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Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon

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The Ma Lin Carbon is the blade currently used by MA Lin,who appreciates the ease with which the blade can block and loop with great power.

For an offensive blade in this category, there is remarkably little vibration thanks to the high quality of the wood and the process used to join the wood and the carbon.

Making a table tennis blade is a craft.
A skilled blade maker must be able to combine the various types of wood optimally, work the materials without losing the properties of the wood, ensure perfect accuracy in the tiniest details and possess a "feel" for wood.

This craft should be combined with modern knowledge to be able to develop blades of the absolute highest standards.
YASAKA's blades are the result of collaboration between professionals: the blade maker and the most experienced players and coaches in the world.

All YASAKA blades are developed and produced in Sweden, by an experienced, highly motivated and quality-conscious workforce, operating in facilities equipped with the latest wood processing machines.

The Yasaka player, Ma Lin has regained the number 1 position in the ITTF world ranking.

Ma Lin has played in 4 of this years Pro Tour tournaments and he is now the leader in the battle for points.

In February Ma Lin won the Qatar Open and was runner up in the Kuwait Open.
Ma Lin is also the most successful player in the World Cup.

In October 2006 Ma Lin captured his fourth victory in this prestigious event. No other player has ever won the World Cup more than twice.
In 1998 Ma Lin first entered the 'top ten' in the World Ranking, and since then has been among the real World Class players.

As a Junior Ma Lin chose to play with a Yasaka blade. With the Yasaka Extra he found a blade not only with enough speed and power, but also with good ball 'feel',so important in returns and blocks.Together with the Yasaka technicians Ma Lin worked to develop the Ma Lin Carbon blade.

Speed: 93
Control: 75
Ply: 5+2
Weight 84 g

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Reviews of Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon (18)

Very comfortable and has a great feel !
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Great consistent blade. No surprise shots off the table. Paired it with Donic Bluefire JP01 2,0 on both sides. I’m getting great results on all shots, FH drives, Flicks, BH controller top spins, chops, pushes, all serves. The only knock against it is the hollow sound and slight vibration, which I got used to quickly. The excellent control, speed and spin is winning me over big time. I chose this over the more expensive Butterfly bats. It’s turned out to be far superior to an older all wood Bty Surbek H with Rozena. I think I’ve come very close to a TB ALC with Tenergy 05.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I pared it with rasanter 47 fh and 42 on bh and got a good control - easy to spin, block and quite stable in chopping. I have used this blade for 6 months. It's a petty but grip is a thin for me...
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Im using a Cpen ML Carbon with short pips and inverted in the BH. This blade is very thin and light, which means quick and easy-to-switch from FH to BH. However its not so fast, you must make a full swing to play its full potential. Control is excellent, its very controllable on short play and also in blocks. Excellent feeling on topspins due to the large sweet spot. This blade is made of Limba outer ply, followed by Ayous, soft carbon and Ayous core. A construction like that requires a full swing because Limba and Ayous "hold" the ball (longer dwell). I would say ML Carbon is an allround-offensive blade for the player with a controlled attacking style, very much like Donic Waldner Senso Carbon.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Paired with black Rakza 9 on FH and red Rakza 7 soft on BH, its a good blade, fast enough, control are good because the large sweat spot, for balance you may have to consider the weight of the rubber you are choosing due the thin and lightness of the blade, overall its a good blade for you to taste some carbon feels paired with tensor rubbers
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I think i am the only one who dont like this blade, too light and thin, the grip is very bad and you need to do a lot of stenght so that this does not vibrate
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Very good blade with good control, topspin it with ease, unlike my previous blade DHS POWER.G2 is very fast, I use FR: DHS Huricane 2 and BH: DHS SKYLINE 2 very good combination.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

This blade is very good. Really fast but with nice control. I use Donic Coppa for FH, so topspins are very spiny but no so fast, because I use only one layer of glue on this blade. I bought this blade for 27 euros (approximately 30$) witch is very good price.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

nice blade for all round play, loops are good i use joola express II on back hand and coppa on fore hand over all good for players transforming from intermidate play to serious play.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Fast, thin, reliable, smashings are great. its also light and you can really feel the ball on the blade.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

The MLC is one of my favorite blades because it has an excellent mix of speed, control, and feeling. It is very affordable for a carbon blade, and has that old-fashioned, traditional Yasaka aesthetic style to it. Construction: Limba-Soft Wood-Carbon-Ayous-Carbon-Soft Wood-Limba. The inner layer of carbon provides the blade with backbone, that is, enough stiffness and power to satisfy an offensive-minded player's needs. However, the carbon layer is not overpowering, and the blade also retains good control, flexibility, and feeling. In this way, the MLC has some of the pros of carbon, without the cons. This blade is extremely versatile, and works well with most new generation rubbers, including Tenergy 05 (harder spring-sponge), Genius (medium-hard spring-sponge), and Boost TX (harder normal sponge). I would highly recommend this blade for offensive styles because it has an excellent blend of power and feeling. I also recommend it to intermediate-level players, since it will not hinder your game: it is not a blazingly fast blade, nor an extremely slow one. It allows you to take control of the ball and use your own skill to win the point. Overall, this is a great blade for a decent price; reviewer's choice!
Review helpful?    Yes | No

This a very good blade, good control, speed is good, very manageable and very cheap for it,s kind got it for only 59 dollars!
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Nice n Light. Excellent Value for money. Slight Hollow Sound, & Vibration with the standard Yasaka New Era's , But Found it very nice when replaced FH With a 2.0mm Mark V. I have actually ordered another one for experimenting on as for the money you can't go wrong. More blades mean more rubbers,,
MMM Rubbers :)
Review helpful?    Yes | No

good speed with great controll and feeling......
Review helpful?    Yes | No

This is an amazing blade. Close-table game & long-game are both excellent as in you can land them onto the table whichever way u want them to with any amount of applied force considering ur NOT a novice. Mind u, this is NOT a blade for a NOVICE. I play fast & my game consists of a lot of drives both backhand & forehand & I found this blade to b very comfortable. Looping from a distance was also top notch. I'm using Mark V on both sides. My Pryde was lying on the side :P Gng to try that out on this blade tomorrow :P However, one thing I didn't like at first was the feel of this blade. I wish the handle were shorter as that gives an amazing control of ur racket. I also have a DONIC Persson Power Carbon & that has a slightly shorter handle. That blade is a work of ART ! My all-time fav: DONIC But getting back to the point, this blade has a slight vibration which either u'll get used to or u won't. I got used to it in an hour =D
So bottom line, THIS IS A BEAUTY but the vibration in it may either b a pro or a con for u. That depends upon u. Feel is really good as well. I suggest u use Pryde rubbers & NOT Bryce on it since Bryce gave me spongy feel on this blade. Pryde will give u the HARD feel u desire as an offensive player.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

This blade is fantastic. I'm sporting New Era on FH and Bryce on BH. It's my first legit blade, so I really have nothing else to compare it to... but what I can say is this. There is a pretty good balance between speed and control, with the ability to loop and smash near the table. I'd say its a fairly mid-range attacking blade, and it's pretty fast too.

The one thing that may take a little getting used to is the hollow feeling when you hit the ball. I know there have been some complaints about how players lose the feeling of the ball when you actually take a smash, but I don't really feel like anything is sacrificed.

All in all, excellent blade for all levels. Did I mention that the handle is pretty comfy too? :)
Review helpful?    Yes | No

this is a cheap and great quality blade. but even with 2 carbon layers, it requires so much effort to loop with reasonable speed. the hollow feeling and the vibration actually increase the control but impair the feeling of the ball. not suitable with thick rubbers. actually it's really picky about rubbers. tensor rubbers are probably suitable because they allow more feel on the blade. i would say the power is not linear if u use soft/thick rubbers. touch shots are gonna be too fast because of the rubbers and the looping, smashing are gonna be too slow because the blade feels soft the more u dip through the rubber. i still need to find suitable rubbers this baby.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Anatomical handle leaves your hand cramping after playing for a couple of hours strait.....also be careful when removing edge tape because flakes of the innerlayer of the blade will come off.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

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