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8 Reviews for XIOM Vega X

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I know my ratings are to high, but the average ratings here are far to low and simply a joke!

Spin: Vega Pro < Evolution MX-P < Tenergy 80 < Vega X < Evolution MX-S < Tenergy 05
Speed: Vega Pro < Evolution MX-S < Vega X = Tenergy 05 < Tenergy 80 < Evolution MX-P

So Vega X is far spinnier than Vega Pro and also has slightly more spin than Tenergy 80.
Speed is quite equal to Tenergy 05, whereby Vega X has more catapult effect. So it is easier to generate high tempo, but the maximum speed is about the same than Tenergy 05, maybe Vega X is a touch faster at the end.
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Right now I have Vega X and Vega Pro max both on my racket.
I play Vega X on my backhand (my stronger side) and score so much with it! Vega X to me is a little more bouncy and Vega Pro is a bit safer. Vega X is better if you take the ball early. With Vega Pro it is quite a bit easier for me to serve long and fast or very short precicely.
I overshoot a little more when I use Vega x on my forhand.
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Plays like Vega pro, but with more control, similar to Vega eur control.
Good rubber, well done XIOM!
Update 04.2022:
I think Vega pro has more spin potential than VX on loops. Short play spin could be same. Vega X is less incoming spin sensitive.
Speed is about same.
Durability VX is better, as still all is shiny.
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Very good fh rubber! I used to use omega 7 pro on the forehand but I struggled with the slow spinny opening loops.O7P is "kill or be killed" type of rubber.. Vega X has higher arc, generally slower speed(not much), less spin ..but much much more control. If I were competitive player I would definitely choose O7P but for hobby weekend-to-weekend game VX is the right choise because of the its ease of play
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Currently I am searching for less spin sensitive rubbers for my FH and I came to this rubber. Some say, that it is an upgrade to the Vega Pro. Usually I play modern looping/attacking rubbers on my FH (Like M1, Omega V PRO, MX-P). I was searching for a fact, but bit less spin sensitive and forgiving gear. So this rubber has a soft upper rubber, that absorbs the ball and helps to get a prolonged contact during your hit. But when you engage the sponge it simply explodes. This rubber is fast. The general throw of the rubber is flat, but it always clears the net, I did not have to alter my technique from them M1 to play with this rubber. When you loop, the throw angle can get really high. This is a really stable rubber, mainly for FH. Cut down to standard butterfly head size it is 53 g. Compared to the modern tensors it does not have a huge spin potential, it is only decent. On the other side, this rubber is simply a confidence booster, it has insane amount of controlled speed paired with resistance to incoming spin. If your game is about (fast) looping and counerlooping and quickly playing the ball out of the reach of your opponent, this rubber will help you to do that. The price is really good, the durability is also good. Maybe this is not recommended generally to pro players, because of the lack of monster spin, but every intermediate player should check it out if it suits their playing style.
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I use VX black sheet max on my FH. Speed is equal to Vega Pro(OFF),but VX has more spin. Suitable for develop players who wanna improve their stroke. Overall VX is a good rubber for 33(TT11) price range.
*I paired VX with TB ZLF blade.
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First day having XIOM Vega X. (i change from Omega 7 Pro)
overall experience compare to Omega 7 Pro, significantly is heavier (entire movement speed slower).
But they stroke improve a lot. Accuracy improve a lot. Spinny more or less compare O7P.
Very fast speed, and tacky. Overall is a good rubber with this price point, easy to use. not require high skill to control the rubber.
*DSH 301 blade.
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I use Vega X max on my forehand and paired with a carbon blade. VX is very fast on a carbon blade. VX has a better grip and more spin than Vega Pro. My opponent has trouble to block my topspin. Short short is good but Vega Pro is better because VP is less spin sensitive and less catapult. Overall a good off rubber with good control and definitely an upgrade to VP.
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