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Reviews for Butterfly Lezoline Mach - Blue (2)

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This shoes feels amazing
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I purchased this as an open box from eBay but Walter with MS Support helped me by reaching out to Butterfly to ask them the questions I had. MS Support has always been great every time that I have reached out for questions.

I'm a flat footed individual with big feet (depending on the shoe anywhere from size 12 to 14) and I had asked what shoe was recommended best for flat feet and if a specific shoe would fit me.

I measured my heel to toe without a sock at 11.7343 (the line just before 3/4) and these shoes fit GREAT. I prefer to use a thin sport sock with it as it gives me a little extra leeway but you could use a thicker sock if needed and still be comfortable, some people may have discomfort though so I recommend a thin sport sock.

The arch of these is pretty friendly to flat footers, I must say these shoes are so damn comfortable, that I would consider wearing them as my daily driver shoes and not just PP. I might buy another pair just for that.

They are light and I played my first round robin tournament last night in them and was able to move with ease from side to side, backwards forwards and stop on a dime. These are easily my favorite sport shoes I have owned and I would HIGHLY recommend them. I just wish they had more colors in addition to the blue, black/pink and black.
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