponge with a near flawless top sheet. I believe this rubber was made for those that feel Tenergy's are to expensive and a bit harder to play with. Very much like Yasaka Rakza 7 which in itself is a fine do all offensive rubber. Glayzer has very good directional stability with good spin and very good speed. Throw angle is one notch above medium. Speed is excellent and the feel on impact is a cross between Euro and Chinese rubbers with a denser sponge. Short game is nice with good control. This rubber will delight many players in the mid level for it's allround performance and none extreme price. A fine rubber from Butterfly that should be available for years to come.
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Butterfly Glayzer ?
This is for those who prefer softer rubbers than Chinese or Hybrid rubbers.
Its a medium-hard rubber, with the spring sponge X technology at around 48 degrees. In my opinion, it packs more spin than the Glayzer 09c. ?
It has a softer feel than the Dignics 05 but it feels harder than the Butterfly Tenergy 05.
It has a grippy top sheet making it pretty consistent with looping and spinning but it does not really stand out when compared with the other rubbers.
I will say, for its price though, its really good.

I would recommend it over the tenergy series.
If you used to use T64 or T05 you might want to give the Glayzer a try.

Let me know what you guys think about the Glayzer.

Check out my socials on tiktok and facebook page: @coachcrisostomo
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It is a rubber similar to xiom vega pro in appearance, hardness, speed, throwing angle, durability, but better in ball grip and consistency
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Very sensitive rubber. Ball will go flying if not paying attention to angle but it is also very spinny at low effort
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I have been playing with this rubber for several months now and I find it fantastic! I use it on my backhand on a nittaku acoustic in thickness 2.1 and I find it to have very good speed, spin and control. Very good for banana flick because it has good grip. My playing style is close to the table counterattack (something like Harimoto) so I can't really comment how it preforms far away from the table but I assume it is also very good in that aspect. Another great benefit of this rubber is that it is very durable, after a few months of play I haven't noticed any decrease of playing characteristics. Price is also good altough I think there might be rubbers with the same quality for an even netter price on the market but I really recommend it for anyone that doesn't want to spend tons of money on a dignics for example but still want to get great value for money! Cheers and keep enjoying table tennis!
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Mieux que mon prcdent rozena, ayant l'habitude de rentrer dans la balle en revers j'ai de meilleures balles avec en top, prend plus la rotation adverse car en met plus et en bloque plus ferm que le rozena car rejet haut mais sensation incroyable, diffrentes de rozena mais pas infrieur en sensation, bien meilleure que rozena en demarage et en top plus de courbe et de rotation pour une vitesse qui est casiment identique, je ne vois pas de diffrence entre les deux
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