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Reviews for XIOM Vega X (3)

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I use VX black sheet max on my FH. Speed is equal to Vega Pro(OFF),but VX has more spin. Suitable for develop players who wanna improve their stroke. Overall VX is a good rubber for 33(TT11) price range.
*I paired VX with TB ZLF blade.
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First day having XIOM Vega X. (i change from Omega 7 Pro)
overall experience compare to Omega 7 Pro, significantly is heavier (entire movement speed slower).
But they stroke improve a lot. Accuracy improve a lot. Spinny more or less compare O7P.
Very fast speed, and tacky. Overall is a good rubber with this price point, easy to use. not require high skill to control the rubber.
*DSH 301 blade.
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I use Vega X max on my forehand and paired with a carbon blade. VX is very fast on a carbon blade. VX has a better grip and more spin than Vega Pro. My opponent has trouble to block my topspin. Short short is good but Vega Pro is better because VP is less spin sensitive and less catapult. Overall a good off rubber with good control and definitely an upgrade to VP.
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