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5 Reviews for Andro Treiber FI OFF

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I think this blade has amazing feel its not a slow blade but also not crazy fast it has a lot of control and good flex so spinning with this blade is amazing and counter looping is out of this world. Especially with the C48 on both sides!
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After testing a few frames to work with my Long Pips.
I'm not a defender of chopper but I want to attack with it.
So I wanted a faster blade. I already had the Andro Kanter FO, but that was to bouncy ...
So I tried a few 5 ro 7ly wood but nothing felt like a real fit.
Untill I got his one. With my softer/slower FX-S it suits perfect for me. I can attack low over the net with spin and I can loop if needed. For slowblocking of fast block it's great as well.
For the LongPips I needed to be able to attack with it. Not just a fast push but a real hit. It's perfect for that.
I have the feeling the reversal is a bit lower, but for me the attack is most important. I had good control and good feel. It was a bit heavier than others I tried, but it didn't feel heavy. Probarbly because the balance.
And what is most amazing .... a few blades didn't feel right in the hand. It was small or to smooth ...... and when I took this in the hand it felt very good and fits well.
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a bit heavy but the balance between speed control is one of the best that I have had in my hand, I like the feeling in the blows, the opponents are crazy with the arc of the loop, I put R53 rubbers on both sides, which for me are the top
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Paired the blade with Tenergy 05-FX on both sides and the weight of the blade and rubber is 192 grams. The speed is there when you need it and the control is above average. Good for blocking and ball placement. The handle fits nice in hand but the bottom of the blade's edge needed smoothing out because it was kinda sharp and rubbing the top of my hand. Andro needs to put more of a satin finish around the bottom edge of the blade which would make the blade more comfortable to hold. Overall this is a very nice blade to have and fun to play with.
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Mirip timo boll zlc tp lebih kencang blade ini, fh nittaku G1 putaran spinnya dasyat dan kencang sekali saya suka...
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