Yasaka Extra Offensive 7 Power

by Yasaka
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In the last few years, Yasaka's Extra Offensive has been a big success, appreciated by players all over the world. With experience from the famous Extra Offensive blade Yasaka has developed a new blade, aimed for players looking for a superior offensive weapon. The very hard outer veneer is combined with a medium hard second veneer and a thin and very light layer of carbon. The middle veneer is selected and finished to be perfect in hardness and thickness. The gluing and pressing process is developed to improve the balance between the speed and control characteristics. Sealing process from the factory included.

Layers: 7 Ply: 5 wood, 2 carbon
Weight: 90g
Control: 75
Speed: 100

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Yasaka Extra Special - Chinese Penhold Yasaka Extra Special - Chinese Penhold

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Reviews of Yasaka Extra Offensive 7 Power (10)

 External Review for Yasaka Extra Offensive 7 Power on February 10, 2020
Good blade, definitely playable for controlled offensive game, but didn't have a wow factor. Everything was ok looping and blocking, but if you move away from the table, or want something quite fast, this blade isn't for you. It misses the extra gear.
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Review by sammysy (Verified Customer) for Yasaka Extra Offensive 7 Power on December 15, 2019
Blade: Yasaka Extra Offensive 7 Power
FH: Rakza 7 max
BH: Rakza 7 Soft max
Weight: 182g

I'm a penhold player who recently evolved from an single-sided-rubber tpb cpen setup to the modern penhold style with a serviceable rpb.

The thinness of the blade made it easier to rpb even with max sponges. Initially, the blade felt a touch fast but it's predictable and it didn't take long to get used to the speed. The short game and blocks are clean, and while brush looping is deadly, it requires precise engagement.

To further optimize for rpb, I chose Rakza 7 rubbers for their relatively light weight. Furthermore, R7s's soft sponge matches well with my backhand arm speed and generates a decent amount of spin.
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 External Review for Yasaka Extra Offensive 7 Power on January 1, 2019
My USATT rating is around 1700. I used the penhold version (with RPB). This blade is becoming more and more popular, especially among penholders. The composition is Wenge - spruce - thin carbon - kiri - thin carbon - spruce - wenge. Really amazing value from tabletennis11 for $45 at the time of this writing. It's hard and fast, but the thinness gives it flex as some other reviewers mentioned. The sweet spot is HUGE - rivaling that of the Butteryfly ZJK super ZLC. Feeling is very lovely - precise and crisp especially when looping. (I realized later that the huge sweet spot actually made my strokes less precise).

I will say that I switched from this blade to the Yasaka Silver All Wood because this blade was a bit too fast for me. Although it was very powerful and hard for the opponent to block, I lost a lot of points because the harder shots (half-long loops, looping out of position) went out of the table due to the speed of this blade. Additionally, blocking is much harder -- I kept flinching during each block because the blade is so fast and it's not that forgiving. So overall, the greatest strengths of this blade (hard and fast) are also its greatest weaknesses. If you can control it (probably above USATT 2000), then the speed/power, large sweet spot, precise feeling, and great value are worth the sacrifices in control. Otherwise, I'd recommend a slower blade.
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 External Review for Yasaka Extra Offensive 7 Power on December 21, 2017
YEO 7 Power combo with Yasaka Rakza 1.8 black+Donic Barracuda 1.8 Black. I know - illegal, but why not to try to compare. Both rubbers play, feel quite similar with this blade. Great control. Doubt the thin carbo layer has any effect on your play. It can be hardly even seen. Barracuda slighty softer, slightly slower, slightly deader (you have to add your a bit more of your power, very slightly). I personally prefer Rakza 7, not that much faster but the added livliness, gives me better feeling of the ball and thus better control. How about spin? Barracuda is not than much spinnier than Rakza 7. The spin pottential is very similar with this blade.
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 External Review for Yasaka Extra Offensive 7 Power on September 29, 2017
My current blade excellent for blocking and has dwell time of 5-6/10 with medium hard sponge rubbers like rakza 7 FH and 7 soft BH its great,great close to net play,with the rakza rubber as above I defeated a higher ranked player almost 400 spots more than me i am around 1550 and i defeated 3 sets to 2 sets a player with rank of 1950 playing with tenergy 05 easily.This blade needs excellent skills to use it effectively and plays well along with all rubbers.Its speed depends on effort when u smash flat its like a lightening speed.I have 2 of these blades one anatomical and another flared this blade is my tournament blade.This is my primary blade put some grip on the handle as it is soft and narrow now can feel the great touch of the ball.This is a 200 dollars blade but yasaka sells it for 40 dollars on table tennis 11.I am biased towards yasaka blades as they are of high quality with reasonable price.This blade can be used by all it has lots of gears.This is a great blade for players moving up the rankings and are developing their game slowly.Yasaka rubbers work amazing on yasaka blades.After playing with cheaper blades like dhs pg7 all wood blades if u want a carbon one then this is the one to get.Mine the flared one weighed 86 gms and the anatomical weighed 88 gms.
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 External Review for Yasaka Extra Offensive 7 Power on September 28, 2017
Mine 5.7mm, 89g. 5+2 layer. Thin carbon layer. Factory seal already, thin hard surface. Comparing to dhs pg7. Pg7 have more head size. Handle is little bigger than pg7. Pg7 head heavy, yeo7 weight balance. Faster than pg7 but not the fastest. Stiff than pg7. Yeo7 price is twice pg7. Came with plastic seal, no box. Test with t05 fh t64 bh. This blade is easy to use. It has good feedback feeling maybe because weight balance and thin layer surface. Good for fast attack. Bh flick is easy. Bh flick with pg7 is not easy because head heavy. Pg7 is better for looping with high spin. Pairing with the right rubber is needed to unlock this blade potential. Worth the price for the quality and performance.
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 External Review for Yasaka Extra Offensive 7 Power on May 21, 2017
very good for this price. hard stiff blade,quite fast but it has really good control(I think versatile word can be used for this blade), really good for shots , not too heavy.
its feeling is really hard. highly recomend for attack players
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 External Review for Yasaka Extra Offensive 7 Power on November 25, 2016
Mine is 85.2g anatomic. Thickness measured to be 5.5mm. Factory sealed with wings somewhat sanded. Overall quality is pretty good and it's made in Sweden. I don't like the big emblem on both side of the grip as I could feel it when I play. The anatomic grip shape is nice & oval, except a little bit small for me so I wrapped it with grip tape and it's now very ideal.. There is a hard & dark walnut veneer on the outside, followed by a medium hardness veneer, then a thin layer of carbon above the core. YEO7 is similar to Innerforce T5000 in design but with harder surface but thinner thickness (5.5 vs 5.7mm).

**Update**Due to the thinness, the blade is somewhat flexible and dwelly. You will get more dwell if you've chosen a softer rubber which I recommend medium soft rubbers. I put on a Razka 7(med hard) on the BH and an old layer of Baraccuda(medium) on FH. It's a nice combo, although heavy but with the grip tape the setup is very balanced. Both rubber feel very grippy and produce enormous amt of spin and very easy to loop. When looping side spin, it feels like I can grap the ball and throw it to wherever I aim, it produces a nice arc. The YEO7 feels like a wooden blade (due to it's "innerforce" design), solid impact feel, but dwelly due to the flexible thin structure. You get a precise feel of the ball and would know which part of the blade touched the ball. As you play more and more, you will be trained to hit the sweetspot more accurately due to more feel. YEO7 has great short game push & touch and flick shots due to more feel. it's definitely growing on me. It's on the slow end of OFF+ and the control is excellent. This setup is my best setup for competition so far. For the price I paid-$33 on sale, it's a super deal! Here is my rating: speed=9.1; control=9.5; feel=solid, dwelly & precise; stiffness=6; hardness=7; Sweetspot=big; Spin=9.3; Short Game & Mid Game=Excnt; Flicks=Easy; Push=very good; Balance=very good; Consistency=9.5; Overall=9.5
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 External Review for Yasaka Extra Offensive 7 Power on May 9, 2015
My YEO 7 power is 86gr and I played it with bluefire M2 both side.

The blade is lower tickness than the all wood YEO, the tickness is the same as my Viscaria so 5.7-5.8mm. The walnut outer ply is MUCH darker than the walnut of YEO, it is selected differently, its dark like the walnut on Barwell.

This blade is great, the construction is innerforce type, meaning the carbon layers are under two ply. The feel is great, off+ speed, large sweet spot, good spin (the blade does have some flex, despite the carbon), easy short game also. Throw is medium-low just like my viscaria.

Premium quality blade for a fair price. Would cost $229 if it was manufactured by butterfly.
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 External Review for Yasaka Extra Offensive 7 Power on February 19, 2013
I have on both side rakza 7 and de spin and speed are just great, it blocks awesome, heavy topspins and sidespins, smashes are just great. Its a perfect combination for agressive play.
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