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44 Reviews for Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC

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Very fast and stiff blade, little bouncy, but laser accurate, as almost all super zlc blades, low throw, control is not that great, sound is nice, large sweet spot, overall great blade for players with high level of skill, mine is 88 grams, I was told it is the lightest from german butterfly factory heh
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This blade has no speed limit. The more power you have, the faster it is. On passive blocks it behaves like one long pips. The ball momentarily stops in midair and shocks the opponent. This is because it has too many gears. Active blocks and everything is perfect. Forhand Stiga dna platinum xh max. and bh Nittaku Hammond Z2 max. I use.
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Speed 10/10 , control 10/10 , overall 10/10 !!! The fastest blade I have tried so far! Much much faster than DHS Ma Long 5. I tried them with the same rubbers so I can compare. A lot of power with this blade but with marvelous control! This blade is magic!
Looping is easy if you are pro, if not then looping is little bit harder than with wooden blades because it is stiff and hard like all carbon blades. You can't feel the ball with carbon blades. If you are beginner you need that feeling, if you are pro you just don't care.
You don't have to weight it because it is not head heavy. It has perfect balance and perfect handle!
Just pair it with t05 and DHS H3Neo and you will be happy.
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If you lack power significantly in your game, you can play this blade. It will boost your shot quality and the large sweetspot enables you to hit the ball anywhere you like with precision and consistency. Any flicks are lethal with this blade and short touch is awesome too. However, there is a power limit to this blade and doesn't favor players with big stroke and strength.
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Looping was amazing(using h3 blue sponge 41)against all types of spin but coming coming from a fang bo carbon it felt a bit slower but the shot quality increased a lot. Backhand blocks and flicks felt controlled and the blade had quite good dwell for a super zlc blade. The blades biggest strengths are counter attack mid to far away to the table, looping close to the table against backspin with ease and provided a nice feeling when serving. Heavy spin loops were with ease.
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Excellent paddle. Well worth the price.
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This is a fast, premium blade from Butterfly. If you want to win with fast blocks and punches then this blade is for you. Punish those slightly high balls. Banana flick any service with speed sending your opponent to various corners. Too broke to afford it? Don't worry. There are cheaper products that can do the trick: Butterfly Timo Boll ZLC or Xiom Hayabusa ZXi are good choices for this task also. Still too expensive? Then try Donic Persson Carbotec for $50. If it breaks you can buy 7 more of them for the price of 1 Zhang J.K. Super ZLC. So is it worth it? From a pure playing point of view: no. But if you like using the most successful brand in table tennis with an Olympic champion's name on your blade then yes. I played with this blade and I got nothing against it, but let's get real: control of an offensive blade is not above 9 by definition. Don't fool yourself. Unless you have the footwork and talent of Lin Yun-Ju this blade may not be for you.
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The best blade i have tried. i use zjk Alc, Ma long x 5, xiom hugo calderano sal, but this one produce a really good feeling. the quality of the wood is unbelievable, and i produce a lot of spin. it s the gem of table tennis blades. The blade is also beautiful but the price is high. maybe the right price is 280 euros and they can sell more blade than now...i enjoy it. mine is 93 g but it feels like 87 or 88 because the quality of the wood
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9.3/10 for OFF style. FH/BH: Donic Bluefire JP 02, 2mm, 47g (0.23g/cm^2), 45 degrees (ESN), 36 degrees (Shore A). Blade: Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC, 90g, 157mm x 150mm x 5.6mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 7 (5 Wood + 2 Composite): Koto - SZLC - Limba - Kiri - Limba - SZLC - Koto.
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I hope that one day people in this sport will become more concious and will realize that the role of an athlete is much more than just playing.What This blade and this company is saying is:" if you want to play table tennis with a good quality material you will have to pay more than 300 dollars just for the blade". Is this kind of philosophy that we want for our sport? Also is never clear how this wonder composite materials really influenciate the mechanichal properties of the blade... but the name they give is Super if its super it must be good... now the new harimoto blade is comming and this one will be Super ZLC with the inneforce (???) an if you play this one and dislike is because you forgot that it will only work good with the new dignics both sides. And who looses in all this? Table tennis looses.
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Not worth it for its price
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Ratings for 90g. It's not the fastest, but still very fast with little feel. For advanced players. It's koto, super zlc, limba, kiri, 5.6mm. The price is ridiculous. You are better off spending the money on some coaching lessons.
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No matter where you hit the ball, it feels like dead center... 95% sweetspot. Yes, it's a lot of money but it's definitely worth. This blade is on a level of its own!
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Plies: 7 (5 Wood + 2 Composite)
- 2 * Koto 0.5mm
- 2 * SZLC 0.25mm
- 2 * Limba 0.5mm
- Kiri 3.1mm
Width: 157mm
Height: 150mm
Thickness: 5.6mm
Weight: 90g
Speed: 9.3
Dwell/Spin: 8.6
Control: 8.4
Stiffness: 7.4
Hardness: 8.2
Value: 7
Overall: 9.4
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Super weapon.
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Plies: koto 0.5mm - szlc 0.25mm - limba 0.5mm - kiri 3.1mm.
Dimensions: 157x150x5.6mm.
Weight: 87-94g.
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Guys, if you want to be a killer in speed, SPIN and control, use Rakza 9 both sides voila it is a monster. I have been trying tenergies but not as effective like Rakza 9. When I accidentally try My old Rakza 9 ...Wow perfect!!!!! Try it guys! update: changed the rubbers with tenergy 64 fh and tenergy 05fx or 05 much better.
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Bought this blade along with JMSZLC directly from Butterfly. Compares to JMSZLC, the ZJKSZLC is slower, same spin, lower throw(med), slightly better control & more forgiving; little more dwell despite harder surface wood. The anatomic grip is wider than the JMSZLC and is perfect. Blade weighs 91.4g measured @5.6mm. I should have waited for the lighter blade but I wanted to get both blades at the same time. I have Fast Arc S1 max on FH & Razka Soft max on BH. Speed=9.3; Control=9.5; Spin=9.5; Feel=good, Flick=very easy; Flex=med+ firm; Hardness= med; Smash/Flat Hit/Punch/Drive=Excellent without too much vibration; Short/mid/Long Game=Very good; Push/chop=very good; Balance=good; AN grip=nice & wide; Dwell=good; Throw=med; Serve=ex; Sweetspot=huge; Overall=9.6
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I am a beginner who s been practicing 5 days/ week for more than a year. I ve also taken private training with a certified coach. I just received my ZJK SZLC yesterday and played with it for 3 hours. Compared with my old blade Butterfly Photino ( both blades paired withTenergy 05-FX) I feel improvement a little in speed. The ZJK SZLC, however, gives me a huge improvement in control. Honestly, I was worried that my level could not adapt with this fast blade, but it turns out I am very happy with my purchase. I aggree with some reviews about the " sweet spot". Even the ball hits close to the rim of the paddle, it still returns with a surprised level of stability. I feel like I just stepped in a higher level with this beautiful blade. For the beginners like me, the ZJK super ZLC is realy worth your money
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Beautiful blade. Too powerful/Hard to control. For collector. If you have a deep pocket then take this baby home. Very very nice. I like it.
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This blade was pretty mediocre on the price value. I used it with Tenergy 05 on both sides, and although the contact was crisp, the blade was light, and in smashing the blade provided no feel, and when ever I wanted to do a speed drive, the blade did not come through at all. I changed back to my Timo Boll ZLC with Tenergy 64 on the forehand and Tenergy 05 on the backhand, and I immediately felt the ball hit more crisply, and the blocks and smashes were more accurate. I could also hit drives with more speed. I would not recommend the Zhang Jike Super ZLC. I myself really like the Timo Boll ZLC.
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POWERFULLY MADE! - - - get the Genuine to prove it.
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Hello! This is my review of the Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC.

So first, here is a few generalities.

Overall Rating:

Rubber Used:
BH- Butterfly Spin Art 1.9
FH- Butterfly Spin Art 2.1

Handle used:
Straight with a grip

88g - very evenly distributed, even with rubbers

Throw Angle (the angle in which the ball propels):
Somewhat low, but not as low as what others have said.

Noticeable specialities:
-Sweet spot (SO AWESOME)
-Weight distribution
-Control (but that also depends on your rubber)
-The ZLC layer is very noticeable compared to paddles that are all wood
-The box and blade are sexy

I think the price is definitely a con, but if you have the money and you are looking for the highest quality paddle for an offensive player, then it is worth the money.

My personal review:
I love this blade. I will not be getting rid of this Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC blade any time soon, and look forward to using it with different rubber combinations.

Immediately upon practicing with it for the first time, I could feel how it had a hard blade but extremely soft composition that gave it more power. Compared to things such as the Andro Temper Tech or other all wood blades, the ZLC had more control and power at the spin time. In addition to the soft composition and high spin/power rubber I used, the sweet spot of the paddle was INSANE, and added FURTHER control and power! In addition, the blade's weight contributed to the power of the paddle. The reason I am not worried about the power is because the throw angle with my high spin rubber resulted in a powerful blade, with lots of spin, that consistently landed where I wanted it to (even more so than my all wood blades).

To be completely honest, I didn't know how I felt about it for the first 30 minutes. I had to change my stroke and and stances so I could hit it properly consistently, but once I did, I realized the combination of any rubber with this blade could potentially result in a beast of a blade. Although I would categorize this blade as OFF+ instead of OFF because it is just THAT powerful, but I think it is also well suited for modern defensive players, as well as those who are gentle OFF (not to be mistaken with OFF-) or OFF/OFF+. I believe that this blade could also fit all around players if they use rubbers that focus on control. Really, this blade is a jack of all trades.

The price is really, really high. Was it worth the price? Yes, but I don't think charging $400-600 for this paddle (depending on when, what type, rubbers, etc) is fair.
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Excellent blade for spiner
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AMAZING, This blade is extremely fast but still retains a good ammount of control. Its true that its a tough beast to tame. But after you tame it you will feel like a king.
AMAZING!!!! No other comments, highly recommended if price is not a problem.
looks sexy aswell
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AMAZING, This blade is extremely fast but still retains a good ammount of control. Its true that its a tough beast to tame. But after you tame it you will feel like a king.

looks sexy aswell
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Sweet feeling for heavy money. Bought this blade (nittaku barwell fleet before) and immedeately felt the difference. Good balance, fantastic control, perfect set of gears.

Cant say if its worth the money. But at least you dont have to worry, if there is a blade of better quality out there.
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First of all I had a good deal on this blade when I purchased it. I never spent a lot of money on a blade in the past most then was around 60. I picked up on a friends suggestion who said you never see a professional golfer use a cheap set of clubs. I'm no pro at table tennis but this summer have had a crisis adapting to the new poly ball. After several changes to rubbers and blades I was considering my future with the sport I love so much. Then picking up on my friends advice I purchased this blade and went back to Xiom Vega Pro on my B/H and Dawei 388D1 on my F/H. Immediately I was full of confidence in hitting the ball with the backhand, unbelievable control. I spent approx. 2.5 to 3 hours training with this combination before I decided to play any games. My B/H smash is really powerful and accurate using less effort. I like to chop the ball to mix spins as well as top spin drives and loops, I found that chopping the ball needed some adjustment to be consistent, Blocks were amazing both on the F/H and the B/H.
I now feel that I can be more competitive when I play my games.
I now think that cheap all round blades are ideal for beginners and intermediate players but a good quality blade is needed to get the most out of your game.
If you can get this blade around 50% of its retail price then grab it with both hands, you will be amazed.
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I did not buy this blade but played with it for an hour (friends blade). Very direct feel with excellent power from all distances. Smooth feeling FL grip but edges where sharp so sanding needed. Sanding should not be needed in a blade in this price range...shame Butterfly. Overall blocks where crisp with T05 both sides. Loops direct from mid/away from table. Short game good with nice ball touch. Vibration has a different feel in this one but in a good way. Not a pure power blade so fits in nice with offensive styles. Would I recommend this blade to the average club way! There are other Z-carbon blades among most brands that feel and play just as nice. It is a very fine blade however vastly over priced. Large sweet spot, attractive design, slightly head heavy with T05 2.1. Do not buy this blade unless you have a dee!
p wallet or are a collector and want the most expensive BTY blade. Ribbit.
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This by far is the best paddle I have ever played with. And I have played with many different paddles through out my years of playing table tennis. I use Stiga Airoc 2.1 on both sides. This blade is heavier than what I'm used to, I normally like 85 grams or under. But I had the opportunity to buy this blade much cheaper than the listed price above, so I took a chance and it was well worth it. It has good dwell time for such a fast blade and the softer sponge which I play with helps too with the dwell time. Close to medium range from the table is ideal. The large sweet spot gives you solid hits every time along with better control. This blade is not for beginners, but ideal for advance to professional players. If you want a serious blade that will help improve your game, this is the one, I recommend soft sponge rubber like Stiga !
Airoc soft which compliments the stiffness of the blade. Usually medium to hard rubber goes better with less stiff blades, but whatever your style is or if you choose this blade or not, have fun playing table tennis, one of the best sports in the world! :)
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I own both the ZJK SZLC and JM SZLC and I can tell you that they are both exceptional blades. The JM SZLC is a bit slower and has longer dwell time so if you want to get creative I recommend it over the ZJK SZLC. On the other hand ZJK SZLC is less sensitive so you can be faster and still retain the same great control as the JM SZLC.If price is not an issue either one of these can be your best option.
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Ok, for starters this blade is massively overpriced (but I had some spare cash so thought I'd try it). I did buy it cheaper than list price so it was about the same as the normal ZLC. I wouldn't say there is anything special about this blade at all! It has a lot of control but this makes it dull and lacking in feel. You have to put Tenergy on this blade. Other rubbers work (I put Tuttle Beijing IV on it at first and it played very well) however Tenergy gives it a bit more life. It wasn't that it played badly. On the contrary, it played very well. It's just that it lacks feel. My normal blade (and Ive had a few!) is a Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5. For a carbon blade this has much more feel and it's pretty cheap. For the list price of the SZLC I can buy 7 of these!

Build quality is very good. I'm sure the flashy box probably cost half the price!lol! For the money it would have been nice if it had come in a wooden box not cardboard.

My coach and 6 other people at the club have tried the blade. No one was over impressed. I might stick mine on ebay if anyone wants it? Guess I haven't really sold it to you have I? :/ I still gave it a high rating as control-wise it is very good and if you're of a mind to you could just stand there and block loops all day.
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Indeed a premium blade,better than Timo Boll ZLC,but sooo overpriced.It has a good feeling handle(despite looking like a chinese chocolate bar),superb control but thats about all it has.For me it has a soft feel which i dont like.Consider me mad but Xiom Hayabusa ZXI is a better blade-it has almost the same control but much better feel and noticeable more speed,far from the table its a sonic boom compared to the SZLC,close to the table is identical-both blades were tested with the same rubbers-tenergy 80,05fx,25, 25fx,Roundell soft and recently 80fx- )I dont regret i bought it but it has only a collector's item value,it sure is nothing more than a 2nd best blade from a player point of view
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This is a fast blade bordering on the Offensive + but with the control of a slower blade. Excellent at blocking. After the vibrations of the Innerforce ZLC this blade has a numb feeling but it is very much a get up and get on with it blade. With the Koto outer pile it has a nice crisp response and a feeling of all togetherness yet nothingness when you hit through with the ball. Returning a high serve is so swift your opponent doesn't sometimes get to see it. When I ordered mine from Japan it cost Euro 218 and I requested a weight of 88-89 grams which I got. Beautifully made. Anatomic handle isn't as comfortable as the one on the IF ZLC being a little sharp at the end. Hesitated buying this blade but it's true what they say about it. It is quite special. Only good for offensive players who want to up their game and play at full belt. Consistency is amazing. Using T05 on the FH and T05FX on the BH and so far it seems the perfect combination. Still would hesitate recommending that someone buy it without trying it first. It's not a blade that would find a new home easily. Can't see any of the Pros using it. Blade isn't stiff like the Hayabusa ZXi (SZLC is only borderline stiff) and is surprisingly easy to loop with. This is a genuinely super blade but for some it will just be too fast to play with.
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Simply put, the holy grail of blades (upto 2014 at least) - and this is not due to price.

Until recently, you either had to choose from:
1. high at-the-table spin
2. great in power play away from the table

This is the first blade I've seen that combines both of these attributes.

Coming from an ALC blade, this blade requires a bit of reworking stroke mechanics as it is very stiff.

Great spin at the table, amazing dwell in power loops. More powerful than most available blades out there.

And yet, it is one of the very few blades that has better control than the ALC family (TBS, TB-ALC, Viscaria, ZJK-ALC, etc) owing to its stiffness and bigger sweet spot.
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The ball behaves similarily at the ends of the blade and in the middle of the blade. Not found this in any other blade including hard carbon blades. I guess best players who hit only with the center of their blade do not need this kind of blade to keep their hits consistent. Used this only with Xiom Omega V Tour rubbers. Even with so slowish rubbers my playing style has gone worse, because I get good speed using only my wrist. So maybe I later put even slower rubbers to this blade.

Now I have put Tibhar Genius Sound to FH and TSP Ventus Spin to BH. With this combination I can use long enough strokes. I tried couple of slower rubbers to this blade, but the ball speed was not following linearly the hitting speed and those were too difficult combinations (it was too difficult to estimate when the incoming speed + own hitting speed went over the point of discontinuity and balls did not land to the table).
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I think this is the best blade on the market. I've been lucky to own most of the blades out there including all Timo Boll Series and none of the blades can come close to this blade. Supper spiny blade, offensive weapon with unbelievable feel. I tried with T05 max on both sides and its great but i prefer with T05fx to be honest. Serves, loops Blocks Smash you named it had it all.
Close to the table easy to loop, mid distance superb. I don't play to far from the table so can't comment much on this.
Short play,Pushes, chops aggressive pushes is top notch. Counter-loops is very good. I have Timo Boll ALC ZLF ZLC to compare at the same time and none of them can compete for my liking with Super ZLC Zhiang Jike. Just Purchased Stiga Rose Wood XO to give a go.
Well expensive but not to expensive if you shop around. I got mine from Japan at very good price. Overall i changed 100 plus blades and it will be hard to beat my Supper ZLC. I can recommend this blade to an offensive mined player. This blade is an OFF no OFF +. Best of Luck.
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I know it's not a useful review, but honestly, I only played 5 minutes with this monster. Freshly set up with T05s on both size, me, and everyone else who touched this monster were speechless - except words of acknowledgements. Oh, and it wasn't mine. Too bad. :) But it has an amazing touch, and gives you, after like 2 shots, a feeling of overwhelming confidence. Super beautiful, and perfect workmanship. yeah, probably the priciest out there, but you know what? If your hobby is horseback riding, you spend this amount on a pair of boots, and you do not even have a horse yet to sit on.
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I got one and there is indeed a difference between ZLC and SuperZLC.

Super ZLC is more precise. The speed of the racket is rated as Off+, but a Schlager Carbon or Iolite Neo is clearly faster IMO.

The quality of the blade is outstanding, as should be expected, if you pay 350 Euros.

Is the experience worth the money?

Well, I dont think so. Butterfly has gone crazy. They should reduce prices to 100 Euros max for allwood/ALC/ZLF/ZLC and can charge 150 Euros for SuperZLC.

This would be fair.

350 Euros for a blade is simply ridiculous. Even 250 Euros is still far too expensive.

Butterfly should wake up.
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Super ZLC it´s ridicilous and than 350 dollars. Don´t buy this blade you pay 200 dollar for Zang Jikes name on the blade.
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Very Expensive blade!!!
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A month ago I received my ZJ SZLC (flared handle) from Japan via USPS Express (not a fun experience.) Before I get to the review a brief introduction will show you my personal perspective: I am currently at around 1600 level and I play in a good club, at home with two regular partners, and practice with my dual wheel robot with LCD controls allowing alternating combinations of spin.

REVIEW: The blade arrived in a gold color box as shown in some preliminary reviews. It appeared just as in the photographs at Butterflyonline. It weighed 87.2g -- on the lower side of the range. I placed 2.1 Tenergy 05 on both sides and compared it to my Timo Boll Spirit with 2.0 Tenergy 05 on each side. I did compare the feel to TB ZLC as well and to few other blades but those appeared to be apples to the orange and will not be discussed. Weight with the rubber on is 183.2g which is just over 2g more then the TBS (straight handle).

The first thing one noticed was the sound when the ball made contact with the paddle -- it was a little lower pitch than TBS on average but very similar overall.

The second thing I looked into was the sweet spot (so much hyped about). My quick "test" consisted of placing various parts of the paddle face in the way of the ball as delivered by the robot. I compared five points with TBS: Tip, base (close to handle), top and bottom, and middle. The angle of the paddle stayed the same so I could compare the length and height of the bounce. ZJ SZLC showed remarkable consistency. Not so for the TBS -- the base ball bounced farther, the tip and sides -- closer than the middle. Truly impressive I thought.

Third on my mind was the feel (combination of hardness, stiffness, recoil, balance, vibration etc.) For me feel is related to control. Interestingly, my initial and overall impression is that TBS allows me much better feel. I could afford to get a little distracted during robot forehand drive rallies (some of which were set to hit the top of the net once in a while) and not miss a beat. With ZJ SZLC I had to pay very close attention (some of this may be due to comparing old T05 2.0 rubber to new T05 2.1 rubber.) I wanted to find out what gave the paddle this little "numbness". I checked the paddle movement upon contact with the ball while held firmly. It appeared that the ball made the top of the TBS paddle move (flex) back upon contact. This happened for all points of contact, including top (to a greater degree), bottom, and sweet-spot. That seemed like it should have been an undesirable effect. ZJ SZLC behaved differently. It showed very little of that flex even when the top was hit.

Fourth in order was to look into the result of the above test (feel) and find out what this back-deflection meant. After some more robot hits I supposed that the deflection might had to do not with flex but more with blade balance and as well as the mechanics of the handle and grip (straight for TBS and flared for ZJ SZLC). With ZJ SZLC the back-deflection involved all of the paddle and was felt at the wrist and not the fingers (as with TBS.) Attention to this wrist push-back allowed me to get more feel for the paddle.

Fifth in order was to check, somewhat objectively, the decreased feel of ZJ SZLC. I expected less accuracy and consistency. For the purpose I placed two paddles on the left and right side of the table and counted the hits while the robot was delivering a no-spin or top-spin ball. This was not close -- I was a lot more accurate with the ZJ SZLC. At some level that made sense - if the back-deflection with TBS gave me the "feel" then it would have also made it less accurate in drives (not in loops I guess).

Sixth, ZJ SZLC did better in BH loops and drives (may be due to rubber). It also delivered a faster ball. That allowed me a shortened FH loop stroke - even far from the table - important at my age to save the shoulder and allowing me a good return even if a little late when close to the table.

Seventh: So what did ZJ SZLC not do better than TBS? Short ball. This was seen in serve return, and in net saves. I felt I had a pretty good touch with TBS with no effort and relaxed wrist. Never had to think about those. Not so with ZJ SZLC. I have to relearn and get better than I was in order to use ZJ SZLC in a game. Short return serve is critical and TBS did better -- both in US return and flicks.

So, in summary: Would I recommend it given the price? In short -- yes. The lower level players (like myself) may benefit more than higher level players from the increased accuracy with the larger sweet-spot. They may buy some time for deficient footwork and ball anticipation errors. The higher level players may be able to place even more devastating FH attacks (some at the club were very surprised by what seemed my very new and aggressive game style with the ZJ SZLC). What are the challenges with this paddle? - Short ball (meaning double bounce serves) and timing loop kills (not for any other reason but the fast speed exaggerates any timing issues.)

I hope this helps. Eager to hear what other players think.
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