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9 Reviews for Stiga Clipper CR

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Simply , the best , with Nittaku H3 pro turbo FH , Andro Hexer Pips Force BH.
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I think the Stiga clipper non WRB blade is perfect for beginners as well as advanced players, because it has great control and balanced speed. I highly recommend this blade for beginners.

Versi bahasa indonesia
menurut saya blade stiga clipper non wrb sangat cocok untuk pemula maupun pemain tingkat lanjut, karena memiliki kontrol yang dahsyat dan kecepatan yang seimbang. Blade ini sangat saya rekomendasikan bagi yang pemula .
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Clipper is among the popular 7-ply blades in the market since early 80's. 5-ply ayous core & limba outer, is a good combination which led very outstanding play performances during their day's. Since then stiga came with the variation of handle & surface with the wrb system, cr system, oversized, combi system, crystal tech etc.. I have experience using this blade on the 38mm ball ages. It's quite fast, suits for all out attackers,used by many Chinese players with power loop & fast drive style. After 75 years clipper still around in the market with the new successors. Most of them still kept the 5-ply ayous core with the variety of outer ply.

Clipper cr with the lacquered surface was added the hardness, speed, sweet spot & rubber peel off friendliness. But that's not make big changes from the regular version. During the 40+ ball era it just rated as off from off+. Combined with the right rubber I still can loop with monstrous spin from mid distance. Generating fast drive, active & passive block from close to table are still dangerous, with the ball landed on the safe area.

I recommended this blade for intermediate player who makings way to be full attacker but still needs security.
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I am used this blade with stiga calibra lt spin on forehand and Joola rhyzm p on my back hand,actually this blade have a good control,balance speed and good for looping and have really high feeling vibration. I Recommended this blade for you. Really2 good blade with high quality for players who want expand skills.
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This is a review for blade weight 86g which is light for a clipper cr. Anyway it's 6.2mm thick fl master. Outstanding ferformance really good feel and has above average control it's actually high, the speed is great too maybe
-off to off or more in between. Make no mistake this is another looping blade it has good sweetspot for all wood blade and has good flex when needed . Does everything very well . Classic must have blade for the collection. Must say with stiga clipper cr or other clipper models the weight of blades make a huge difference on how it plays and responses.
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Still able to feel slight flex on the blade while looping.
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Is widely regarded as one of very best penhold blade.Still good and fast enough for the new 40+ balls.My main blade is Clipper Wood/Classic.Both blades are very similar and great with pips out rubber.But the CR is a bit harder and faster.You can not go wrong choosing either one if you are looking
for an all wood 7 plye offensive blade.But CR Non-WRB Pen Is not easy to get because is only for the Asian Market.I got mine from TT.11.
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Best blade for short pips (soft - medium soft sponge)... Haiful Dolphin fh...
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very good blade. i rated :
speed 9 / 10
conrol 9 / 10
stiffness : stiff
feel : medium hard
it has power (catapult efect)
conclusion very worth for the money. if you like to play with wooden blade, you will no wrong with this.
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