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Yasaka Rakza XX

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Yasaka Rakza XX is the latest version of the successful Rakza series. Yasaka Rakza XX is a fast rubber developed to suit advanced players. Although the sponge is made of a harder rubber quality, it is easily deformed due to the large air bubbles. The air bubbles are compressed when the ball touches the rubber, and the energy is transferred to the ball for a stable release and a more powerful shot. In addition, the top layer, just like the other rubbers in the Rakza series, has a high proportion of natural rubber, which improves spinning possibilities. The result is incredible speed performance while maintaining strong spin and high stability.

Speed: 95
Spin: 97
Control: 85

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Yasaka rubbers are steeped in history dating back all the way to 1926. The flagship rubber for Yasaka has been the Mark V. Mark V burst onto the table tennis world stage in the 1970 and 1971 World Championships taking home victory in both competitions. The Mark V is still going strong today and other versions of the rubber have been produced through the following decades.

More recently Yasaka has developed Rakza rubbers which have taken innovation to another level. The shape of the pimples provides a strong balance between spin and speed. Rakza rubbers use Hybrid Energy to provide synergy between top sheet and sponge providing great elasticity for power and control.

Yasaka has many more rubbers in their product line as well. Yasaka rubbers are used by top professionals as well as players of all levels. Be like 2019 World Championship Silver Medalist Matias Falck and choose Yasaka rubbers.

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Reviews of Yasaka Rakza XX (6)

I was using rakza X until XX came out and I migrated up. I use it in max thickness on my forehand and have used it on both 7 ply wood blades (mainly yasaka Falck W7) and a couple of inner carbon blades. It is a moderate upgrade over rakza X, but to be honest it is not a big one and I could have kept with rakza X and been happy. Linear. My pushing and blocking with it are ok. Serves well. All around great rubber. On my inner carbon blade I wish it was a little softer sponge.
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Very great rubber. The sponge is hard, but when hit it becomes a little soft. great control, and very spinny like Dignics 05. speed is great, like hammond Z2. You can easily do spin, chop and smash punches. highly recommended rubber.
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I've been using this rubber on FH, and I can get an insane amount of spin on my shots, with the thinnes version, the speed is still enough. It's easy to to play topspin against chop. After using it for quite some time, it seems it's very high quality, in my opinion it will last a very long time. Only major disadvantage, it's sensitive to dust. Overall best rubber I've used so far
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Got max sponge(black) for fh and used it on ma lin carbon. Immediately was impressed by the speed of the rubber. Shots dipped in the middle of the table at blistering pace, but also had a good amount of spin and rotation. Not as spinny as Rakza 7 with less control, and slightly tacky which enables lifting low balls with ease and you can even use your whole arm rotation for kill shots on low backspins. Opponets had difficulty returning topspins even though I did not exert max force or make a strong loop. Mostly, the ball dips in with medium high throw angle and makes a clicking sound. I'd say this rubber is a perfect combination of grip, spin and max speed and lies somewhere between the capabilities of fastarc p-1 and g-1 but with more pace and grip. The sheet is slightly hard when you touch it but feels medium hard when driving and you can feel the ball grip the rubber before it shoots out(more dwell time). Hence, I could slap counters too if i timed them right. Around 30-40% faster than rakza 7 when driving but i found that i needed to counter or push smashes far from the table otherwise the tackiness gripped the ball when i made a light touch and the ball fell before it passed the net. Really good for serves, chops and forehand flicks, but slightly spin sensitive on incoming topspins(not serves, I could place them with precision on soft touch) and a bit difficult to block fast drives due to the inbuilt spring effect of the rubber. You'd be 90% inclined to just attack with this rubber and it would even work as a great backhand topspin rubber with 1.8mm sponge but the normal x might be the better choice for more control, counter blocking and punching. Overall, I'd say its my favourite forehand rubber for attacking and requires footwork to reach its max potential. Currently, have no idea about the durability of the rubber, however, its safe to say yasaka never disappoints in this department. Slightly heavy but not enough to be noticeable during matches.
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2.00mm on FH:

Most impressive feature: unbelievably "compliant" in short game. The ball doesn't "jump" during pushes or "drop shots". Not just compared to other ultra-fast rubbers, but compared to all rubbers, including the "Hurricanes". Short, low serves are very easy to do.
2nd most impressive feature: Loops and serves do not feel very spinny, but the opponents keep having issues returning them.

Compared to the "hybrid" Donic A1 2.0 (that I've been using immediately prior to XX), when looping, with XX the ball release feels instant. Not sure which rubber produces higher max velocity - A1 or XX, but b/c of the instant release XX feels "quicker".. The arc is flat, feels like there's no spin. But again, the opponents keep blocking them "long." Flat drives/smashes are deadly, but require perfect timing and tremendous hand speed.

Not so impressive features:
1. I've not been able to "unlock" the 3rd, and 4th "gears". 1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th are brilliant. If you get a little lazy or try to play a slow loop/drive - fuhggettaboutit.
2. Compared to other rubbers, XX is very "sensitive" to dust. While I could use other rubber sheets for the entire 2-3hr practice without a single cleaning and not feel any drop off in performance, XX needs to cleaned every ~45min, otherwise loops "stop working"..
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