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Stiga Cybershape Blades

Stiga Cybershape blades are a unique innovation in the world of table tennis, offering several special features that distinguish them from traditional blades:

Optimized Hitting Area Both the Cybershape Wood and Cybershape Carbon CWT blades feature a revolutionary, patent-pending design that offers an optimized hitting area. This design is protected and unique to the Cybershape series, providing a significant advantage in terms of the area available for hitting the ball.

Closer Contact in Short Game A distinctive aspect of the Cybershape design is that it allows players to get closer to the table surface during return and short games. Specifically, the hitting area can be as much as 6.5 cm closer to the table compared to the 2.5 cm offered by a round blade. This feature significantly enhances the player's ability to handle short serves and returns.

Flexible Blade for Various Play Styles The combination of exclusive materials and the unique Cybershape design results in a flexible blade that can adapt to several different play styles. This flexibility makes the Cybershape blades suitable for a wide range of players with varying techniques and strategies.

Customizable Weights in Cybershape Carbon CWT The Cybershape Carbon CWT model includes customizable CWT (Counter Weight Technology) weights. This customization feature allows players to adjust the balance and weight of the blade to their personal preference, further enhancing the versatility of the blade.

CCF Technology for Control and Touch The Cybershape Carbon model incorporates CCF technology, which includes a carbon fiber layer on the wood core. This technology provides a softer touch and greater control, making it easier for players to execute precise shots and maneuvers.

Stiga Cybershape Carbon
Stiga Cybershape Wood CWT
Stiga Cybershape Wood
Stiga Cybershape Carbon CWT
Stiga Clipper Cybershape