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This is a bestseller for a good reason. Very versatile rubber, easy to control, good speed and relatively light. Play it on my Donic Waldner Allplay, great combination for a versatile game.
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Useing on my backhand pretty fast but not much spin on backhand serves there is a too high launch angle
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I had tried it on both my BH and FH. Felt better on my backhand as it's slower, softer and not spinnier than my Tibhar mx-p forehand rubber
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Muy buena por su precio, equilibrada.
Saludos desde Chile!
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A great rubber, featuring advansive aggressive top spin make the most stock shot hard to return. Well worth the money and very spinny. Wouldn't reccomend for more defensive players though, has a lot of speed which is sometimes hard to cope with. Definitely reccomend
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I'm using this rubber on my BH, for me it is a very good rubber, for both wings. It is a little bit explosive in short game due to high catapult effect, but nothing uncontrolable. It is not a rubber for begginers, I would say, it is quick and very spin sensitive. Drives are easy, top spins are spinny and fast, loops are very spinny (not easy to do in the beginning, but with training it gets easier), flicks are good and chops are very hard to do. Overall this rubber is lethal, it demands a good tecnique to use its full potential. Throw angle is medium high, and it is very durable. For comparison, it is slower than omega 7 series, slower than t05, about the same speed(a bit quicker) as fastarc g1. Spinnier thar mxp, less spin than t05 and fastarc g1.
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Good rubber but i didnt like the rubberband effect which makes two nearly identical shots with complete different outcomes because of the catapult.
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It has a neutral feel on FH drives - not too disengaged/numb but also not the most responsive rubber on the market. The first couple of FH drives quickly revealed that the XVP is not a speed monster. However, it still has sufficient power to enable mid-distance play. I have heard many fables of XVP high throw angle, but in my opinion, it is only a medium to medium-high throw rubber. Looping is, nonetheless, quite pleasant - controlled and clearly the XVP greatest strength.
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I stumbled across this rubber via a German table tennis shop online . I read up the reviews of the Vega Pro and was curious to try it . I have an aggressive style of play and prefer to be mid distance to close to table play . My game relies upon heavy topspin and accurate placement for flicks and serve returns . I have played with Bluefire M1 Turbo ,M1 , M2, JP01 turbo , evo MXP, Tenergy 19, Tenergy 05fx , Rhyzer 48 and I have to say that despite Vega Pro not being as fast as any of these ( but very very close ), it still packs a punch when you need it and I found my game had far more potency with spin and accuracy .. I use Boll ALC blade and the combination of the Spin , speed and Control is astounding . I was able to return short serves that were low over the net with vicious spin and accuracy .
Looping with this rubber is a dream and with the right blade ( Carbon with some flex ) is an absolute joy to play with. I definitely felt like I couldnt miss and this is a highly underrated rubber especially for the price . Roughly 25 a sheet from a genuine Table tennis supplier in Germany . I will keep this rubber for the Boll ALC , my perfect combo.
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Max thickness is 71g uncut, 50g cut. Easy to play rubber for any level. Performance is great and speed is very linear. Serves are spinny. Short game isn't bouncy, but power shots are fast. However, the problem with this rubber is topsheet durability. The topsheet starts showing abrasion and loses grip after only 5 hours of play. This doesn't affect shots that sink into the sponge, but affects brush shots.
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A great forehand rubber. I would recommend this to any developing attacking player. All of the fun of rubbers like tenergy and the evolution series but way more forgiving. Great price and performance.
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Donic akuda s1
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I had been playing with Xiom Omega 5, but I find I like the Vega series better and it costs less. I bought Pro for my forehand but I like it better on the backhand where it helps to generate more speed, spin and lift. The rubber is very consistent across the sheet so it's excellent on serves and flips.
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One of the best forehand rubbers for me. Fantastic rubber with brilliant spin capability, and more than enough speed. Highly recommended!
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This is a great rubber. My racket is Timo Boll ZLC fixes well with this rubber. It gives you a good feeling of a touch of spin and speed when you place in the middle range.
I gave 5 stars compared with the price of Tenergy 05 or 64.
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Top sheet is brittle so it will chip the edges if you're not careful. Overall the price was good, so get while its cheap. I used it on my backhand.
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A good allround rubber. Not spin sensitive. I use it on my backhand and is very good for counterattack and blocking. Fantastic for smash. The grip is lower than others modern rubbers. It means that the spin is not high but powerful if you hit strong.
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Honestly brilliant rubber with high spin and a sufficient amount of speed. For players looking for more control in comparison to the very responsive and fast rubbers like tenergy 05. This is a very good alternative, or fore players who want that little bit more speed go for evolution mxp
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I'm very confused with this rubber and the many well ratings. Tested it years ago as it don't worked with my blades and spin style. A training colleague use it over years. He has very good OFF- skills as former 2nd- league player. Extraordinary services and FH/BH topspins. I couldn't get out that of this rubber so far. Not long ago I started test phase for poly ball as my league results last year where very bad. So I ordered two Vega Pro in 1,8mm for tests on different blades. Before playing i tuned sponge but didn't worked convincing. Main problem was low throw angle and less catapult. Last test was on TSP Balsa 6.5 blade on FH and there Vega Pro works best in short play also chopping, save blocking and best topspin and smashing. I'll use it next season round. Also another training partner tested this bat and ordered same package at once cause it was so save and controlled and so powerful if needed. Wait for next feedback
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That is one amazing rubber! I use Xiom Vega Pro on fh and bh on Tibhar Curious. Very fast combination!
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I love this rubber! can't go wrong with Xiom!
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Ratings for 2.2mm. Similar to tenergy. Good balance of speed, spin and control.
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Blade: XIOM allround classic S.
Rubbers: XIOM vega pro on both sides, 2.0mm. (Bh/Fh)

I'm using it a month now. In the past I used chinese rubbers the NEO versions of the hurricane 3 and skyline 2. There're, obviously, big differences between them. The surface of the Vega pro is not tacky so it does not react to the incoming spin heavily, so is easier to return serves or block heavy topspins, compared to the chinese rubbers i used, but the non-tacky surface has a disadvantage, i'm struggling to generate heavy spinny top-spins, overall, on my Backhand, and heavy spinny serves. I thought the rubber was spinnier when i read the reviews.

I can't not recommend this rubber for the bh, unless you have a really good technique, i would recommend for the bh a bit softer and fast rubber.

The rubber is quite good for OFF players, who search directs and speedy shots with low arc and low spin.
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TL;DR: Get the Europe instead unless you are very strong.

I've played with this for a year thinking I would eventually grow into it and I never really did. I thought it might be a reasonable upgrade from Mark V on my dominant side (FH) on a relatively soft blade (primorac wood) but for me it's way too unforgiving. It works well if you brush the ball extremely quickly, and some days I feel like I can do this with reasonable consistency. My issue is that when I start missing, I want to be able to switch to some more controlled shots and then work up the speed. With the Europe I can do this, but with the Pro, moving the bat slower doesn't really add much accuracy because the hard rubber doesn't "activate", so I just continue to miss and miss.

From my perspective, the Europe is *almost as good* at super fast, spinny shots, and much safer and better at everything else. Lifting backspin is a totally different experience--you can really feel the ball and lift at a variety of different speeds, whereas with the Pro you must strike it extremely fast to lift above the net, and it's just so hard to do this consistently, even on my dominant side.

I don't have experience with a ton of different rubbers so I fear this may be more of a review of a "hard rubber" vs "soft rubber", but nobody told me what I needed to hear, which was to stick with softer rubbers even on a pure wood blade on FH, so I thought I'd put it out there: If you're not an experienced competitive player who drills difficult shots multiple times per week, you'll enjoy much better accuracy (and very good speed and spin too) with the Vega Europe.
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I felt it was impossible to play with it. Maybe because i'm not a pro, but the control was bad, so i glued again with a butyl acetate glue on an cheper blade and the feeling was better. I think this is a rubber you need practice to play with it, very fast but not really harder than Sriver or Baracuda. I think if you changes your rubber with Vega Pro most of your hits get on the wall behind your opponent. (2.0 red, forehand)
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I like this line of rubber sheets. The Vega Pro has slightly harder sponge. To compare... on the Xiom All Around S it's not that great. However on the Xiom Offensive S it stands out as a good close to mid-distance offensive rubber sheet. It's not fast but it's controlled, has good dwell time and a springy top sheet. Good for Offensive style blades... a bit too hard for All Around and Defensive style play.
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I have used this rubber since 3 month after my 3,5years break from table tennis. In the past i used tibhar evolution EL-P, Tenergy 05 but this my favorite rubber so far for forehand. Powerful topsin, easy block i great control and placement the ball. I recommend play close and midle from the table, because if u use this rubber far from the table u will be must use more power due less catapult effect than tenergy. I use 2.0mm thickness on the FH side on the Primorac OFF- and i will probably try a max thickness next time or Xiom Vega Tour
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Speed: 9.3
Spin (European Style): 9.4
Control: 8.7
Weight: 49g in 2.2 (0.24g/cm^2)
Hardness (DHS): 37.3
Gears: 2.5
Throw: 6.9
Fast Loop: 9.4
Slow Loop: 9.1
Counter Loop: 9
Touch: 8.5
Block: 8.5
Smash: 9.1
Slice/Chop: 9
Serve: 9
Flip/Flick: 9.4
Available Sponge Thickness: 1.8/2.0/2.2
Durability: 5.2
Value: 7.7
Overall: 9.1
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I would say this is my second favorite rubber I have used. Second only to Tenergy 05. But at this price, Xiom has Tenergy beat!
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My favorite FH rubber (on a Stiga Celero wood). I have tried others like Aurus, Evolution MX-P (using in BH, see comparative review there), tenergy 05 but I am always staying with this one. This is the rubber giving me the most power (with full arm) but keeping the confidence in my topspins and smashes. Very easy to open-loop and hitting is very consistent. To be aware the rubber needs a good arm speed (thus technique including leg works) and is quite sensitive to incoming spin. To give a level idea, my TTR ranking is oscillating between 1500 & 1600 in Germany.
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5/12/2018-Did not like it that much....maybe it doesn't suit my style.The quality is awesome,but its hard....needs lot of effort to get the full potential of this rubber.....I think spin way less than rasant and rasant beat or even rakza 7 soft.Control-not as good as above mentioned rubbers.....but it's cheap+very durable.I have it on Andro Trieber -Z

Update-23 May 2019:Since I have been practicing a lot,and have improved a lot,I love this rubber.Better than Tenergy05 as it's easier to control.Ball can be hit very hard...still lands on table due to the spin.T-05...too bouncy...goes out...need more skill to control.
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Cheap T05 replacement, for FH only.

Vega Pro is a surprisingly linear rubber for ESN standards. It has many gears which make short game easy but power looping far from the table a breeze, too. Catapult kicks in only on big strokes. Hence, I cannot recommend it on BH. It just feels to dead and hard there. Compared to newer generation rubbers, or T05, this rubber is much more linear, but also needs more physical effort. Looping is very pleasant, with high arc and good balance of speed and spin. Combine with stiff blades only and use hard outer ply, for example BTY Timo Boll series (with fiber). Best T05 replacement on FH.
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Excellent rubber, It reminded me like a powered down Tenergy 05, which for my style of play, is very good. It has excellent spin, speed and control, definetely an offensive rubber
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This is exceptional rubber. I play it for several years and just love it.
My only wish is that the sponge would be 1 degree softer. Because on flexible attackers blades you really need good skills.

Here is some ferocious forehands from myself with Vega Pro on Xiom ZX2:
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A rubber that whenever you mention it anyone who played with it before smiles and wonders why they're not playing with it now.
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One of the best backhand rubbers ever made!
It can last for a year+ on the backhand, fast, spinny, extremely stable and easy to play.
Safe, balls land good.. It is just one of the best rubbers for backhand.
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It is very fast and control
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Compared to Vega Europe this rubber has a tic harder sponge and a bit more speed. More direct feel when smashing and countering. Medium arc for this lighter tuned tensor. With Vega Europe you get that "can't miss" feel when looping. With Vega Pro you get a slightly less dwell so a slight learning curve is required to feel comfortable with it. Both rubbers offer superb spin and very good control compared to the ultra powered tensors. Test sheet was labeled as 2..0mm but visual inspection told my brain it was 1.8mm or 1.9mm. High quality top sheet with black Carbo Sponge. Many players should give the Vega Series a try as the price to performance ratio is high. Big bang for the buck. Great rubber series for under 2000 rated players. Great speed, great spin, good control and great pricing. Players out in pong land below 2000 level stop wasting your money on expensive rubbers and give this stuff a will make your racket happy and the money saved will buy your girlfriend a date at McDonalds. I prefer Vega Europe for my looping game over Vega Pro. Pro has a touch more spin but less ball feel. Your not going to the Olympics peeps so find your Vega!
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I really like this rubber. It does just about everything well and is easy to use. It's the first tensor I used after transitioning from Mark V as a developing player. Good speed and spin with great control and consistency. Excellent for blocking, flat hits, serve return and pushes. Pretty good for looping and serves. The high throw angle makes lifting backspin fairly easy. Can be used effectively on either FH or BH. Not the fastest or spinniest but a good choice for an all around tensor that is highly consistent with good control.
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pro & contra spin, control, speed, durability, price no weakness, but possibly for some players in hd too little catapult

detailed report soon
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On a Xiom Offensive S, in 2mm black: Out the packet the topsheet is very slightly tacky. The sponge is hard, more porous (larger pores) than Tenergy and black. First couple of drives feel unspinny, but a spin stroke kills that sensation. This has a lot of spin potential, but it is essential to exert energy in brushing the ball to achieve this spin (unlike rubbers such as Vega Elite). I can but imagine of the spin achievable on a softer blade with more flex. On short pushes using the topsheet there is little bounciness. Mid-table pushing is a less secure; compressing the sponge much will make the push/chop catapult long, although the hardness does help. FH looping from close/middle distance is superb; the ball does indeed 'cannon' across to the other side, although this needs very good energy transfer from the legs and waist and more than a little brush in case youre thinking of using this lazily. Loops have loads of precision, and the confidence this instils is invaluable, especially close to the table. The throw angle is high, not low. On BH, power loops had to be extremely well timed. Maybe a max sponge would give a bit more dwell. BH open ups were unpredictable until I closed the racket angle, whence the rubber suddenly performed much better. Blocks on both sides are good but not as good as something like Rasant Power Sponge, especially if you dont like closing your BH racket angle. Serving is great, no complaints and plenty of spin when Im not lazy ;-) Conclusion: A really good quality rubber for offensive players, with both a huge spin potential and a precise and predictable trajectory, even if this means sacrificing a little forgiveness found in softer rubbers. This could be good for the FH of improving loopers in 2.0mm or 1.8mm, who are trying to achieve a more consistent contact with the ball, because it gives a lot of looping control in the mid-low gears, yet retains a great catapult for further back. Enjoy your TT!
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Karet enak
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this rubber is good in its aspects where speed & spin is concerned,but when it comes to control the rubber needs a perfect skill, I am using it on the backhand placement becomes difficult with this rubber, blocking is ok but on speed balls sometimes goes on the net or out.the ball while blocking suddenly becomes slow if a bit force is apllied the ball is out,it should have a bit thicker sponge,
throw angle is high it is somewhat like the the tenergy 05 in terms the minus point of this rubber is its not tacky,but still overall good rubber i am using it on xiom strato fl
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This was the rubber I used on my forehand on my first custom racket. Due to the limited availability of table tennis supplies in my area, I had to settle with an LKT Instinct+ for my blade and a DHS PF4-New for my backhand which I originally used for my forehand. But then I later realized that the Vega had way more speed and spin than the PF4, so I switched the Xiom and the DHS. My friend who has a Nexy Kanaph (Blade), Donic Coppa X2 Platin Soft (BH) and Donic Acuda P2 (FH) tried using my racket. My other friend who is a heavy offensive player also tried my racket, and they both used the Vega on the forehand. They said that they had a hard time controlling it because it was way faster than they expected and that's why I gave this rubber a high rating for speed and spin. I'm not saying that this rubber lacks control, it's just that this is a really good rubber for a good price. My only mistake was that my LKT Instinct+ blade was too slow to compensate for the rubber which actually made my racket slow. I'm really looking forward to using this rubber with fast carbon blades and probably a soft rubber on the backhand like the Vega Europe or the Stiga Calibra LT Sound. Don't be afraid to buy this rubber guys, I absolutely promise that this rubber is really good, no regrets!
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Speed: average (9).
Spin: average (9.1).
Control: high (9.3).
Tackiness: slightly tacky (2).
Weight: medium heavy (48g, 0.235g/cm^2).
Sponge hardness: medium hard (51/38).
Top sheet hardness: hard (55/43).
Gears: average (5).
Throw: medium high (6.2).
Consistency: always identical (9).
Durability: average durability (5).
Top sheet thickness: average (1.7mm).
Surface thickness: thick (0.9mm).
Pip length: medium (0.8mm).
Pip width: average (1.7mm).
Pip spacing: dense (0.6mm).
Overall: good (9.3).
Value: average (5).

You can produce deadly loops away from the table with this rubber if you know what you are doing.
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this is a very good rubber. i am waiting for the dynamic friction version. does anyone know if or when the df version is going to be available?...
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Recently I discovered two great FH rubbers: Xiom Vega PRO and Vega Japan (MAX thickness). Vega PRO is perhaps the best FH rubber I played with, but it is a bit too fast (some balls go out of the table easily). A part of this issue is the blade, an OFF+ Joola Wing Passion Extreme. it is an offensive combo, but nevertheless it has enough control in receives and blocks. Very good away from the table. Quite better and more balanced than the Vega Euro (too slow for FH IMHO). Vega PRO loses for Vega Japan in one aspect: Vega Japan is a bit slower, just enough for landing more balls on the table. But the pros of VP overwhelm this slight weakness (adequate training solves the issue). <br><br> BH is at charge of a Spinlord Irbis I (MAX thickness) rubber, a light rubber with enough speed, spin and very good control.<BR><br>

(I also made a review of Vega Japan, mounted in a sister blade Joola Wing Passion Extreme, which is also is an excellent rubber).
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near perfect back hand rubber for me, on my stiga clipper cr, good bounce, good speed, good spins. not tacky but grippy. as a two wing player, i use a lot of backhand flicks as a response to serve and this rubber had serve me well these years. maybe one day ill get a t energy 05 or 64 just to compare it to this rubber, but for now, yeah xiom vega pro is such a good bh rubber.
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great forehand rybber
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Many years I've used a Vega pro on a Primo Vitesse blade as FH, and it has given me incredible results. The rubber has great control and spin for drives, loops, smashes and even chop-blocks... It's not a very fast rubber, but on a hard blade, it becomes a dangerous weapon. The control allows me to loop in a short/medium distance, and place the ball in a difficult position.

This rubber is relatively heavy and hard, but I like it as I can feel the power can control on my FH.

The only down side of this rubber is, it does not work with soft blades like Inner force. I tried switching it and the speed becomes uncontrollable...

Generally speaking, this is a great rubber for medium and advance players. It's closer to OFF and it allows an aggressive style with mild game speed.

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Certainly my favorite forehand rubber of these last years. I've made lots of changes in my setup during several month, coming from flexible blades and very soft rubbers, and gradually came to stiffer blades and harder rubbers. I quickly came to love the Vega Pro for many reasons :

- It's affordable, and yet very durable (lasts around one whole season for me). The build quality is extremely good. Though the sponge is firm, the topsheet is quite thin and suple so the overall feeling is firm, but not that hard (I'd say around 42-43, depending on the thickness and the blade underneath).
- It's quite fast, but very linear, so you don't feel like you're playing with an uncontrolable rocket. You get the speed you expect, no surprise, no tensor effect that comes into play when you don't expect it, and yet it's easy to play. On the contrary, the Vega Europe is a little easier on this side, speed is easier to "trigger"... but Vega Pro can be really fast as well if you have a good technique and hit the ball correctly. However, during short play or opening topspins, the rubber offers lots and lots of control...
- ... and spin ! Vega Pro is a very spinny rubber. I never played with Tenergys or modern alternatives so it's hard to compare, I'd say it's a bit behind, but really not far. Throw angle is high or medium-high so very suited for topspin play.

All in all, this has been my favorite rubber for the last 2-3 years, never really needed to try anything else. For this price, and if you
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Weighs around 48g cut (2.0mm on Primorac Carbon). This harder rubber is suitable for softer surface(hinoki) blades.

I first had it on Powerwood and it felt hard but slow and not spinny due to the harder surface of the blade. I then switched to Primorac Carbon and boy what a difference it made! The rubber seems to be made for this blade. The softer hinoki surface of the Primorac Carbon is a good match to the harder sponge of Vega Pro. Together the shots are fast and extremely spinny with vicious spin. Side spin shots can be spectacular curvy; topsin shots will dive into the table without going long. I never knew this blade can produce such a huge spin! This is my fastest and spinniest blade by far. I also own T-11+, PG7, Powerwood and N9.

Unfortunately, the sponge deteriorated after 2 month of hard hitting 6 days/week; was once a hard rubber with medium throw now has became soft and high throw. Due to this, I will try the 1.8mm or the Donic Bluefire series next time.
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Un cauciuc foarte bun pentru topspin balonat cu o rotaie mare i un im bun asemntor cu tenergy05.Cauciuc la un pre acceptabil.ncercail cu ncredere.Eu l folosesc pe lemn Ma Lin Extra Offensif pe Fh . Stim.
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Absolute quality rubber from XIOM. Perfect for my BH. It has a medium low throw perfect for quick backhand flicks and drives. this rubber produces loads of spin when thin contact is made on the ball on service and touch play. Blocking is great but where this rubber truly excels at is creating affective spin. With rubbers like energy we can judge the amount of topspin by how much of a dive the ball has. but with this rubber it is a very direct shot ( which is great for the bh) but the spin really causes havoc to the opponents shots and highly affects the accuRACY of your opponents strokes. Great rubber for very reasonable price recommend it for all stages of play after beginner.
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Used on FH. Non-tacky, medium-hard, medium-heavy, High-throw, great looping rubber. Soft touch close to the net, not bouncy at all(on my 729 bomb) like I was expecting for a tensor. Weight in black max is 47 g cut, so medium-heavy, and 67 g uncut. I noticed about 1 mm shrinkage after 4 months.
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I used Adidas Tenzone SF regularly for 10 months. Then I switch to vega pro as my main setup since 4 months ago. Compared to Tenzone SF, vega pro is relatively easier to use aka have better control. Throw angle is medium high, whether on weak or strong stroke. While tenzone SF will have medium high throw angle when its sponge is enganged or strong stroke. So, vega pro is easier for looping. In term of spin character, vega pro is little bit spinier. But, for speed both more or less have same speed. The weight is quite average but on medium heavy side, but that's still normal. And I think I need to correct the throw angle rating of the rubber. Definitely medium high, not medium, higher than Tenzone SF. So far, I am very satisfied using it.
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I bought a Xiom Vega Pro for my backhand, and my game play improved a lot. Its hardness and spin helped me throw very good top spins, the control that comes with the rubber is also good with my Primorac bat.

However, I have to admit this rubber really shrinks after being glued into the bat. I think it has to do with the hyper tensor sheet and the water based glue that can't really hold on to it.

The rubber is durable, and once you play with it for few hours, you will unleash the true power of it.

Btw, I think this rubber is very cost effective (not as a Tenergy). As long as I mind the shriking factor, I will keep buying it...
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The cheapest top-level rubber, not bad and appreciated.
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Great for attack on the backhand and forehand. If you play defensive this is not for you chops generate below average spin. Looping is very consistent with this rubber and overriding side spin with topspin is soooo easy with this.
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Vega PRO is litte spinnier but slower than vega ASIA. Both have good control. Asia FH and Pro BH is a good and cheap starter kit. Both rubbers eats up a lot of Glue and a "one-time" use type of rubber because once you take it off a blade, it will curl up like crazy and tough to flatten out on new blade again.
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I use RSM platinum special penhold racket (10.5 mm), this 2.2 mm rubber fits well with the racket, the spin and speed are good (especially in the close table or mid-table plays), the control is mildly poor than the sigma europe I, but it had more gears than the sigma europe I. The best period of the rubber is the period of the second week to 4-5 weeks from the use of this rubber, the speed became slower since the second month due to the loss of elasticity of the sponge. The durability of the topsheet is good, which may keep good spin for 2-3 months. The average time of play (usually in match) is around 6-7 hours per week .
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soo nice,very offensive rubber,but also controllable.i got used to it after couple of days training.hope does last long time
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Vega Pro is a high quality tensor with higher throw angle and excellent spin. It is not too bouncy close to the table. It has a great looping potential with strong ball dip.
I am a player who hits ball extremely hard with massive top spin and for me it was not easy to bottom out Vega Pro. I don't think many will menage to bottom it out so don't worry about high end gear unless you hard loop-drive from more then 6 meters from the table (kinda silly but hey... ).
One problem i had with it is when i try to push (long) with some side spin. It can pop up the ball. With good technique i don't think one should be to concerned about this issue. It is mainly my lack of skill near the table.
Blocking is great too. Most of the time you get even rewarded with some additional spin out of passive block (out of position).
Looping-driving (hard exchange) is the best!! Very easy to override side-spin and to counter with your own side-top spin. On pure top spin game you don't have to worry about ball slipping of your rubber at all (high grip). It sure does click a lot at high speed, so some may like that some may not.
Rubber has great durability. Mine died in about a month (please don't read this wrong i kill most of the rubber in less then that).
Overall very good product in my opinion. Great price 35$ to 45$. Last a long time. Personally i would recommend it as a FH rubber. Maybe not for an absolute beginner but anything higher should find this product from Xiom great.
Hope this helps, and enjoy playing felaz :)))
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Exellent for my backhand. It just feels effortless to play with it.
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I love this rubber. Good speed/spin and good control for blocking and for enough controlled attack away and near on the table. I have it in FH and Europe Version in BH.
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no disrespect to the above reviewer, but i have been useing this rubber for 18moths and change every 4 month never had a issue with shrinkage. most spring sponge are hard to stick on, i found from my expreience never stretch or bend much when placing top sheet on blade. stretching causes sponge to shrink back later when glues dry up, this can be noticed in 48hrs, hope it helps. any this rubber is the complete rubber for me. does everything especially loops. excellent throw. very durable and does not loose much performance even after 4 months, i cant tell the difffernce. not for beginners. 10/10
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Out of the packet impressions:
-Well made and trustworthy quality
-Plenty of grip from the topsheet!
- Med-hard sponge
-Densely arranged, thinner pips

Before diving into this reveiw, I should tell you I was just moving off Chinese rubbers after needing more speed for over the table drives and counterloops, that the tacky type of rubbers just couldn't give. But I still wanted something that would play a versatile game with some feel.

Driving seemed no problem for this rubber and I was able to either keep them nice and short or bury it into the back of the court at will; a good start. The control seemed great, but not the kind a lower level player would require; you have to be there and commit. I also appreciated the low throw over the net, even when going for less topspin, something that all more advanced players require. The short game took some small adjustments but was no problem, the hard sponge was a real complement to this as it allowed me to just touch the ball and give a push with good spin and keep it short, however if a flick was called for it could do that also. However you have to make sure your footwork is there and concentrate on what your doing or it will pop up or the grippy topsheet will throw the ball with the spin. There Is a reason this rubber is called Vega PRO.
Aggresive loops where no problem! Vega pro provided great speed with a lovely low throw, a challenge for most opponents to return. When ripping the ball you get some fantastic amounts of spin, still with good control, like it has a longer dwell time, but it doesn't. Odd but a good characteristic. Also, loops off backspin took some adjusting, but again no big problem. Just had to make sure I was using the right technique and my footwork and body were there.
Smashing was fun with this, like alot of tensors. The ball went fast and I felt like I was loading a ton of power behind it.
Serves where also easy and controllable with the Vega. Proficient spin and angles to work with this, thanks to the sponge.
But always when using this rubber you HAVE to use good technique; if you don't try and expect the rubber to do it all for you then the ball won't go anywhere, and if you try to slap the ball at every opportunity then it will embrace the opposing wall and leave a crater. Like I said, they didn't call it Vega PRO just because it sounds cool.
On the side this rubber seems durable enough to last about half a season or just over. Great for someone not looking to be changing rubber all the time, like myself.

Overall, I can safely say I like this rubber and I shall stay with it for a while I think. I would recommend this to people with an aggressive minded game but aren't quite all out loopers or drivers and want to mix it up . But you MUST be confident in your strokes and commit with good technique.
A great rubber for a fair price.
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Have been using this for three months now. I still agree with everything I say below, but WATCH OUT! There is an issue with this rubber (and I have just had the same issue with Vega Europe, so it's not a one off):

This stuff drinks up the glue like crazy. I had to put on three coats on the sponge before I could get it to stick. What I discovered later is that it SHRINKS, too, as it absorbs the glue. I don't mean a little; I mean A LOT. I took the rubber off one blade and put it on another, then switched it back. It had shrunk 2mm on every side. It was no longer usable. I work part-time in a pro shop. I glue rackets for others almost every day, and I have never, ever seen a rubber behave like this before. It's a great rubber and lasts well, but beware: it shrinks, and you can lose $70 worth of rubber in the snap of a finger. It's hard to get to stick, and if it comes off and you have cut it flush, you are screwed, i kid you not.

Just started using Vega Pro in Max thickness on FH and BH on my Darker 7p-2a carbon. So far, I'm liking it.

Vega Pro has a stiff but not too dense sponge. I had to put three coats of Butterfly Free Chalk glue on the sponge before it stopped soaking in and I could put it on the blade. But the sponge works very well. Unlike, say, a cheap Gambler rubber, which has a stiff AND dense sponge, Vega Pro has some give, so that I shrink from calling it HARD, exactly. The ball gets down in there, and I wasn't disappointed with the dwell time at all, particulary since I hit a fast ball.

Vega Pro is fast. I'm a middle distance looper, so this is great. But if you play close to the table as a rule, watch out. This stuff is built to grab that ball and chuck it a mile. I wouldn't recommend it for the close player or anyone below strong intermediate in skill.

The control and spin is good for me. As long as I hit a quality stroke, Vega Pro delivers. I wouldn't call it forgiving, but not too strict either. And you can spin the ball like crazy.

They say on the specs at the top of this page (as of this writing) that Vega Pro is not a tensor rubber. It IS a tensor rubber, says so on the front of the package.

Great rubber, 9/10 for me. But it's for a very narrow group: fast, spinny, more advanced attacking players. Others will find themselves knocking holes in the walls.
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I originally started using Vega Pro in 2012, and although I've tried a bunch of other rubbers, I keep coming back to this on FH.

I use max sponge on Xiom Aria 5-ply blade with a thin Btfly free chack application.

It has a moderately hard feeling (which I prefer on FH). I get clear feedback and it's somewhat forgiving if I make less than optimal contact.

It's easy to keep my serves and pushes low with good spin, almost like a chinese rubber. When looping I can use a big stroke close to the table and produce lots of spin and power, yet feel confident that I'll hit the table. This encourages me to play more aggressively and suits my game well.

To be sure, there are many rubbers that will produce more spin and speed, but this still has plenty of both. The longevity is fantastic, and at $38 per sheet you'll be hard-pressed to find a better value.
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Very versatile and confident loop rubber!
An excellent FH choice!
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Xiom Vega Pro is overvalued rubbers.
Too high spin sensitivity/spin ratio.
Tenergy05 is far better all aspect (or a boosted palio cj8000 biotech 40-42).
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Omg what a rubber, so fast, so spiny, so cool. Why buy overpriced butterfly products? This rubber gave me the power i was looking for.
Excelent in Loops, drives and serves. For Blocks You must getting used to due for its High Throw angle.
And the price? Very nice for what this offer in return.
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Not as good as omega 4 pro
i bought a red one for this
and I found that the quality of this rubber (red)is quite bad compare to the black one. I strongly recommend you to buy the black one
The speed is quite fast,however it is not spinny enough for me.
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Excellent rubber for FH topspin with lots of spin. not too fast eventough is a off rubber
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perfect in my fh.
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for loop and powerdrive it is excelent rubber. blocks good too. pushes needs some attention to incoming spin. not for beginners or passive game. very spinny and attacking one. nice ball feeling. generally require offensive skill and fast legs
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I Got the 2.0 red and glued it to my 1-ply cypress blade.
Weight: I really liked the weight of the rubber. 2.0 was a great weight and thickness for Jpen. After gluing, the racket was very well balanced and not head heavy at all. Switching between FH and BH was smooth and fast, without the discomfort in between that often comes with using heavy rubbers.
Sensation: The sponge was very porous, almost looked like pipe insulator foam. It's probably not a good idea to SG this rubber, the sponge would soak up all the glue and quickly accumulate, adding unecessary weight. The Top sheet was medium hardness, a little softer than I prefer as a meticulous driver.

Timeline: The first week I tried this rubber, I absolutely hated it. I had just played with T05, and was used to its grip and enormous catapult. After a week, I grew accustomed to XVP and learned to appreciate it. The rubber died after around 2 and a half months.

Play: I can imagine that this rubber is great for anyone who loops. For driving it wasn't so great. The topsheet wasn't hard enough, and so the ball sank into the sponge too much and gave it a mushy feeling. I Didn't feel like there was a lot of spin upon contact or during trajectory, but the ball shot forward on the other side of the table surprising both me and my opponent. I wish the throw was a little higher, I found a lot of my drives going straight into the net, which could be frusturating. Backhands didn't have quite enough catapult for the punch shot and came off a little slow and floaty. Backhands to my left had to have an exaggerated stroke just to get it over the net. Blocking was spectacular for me and the rubber let me execute great touch shots.
If I were another Jpen driver, I would go with different rubber with more speed, harder topsheet and a higher throw. Good luck.
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excellent rubber, has lots of gears. easy to loop, flip, counter etc. black rubber has higher throw than red rubber. spin and control is awesome, needs some time to getting use to this rubber if u have'nt played with high throw rubbers before.
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I had used this rubber (red, 2.0 mm) on my RSM platinum special (10.5 cm) for 2 months. In the first 2 weeks, it is easily missed the shots (Loop and Speed ) due to it's hard sponge and quick response, while it become better in the following weeks. The rubber has a lot of speed, the spin is good (more power will get more spin, relatively poor spin in slow speed ), the block was easily done. The durability of this rubber was much better than that of Rakza 7 (47.5 degree). The rubber is a real offensive one.
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I am using Xiom Vega Pro for like 2 months...Its awesome rubber for attackers...Only problem with it is pushing on the opponents serves, thats actually from its high grip...
But still awesome rubber.
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Very fast rubber. I can't say it's a hard rubber after trying hard Chinese rubbers because I can press my finger on the topsheet very easily. Good feel on loops, blocks, drives, etc. However, I still prefer Omega4 Pro.
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Very good rubber....i used many rubber but always come back to this one due to its looping ability & speed for hitting. Chop is heavy & good for serve. Suit to play close/mid table even far away....definitely this rubber not for beginner...but pro's will love this one. Control/Defend player won't like it.
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I have only played with this rubber for a couple weeks (black 2.0 on def blade). I wasn't used to the harder sponge (used to very soft Roxon 330) and didn't like it at first, but it grew on me. I love the higher throw, it seems at it's highest with lighter shots and if you really put some power behind it the throw seems lower (but works well).

The spin is great, even on serves. Blocking is easy and pushes ok if you have lighter touch. I struggled some with the short game at first, I could only loop very lightly at the table or it would go long (might just need more practice with this rubber), but if I stepped away 3-5 ft from table I could put all power behind the shot. Very nice rubber, I look forward to using it more in the future.
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One of the nicest rubbers I've ever used. Spin is awesome, Speed is great, control is great (when you know how to use it) and overall experience it outstanding!
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high throw, medium-hard sponge, medium-soft topsheet. a bit difficult to control, a bit unpredictable. becomes softer after a week or two. very spinny, a fast mid gear but slow in the top gear.
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medium-hard sponge. medium-arc. one of the best rubbers for over the table hitting and counter-topspin. quite heavy - your blade must be light. somehow, the ball slips when you try to topsin far or medium-distance from the table. but from 1 meter away, it's very very good.
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Very good for serves and loops both for opening,fast and,brush loops it is impressive! because of it's big window also, it's sponge is very cool! and it's topsheet is very glossy which I thought it wasn't grippy which proves me wrong! cuz it was very spinny! especially for brush loops and sidespin serves! very easy for looping slight or medium underspin a bit hard on very heavy ones you need to have good control and perfect technique if you want to to hit balls with heavy topspin with any strokes including blocks! very good for the drop shots but be really careful with your chops (away from the table) cuz it pops it out. Makes a very nice combination with a Zetro Quad blade
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Good rubber for spin and block .. Also good for push and spin serve ..
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Good offensive rubber with a nice low throw. Pretty good for serves and very nice on the fh. I use it on a control blade, so not sure of its performance with an off blade, but its very easy to control and somewhat forgiving. I don't have TOO much experience, but I would say that Vega Pro has a different feel from other tensors especially with regards to the "catapult effect". Solid for any offensive player or aggressive all-around player.
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Very good serve using Stradavarius, Andro Aramid and Zetro.

Very good spin but less than T05. It is a mixture of tackiness and softness of topsheet for spin to produce. Mechanical and stickiness spin.

Throw angle:
Is medium to high. Slow stroke produce high arch with Zetro but quite decent with Stdvrs. Fast stroke produce catapult effect with zetro also good with stradavrs.

Direct Hit:
Better with Andro Aramid and Stdrvs from distance.
Easy to go down with zetro as high spin produce make ball travel distance shorter.

Very easy with zetro still good with Stdvrs and Andro ARAMID.

Best with andro aramid.
Very good with Stdvrs.
Good with Zetro.

Very good with Stbvrs, Aramid but still good with zetro.

Good but the ball will pop up if the blade angle and hitting contact is strong. Found it better with Limba and Koto wood.
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This is an attacking rubber and is really good at initiating topspin from your opponent's backspin, counter-looping, smashing, driving and blocking. Good control too. however, for other non-offensive strokes like chopping away from table, service, and pushing, control is only a 6. Flipping requires care because of the rubber's high arc and shots tend to go over the baseline.
For Japanese-style and all non-RPB penholders, DO NOT buy this rubber because close-to-table blocking or attacking is almost impossible -- again -- due to the high-throw of the rubber. J-penhold players will have to close their angle on the BH, which is virtually impossible against opponents who are powerful loopers. Those with RPB shouldn't have any problems with this rubber.
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Fantastic rubber! I have been playing with tenergy 05 on my forehand but am not willing to pay &Acirc;&pound;50 for a sheet now that butterfly have increased the price! So i thought i would give the Xiom Vega Pro a try.. im so pleased because i have to say its the best rubber i have ever played with!

I am playing with the MAX red on my forehand.

The control is absolutely amazing.. looping is so easy and i feel that any shot i play is guarenteed to land on the table. Speed is ok but definately not as fast as tenergy, however im winning many more points now as my loops and counterloops are landing on the table far more often.

The vega pro is resonably spinny (again not as much as tenergy) but the accuracy and also the very very low throw angle has improved my game instantly.

Its great for pushing, blocking, flicking..everything really.

Im playing with it on a BTY Timo Boll Spirit and would recommend a harder blade like this for the Vega Pro.

So if your currently playing with tenergy and are looking for something cheaper and more accurate then i would highly recommend giving this rubber a go.
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When my Yanus became chipped and worn, my coach suggested that I go for something with a bit more bite on topspin drives. I can't detect a great deal of difference myself, but opponents say my drives have a nasty dip and curve, so I guess this must be doing some good. Chops are a little more difficult than with the Yanus.
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When I first play with it, it felt dull, lack of spin, lack of speed. I was not using the proper techniques to bring out the power of the rubber.
It is a "pro" for good reasons--it needs proper strokes to bring out the power of the rubber. The rubber requires fast racket speed: fast arm speed, fast forearm snap, wrist snap and of course good waist rotation.
Pushing -needs longer contact, short and long push have good control and placement is predictable
Looping needs longer stroke--more contact time.
Serve: excellent spin, good with low shot and deep serves. you can serve it like a Chinese rubber--just a little less spin
Also looping top spin needs to have a more horizontal path to bring the ball down to create a lower bounce. This is due to the slightly higher throw angle of Xiom vega rubbers--it is made to have a higher arc for safety to clear the net.
Smash--easy and fast
flip--good control and pace
drop shot-good control
drive and counter are excellent.
half-long balls--easy due to the grip and higher throw angle.
excellent rubber , wide range of gears from slow to fast.
It actually feels like a speed glued H3 (Xiom pro has higher throw angle), and TG3, and tuned Neo H3 and TG3.
Comparing to Tenergy O5, Xiom pro has better control, more power at mid distance, slightly less spin, better feel on the racket.
Some critic says this rubber is "Sriverish". Yes it feels like that if the racket speed is slower.
Quality of the top sheet is exellent, high natural rubber content. It seems to have good durability--I will see in 1-2 months.
The rating page on this rubber for spin and speed is lower than Vega Europe. At high racket speed, the PRO has lot more power and spin. The manufacturer's rating is more accurate--higher spin and speed than vega Europe.
Compare to Vega Europe:
Vega Europe is easy to play with, very good spin, much softer, excellent control, weaker for power loops and drive than the Pro version
note: I use an All+ Stellan Bengtsson alpha blade--not a very fast racket but has excellent control.
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This is the easiest to play rubber I have ever had! I looked for a hard bh-rubber and got the vega pro for good! It&Acirc;&acute;s easy, still dangerously spinny, formidable to place the ball wherever I want and looks absolutely perfect! Yes, the optical impression with this rubber is outstanding! The sheet looks almost softish if there is such thing. Well, I get carried away - sorry.
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It haas been one of my favourite rubbers since tenergy 64 i fell it is thesame sponge
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The natural rubber topsheet is very grippy and allows for serves to be low. The harder sponge allows the topsheet to do more of the work. Nice spinney serves.

This rubber is good for pushing. When I'm going for the long flat and fast pushes, they land and they do so with speed and spin.

Blocking with this rubber is better than Vega Euro. The harder sponge on Pro has more kick than Euro to send the ball over.

When looping Vega Pro produces loops with a lower throw than Vega Euro; it almost looks like the arch of my H3 Neo. Loops go deep onto the table and have good pace. When looping against backspin I can really load the ball up since the nice grippy topsheet can grab the ball, and the firm sponge will pop it back out.
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The best rubber for counterlooping! It literally eats the incoming spin, and sends the ball where you want.
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It is a very good rubber for loops and basically anything on the backhand. The only problem I found was the shops. If there was no spin, it would pop up. If there was under spin, it would just eat it up and go straight for the net.
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I like the speed, spin, and control of the rubber. At first i did not think it had a lot of spin, but my opponents balls seem to go flying over the table. i never had the problem of balls popping up on pushes like the other reviewer, but maybe thats bcuz of my blade/rubber setup. very good with loops and counter loops, it does require a good stroke or else it will go long. i guess it helps with your game.
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Hard, fast and spinny! Pushes need perfect technique or you will pop it up and get killed. If your game is attack, attack, attack then this rubber is for you. Good quality.
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