Butterfly Amultart ZLC

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The Amultart ZL Carbon is a hybrid of Butterfly’s industry leading Carbon Technology with our new ZL fiber. The resulting blade has great speed, but holds the ball a little longer than the normal carbon fiber making the production of heavy topspin easier.
The ZL Carbon has the highest ratio of control to speed of any Carbon Blade.

The ZL Carbon is an uncompromising blade for the high speed of the modern game.

Speed: 102
Control: 76
Weight: 84 g
Ply: 3 + 2

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Reviews of Butterfly Amultart ZLC (35)

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 External Review on June 18, 2015
Replaced it with my BTF Primorac blade for more speedy looping and mashing. Definitely a fast/controllable blade for advanced players. This is my 3 rd day to play with it. I put the Adidas P7 on both BH/FH to give more control and best spin serving.... Love it ... The forehand and backhand loops are tremendously fast :) as well as mashing when needed !
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 External Review on March 24, 2015
I posted a review here:
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 External Review on October 22, 2014
This blade sure FAST , for me REALLY FAST. to better control i put soft rubber , i put donic blue fire M3 on FL , and stiga calibra Tour S in BH , I definitely love this blade !
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 External Review on June 14, 2014
surprisingly with this speed it has a decent control. I had tenergy 05 and tenergy 80 on FH and BH. No doubt this is for advanced players
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 External Review on May 16, 2014
A great blade. The same handsome Japanese manufactoring. Fantastic feeling, amazing on the block and smashing, hard looping. I'm tryng with Tnrgy 05 fh and 25 bh. Wow!
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Review by wickedyeti on November 20, 2013
I am comparing this blade to the Kreanga Carbon, Yasaka Synergy, and several intro level paddles I've owned in the past. This is definitely my favorite. I have used it with bryce rubber, bryce fx, and cermet rubber in the past and it's been good but right now I'm using it with Sriver G3 FX on FH and Sriver FX on backhand. With this I'm able to hit very consistently with a bit better feel as compared to the Kreanga Carbon. It is also lighter than the KC but does not get the vibration issues that my Yasaka Synergy or cheaper paddles had. I am approx 1250-1300 rated and I hope to eventually have a solid loop with this. Right now my primarily block, counter-drive, and push based game is very easy to execute with this blade. If you're careful with your paddles then I'd highly recommend putting the money down on a nice paddle. I feel like I've gotten more value out of the rubber that I would have been purchasing anyways.
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 External Review on June 1, 2013
I'm a returning TT player. Played regularly 15yrs ago, now have been playing about 6 hrs /week for 3 months. When people say this blade only for advance player, i can safely say they dont know what they talking about or it's just too fast (can't control the blade). My game is mostly pushes, blocks, and plays spin game but occasionally counterloop or smash when opportunity arise. All I'm saying is this blade can do short game just good as other blades, not to mention gears for back table speed monster. I beat a friend who usually tough to beat. That really sums it up really.
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 External Review on March 13, 2013
This blade is sure FAST! I mean it, REALLY FAST. But it can be played down up to the "ALL" level. If you have the control in your own hands and doesn't rely on the control a blade offers, you'll definitely love this blade! You can go Wang Liqin with power packed top spins, or joo se hyuk with thriller chops, fine, you can manage with this blade!! Some says it "chooses" right rubbers to play it well, but NO, it is a variable blade. It can be played from all- - off+++. Put euro rubbers, and you'll get the hell of spin out of it. Put chinese rubbers, and you're ready to make the ball rush in 5th gear, provided you can control it. Got mine previously paired up with hurricane 3 neo nat'l blue sponge (FH) and a donic coppa JO platin (BH), and I dominated many well respected players in our club. Anw, presently I'm fond of using my H-WL !
with H3neoBS (fh) and BTY sapphira (bh), my amultart is currently teamed up with yasaka Xtend HS (BH) and JO platin (FH) (I'm thinking of switching to H3 or Globe national.) If you have the dimes, Go for it!
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 External Review on March 3, 2013
good blade for direct offensive play, with low dwell time. not for loopers depending on variations in their loops. All in all a good blade but difficult to control. also quality diminishes over a period of time.
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 External Review on February 26, 2013
My personal rate:
Speed: 9.6
Control: 8.5

This was my first blade, Fast, decent control, moderate dwell time, pair it with 2.0 or lower for better control
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