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38 Reviews for Yasaka Rakza 9

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Very Spinny and FAST but heavy (red max )

***Assembly service is not very good. Rubber and blade are not sticking together after a month.
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It is my current FH rubber. Using it on BTY Balsa Carbo X5 22.
It is a very spinny rubber with good speed and enough control.
As for the speed it is fast enough in close-to-table and in mid-to-table zones.
As for Spin - very spinny. Good spin on serves, very good spin in loop, enough spin in top spin to tops spin counters.
As for the loops - opponents have problems returning it onto the table. Most of time it is going out of table. You can easily do high and slow very spinny loops or fast and low loops.
Backspins and pushes are very comfortable and controllable, the ball is not tending to go away from the table on a fast backspin return as it is on some other tensor rubbers.
Serves: you can easily do fast "Waldner" serves as well as short spinny serves

But one you should do for sure - improve your footwork and technique. In a plastic ball era, you have to work on your footwork. You can't just rely on the speed, spin, or control of the blade/rubber as it was before the plastic ball.
When I started to work on my legs I realized the potential of Rakza family rubbers
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Produces lots of speed and spin; great for intermediate players looking to improve their FH.
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Best rubber you can find. Awsome grip. Easy to spin. Terrific FH weapon but also excellent in BH. Medium to low throw. Very controllable while the speed. Excellent in all types of stokes, block, drive, top spin, and even shopping is relatively easy. Push can be managed also if you take care of the relatively high bounciness. Serves are full of spin. Not sensitive to opponent spin. Gives excellent result with flexible blades. Paired perfectly with soft outer layer off- blades such as Virtuoso off-.
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I used this rubber in my Yasaka Innerforce as forehand (sometimes twiddling it in my BH). It is very impressive with lots of carrying grip across the net. It is very fast in my BH topspin. I recommend this rubber for intermediate player who want to level up their games. And don't get me started on the price, it was well worth it!
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9.6/10 for OFF style. FH: Yasaka Rakza 9, 2.2mm, 52g (0.254g/cm^2), 50 degrees (ESN), 38.5 degrees (Shore A). BH: DHS Gold Arc 8, 2.1mm, 50g (0.247g/cm^2), 47.5 degrees (ESN), 37.5 degrees (Shore A). Blade: TSP Balsa 8.5, 80g, 157mm x 150mm x 10.5mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 5 (3 Wood + 2 Composite): Ayous - GlassFibre - Balsa - GlassFibre - Ayous.
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On the top 30 list, this monster is very good and spinny as hell
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This rubber is the best!The speed is amaizing,spin is fire
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yasaka rakza 9 is high speed rubber, my guess it has built in tension (yasaka version btw). First time i try this rubber, it doesn't show anything that i expected as fast rubber as advertised (i used as my bh rubber). But as time flows i understand, this is really really you would have if you are backhand dominant player, who often using backhand to loop kill. As i have ever test with tenergy 64, this rubber maybe not as fast as tenergy 64 in term of initial speed. But when you engage with more power and acceleration with perfect timing that rubber will show you the real power (must have good footwork to do). Medium distance loop kill can achieve without too much thinking. As the throw angle is medium (rather low maybe) i think this rubber more suitable for backhand, and for backhand dominant player that often using backhand flick to receive either to attact, or using backhand to loop kill, i would say this rubber reccomended to try.
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Me sorprendi este caucho, a pesar de que uso rasanter R47 no tiene nada que envidiarle.. (solo un poco menos de velocidad) permite asumir riesgos en ataques.
Muy bueno.
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Excellent rubber with both control, spin and power. Pairs up really well with offensive medium stiff blade
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Using a 2.0mm on my Stiga Offensive Classic WRB RPB.

Great speed, spin is pretty good too, my RPB flicks work well with this rubber.

As time passed by, the speed decreased, but the spin production capabilities are still good, so I'm quite impressed.

You have to time the ball well, not much forgiveness.

Overall, great rubber, would definitely use it again, maybe in max thickness for more speed.
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Speed: 9.7
Spin (European Style): 9.3
Control: 8.5
Weight: 52g in 2.2 (0.254g/cm^2)
Hardness (DHS): 38.5
Gears: 2.8
Throw: 5.9
Fast Loop: 9.5
Slow Loop: 9
Counter Loop: 8.9
Touch: 8.5
Block: 8.3
Smash: 9.3
Slice/Chop: 8.9
Serve: 8.9
Flip/Flick: 9.6
Available Sponge Thickness: 2.0/2.2
Durability: 5.2
Value: 7.4
Overall: 9.3
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With the right blade it is a beast. Topspin and counter, looping and counter, pushes, flicks, flat hits can do it all on this rubber. Use butterfly Zhang Jike SZLC, it is a monster.
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Good for speed, spin is lacking, The throw and spin is way too low to make any good use of it on forehand. But more manageable on backhand though some inconsistencies, over rated in my opinion
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this rubber is good for building style used it for a little time
good for back hand rather then forehand quite smooth pick of any spin
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Fast as can be. Flat hits are easy, does not have chinese style arc., plays the table to the white line, means you have to put more effort to make it arc to hit the table on faster blades. would recommend on all + off - blades with med flex. Really good spin, average euro rubber with max speed and spin, requiring very good touch on a slower blade to get max efficient speed to actually play with intentional speed. Overall, very durable, fast, spinny and would recommend to people who want tenergy like playing or more for $25 less.
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Sponge and rubber is different from rakza 7. Still a good rubber for the price like acuda.
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Yasaka claims that Rakza 9 is the fastest among their Rakza range and this rubber has lived up to that badge. With proper technique and adequate skill, this rubber can produce unreal speed and extreme power to your shots. Great for forehand. I have this on Yasaka Max Carbon 3D and it is amazing. Great for looping and flat hits, throw angle is low so your opponents can't easily return your shots. The sponge is medium-hard and the built quality is excellent as it was made in Germany. Highly recommended for offensive players.
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Very fast and low-throw rubber from Yasaka. Good spin but not less than Rakza7. Does everything just like Rakza7. Serves, chop, push, flick,loop, loop-drive,smash, touch-play all work very well with this rubber. Due to the speed almost all returns land on the white-line. So a much more softer play is required to keep the ball shorter. Same for blocking while it is possible more control is needed from the player. For those players not satisfied with the speed of Rakza7 this rubber is the right stuff.
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Very fast rubber with decent spin. Not for beginners. I recommend getting a 1.8mm as thicker is too fast.
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Wonderful rubbers for forehand in my opinion. The only downside is that they shrink like hell even while on the blade!! Otherwise very powerful and loop friendly rubber.
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Been using the rubber for almost 2yrs now. I can say thst i loved the rubber because of the different variables it can achieve. I can do variations of serves, block & counter top & side spins and lastly do some side spins near & away the table. D only things thats missing is the power of how it can do a chop. I think maybe because of it not having a tacky top sheet. As for my game play im giving it a 8/10 having 10 the highest rate.
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As a big fan of Yasaka I want to try a faster rubber combined with a faster blade YASAKA GOIBAIO 5. I have this racket with rakza 9 on forehand and mark v hps on the backhand and I am very satisfied. I have this racket for the last 10 days and even is very early to tell yet this is some observations. Racket was a lot faster than my previous and the first 2-3 days I was struggling not to keep the ball as I was able to do it but I wasn't able to hold the blade as this time from straight I went to anatomic bell type. After the 4-5 day I was able to get used to hold it but also to play better. It would take me a few days or weeks to get used to it but I believe with this blade and with this rubbers I ll be able also to move forward faster. As for the rubbers very fast and very strong hit and for the spin you ll have to be a little technical if you want to succeed with a lot of speed.
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Good for speed, spin is lacking, The throw and spin is way too low to make any good use of it on forehand. But more manageable on backhand though some inconsistencies. T64 is way better for backhand because it wont throw the ball flat out as often as razaka 9 does. Which is why I think due to its price, this rubber is totally not worth it. I do not agree with the ratings, a rubber must have balance, and this one is lacking a good arc, the ball flies off too flat. Speed must have spin to back it up otherwise there is no control, especially if it has a low throw and high speed, spin is even more important otherwise there are severe limitations. At an advanced level, cant really do much with this rubber due to the imbalances as I mentioned.
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Nothing out of the ordinary. Average spin, not so spinny on serves. Fast, but I've seen much more faster (MX-P, S1 Turbo, Agrit Speed). Medium to medium low throw so good for looping close to the table but not so special farther from mid distance. Not forgiving, again due to low throw, so timing and footwork has to be good. Control is very good, I'll give it that. Good for flat hitting, but so is my 802-40 on Mystery III sponge, so again nothing that would make it stand out. I suggest, for the same price (or cheaper) you can get many other faster and spinnier rubbers. Better stay away from this
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Using this rubber for few hours on Tibhar SPW. Previously I had Andro Rasant and changed for Rakza9. Compared to Rasant it feels harder and throw is a bit lower. Few first balls went off the table. Feels hard but control is damn nice, i wasnt able to do very short pushes with rasant as i can with this rakza. Compared to Rakza7 soft (which i have on bh) Rakza9 is much faster.
I may write more after playing more with this rubber
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This rubber has a nice medium arc, the ball doesnt bounce so high on the other side, which makes more difficult to your opponents to counter. The spin is monstrous, definitely the same as the tenergies, but the control is much better, good sound and a lot of gears. Looping is awesome close or away from table. Very good FH rubber!
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This gives you confidence and understanding.

Speed + Spin + Control = 9.4+9.2+9.2, this is a very balanced rubber at top speed. I use it for FH.

It become much softer after 6 m of use, still very good... (personally it become better since I like softer rubbers). Much better than Tibhar Evo MXP for FH.

Good with Offensive blades. I just love it !
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good speed and spin, like this rubber
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My opinion is not "Pro". I'm playing table tennis since 1986, but never go to an tournament. My old blade is Schilldcrott - Jean Michel Saive's 1994 with wich I'm still playing. It's more defensive than the new Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive with Rakza 9 rubbers. So and:
1.Good control even you are playing defensive game with this offensive blade.
2. Very good to excellent spin - differs of the game you're playing at the moment.
3.Speed is incredible:
-When using a spin it's enough slow.
-When you smashing it's like a thunder. Hard velvet sound with Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive.
In my combination it's a little bit heavier than Schilldcrott. But this giving you a better control.
At this moment Yasaka are really found the good combination.
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Algo dura para mi gusto pero con buen control, grandiosos topspin cuando se golpea con tecnica y gran velocidad en el golpe plano, tiene un sonido genial

FH: Yasaka Rakza 9
BH: Stiga Neos Sound
Yasaka Extra Special


Eighth months later performs is great!!! Spin like new!!
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I played with tenergy but this is much better for me. when you play agressive by the table. te spin is better en the controll is oke.
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this is rubber that you looking for, very speed spiny and good control, easy to serv, chop and block, what a great rubber... use fh 1.8mm on my Bty Innerforce ZLC its owesome......
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On the Butterfly Amultart, this is the perfect FH rubber: perfectly controlled looping and flexibility when it comes to power.
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My blade is BTY MMaze. Everything i say here is my pwn opinion and works with my technique.
Very nice rubber. Very close to tenergy 05 by hardness when play with top spin, but more linear acceleration in compare with t05 when pushing harder, what i like much.
Throw angle is medium high, the trajectory is good and very stable is compare with tenergy 05(t05 is to high sometimes). Requires good technics and fast legs.
Spin on serve is excellent - at least same as with t05, but rubber has more linear ball throw which allows to vary with wirst more - i love it. When serving feels like medium hard rubber.

Chops are excellent spinny and speedy if you want and very controllable in short game.
On top spin attack with high speed, hardness very similar to t05. Ball dwell time feels a bit lower than with t05, but it allows to vary better between sping and smash in compare with t05, though when spin is alike t05 when loop.
Requires good technics for lift the ball on opening loop - not as forgiving as t05 on lift, but i'm not concerning about that, though taking into consideration that moment i put 9 of 10 for that.
Opening loop if done with good technique - hand and body movement is very controllable, high-spinny and low throw, which is very uncomfortable for an opponent. If returned by block - mostly significantly higher than net and comfortable for next controllable powerfull shot. Which is closer to Xiom Omega IV pro. So if your opponent was not able to counterloop - you will have very good advantage.
Counterlooping is nice close to table or far.
I found that this rubber requires good push into blade - so mostly will work nice on Forehand. on Backhand i would choose something softer with a bit higher throw.
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i just got it today
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Top sheet and sponge hardness are comparable to T05...requires more effort to generate speed than 05!.
Sponge texture is similar to Andro Hexer.
Control is better than T05...not as springy.
Throw angle is lower than T05.
Looping is awesome close or away from table. High short spinny loop is also easy to generate.
Spinny serves is also easy to generate whether it's a high or low toss.
Very good forehand rubber!
Weight: cut to an 89g M Jun pair with Rakza 7.....183g
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