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4 Reviews for Stiga Cybershape Wood

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I have received this magnificent-looking blade today and keen on trying it out!

I will update my review soon!

Update; I love it! It is a magnificent allwood blade! Great for both offensive and defensive strokes!

Speed; Speed is great, just enough for good shots while maintaining good control.

Spin; The blades has a good flexibility, giving chance to create good spin (of course with appropriate rubber).

Control; The most powerful trait of an allwood blade, so this too. Great control and stability, really remarkable.

Feel; It has a little dull feel, but has some vibrations, not too much, not too less. Great feeling!
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I have spent over 20 years testing different blade and rubber combinations. After 4 sessions with this blade, I can quite honestly say that I'm amazed by its linear nature and capacity to allow a player to perform every stroke predicatably. I play a counter-attacking game close to the table or mid distance with a maximum amount of spin on topspins on both sides. This blade really shines for me in spin creation using two Donic Bluestorm Pro AM medium rubbers. Services are fantastic both short and long with spin variation, blocks are great but a little care is required, short game is easy and service returns are among the best I"ve ever seen. I also smash when the ball comes up, and it is very easy with pin-point accuracy. Although slightly heavier (183g and 82g without rubbers) than my usual TSP balsa blade, it is beautifully balanced and easy to manoeuver. I would recommend this blade whole-heartedly.
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Good blade for players who seek more control in their game. Went from Stiga Inpira CCF to this blade, huge difference. A lot more control, what is to be expected from a wooden blade, but not really missing out on speed. Played for a couple of weeks now with this blade paired with Yasaka Rakza X 2.0mm on forehand and tenergy 64 1.9mm backhand. I advise to pair it with faster rubbers to not really miss out on the speed.
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After 5-6hours of training i must say this is the future many Brands gonna follow this concept.
speeed is about 8,1-8,4 you have so much variations in speed depend on your strokes , spin is also good and would give it 9,2 and when it comes to control i will give it 9,5.

It really shines in the when it comes to powershots and that with no effort , and it also is very good when you step short in your fotwork and come a little bit to late to balls the different sweetspot give you so much more help in thoose cases ,, even if they play in your pocket its easier to return with good control..
I Recommend Cybershape in the highest regards ,, you wont" regret it .
i have medium rubbers on and it suits the blade perfect
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