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Andro Rasanter R37

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Our notes: Around 63g uncut; The slowest and the softest Rasanter version among the 6 Rasanter rubbers. High level of control with fair amount of spin. It is not so spinny and very easy to control. If you smash with it, ball has good placement control but not too fast. Ideal as a backhand rubber because the R37 blocks really good and is not spin sensitive. Also good for beginners at thinner sponge versions for control and stroke development.

• Your profile is spin driven. Variable all distance play is your formula for success.
• As a mid to advanced level player you prefer the soft 37 sponge for allowing precise active topspin play and control.
• Spin is key and you will be inspired by the extremely curved trajectory your topspin will describe even at moderate stroke speed.

Speed: 113
Spin: 126
Control: 91
Hardness: 37 degrees (Soft)

Andro has dedicated over three decades to the development of high-performance table tennis equipment. Exemplifying German engineering prowess, Andro rubbers are built for speed, spin and versatility. Through rigorous research and development, Andro consistently delivers products for those individuals who demand the most from their table tennis equipment. No one demonstrates this better than Simon Gauzy from the Andro pro team. His unrelenting style of play lets him push the boundaries of what's physically possible.

Andro has a long list of professional quality rubbers. The Andro Rasanter series is a mainstay in the table tennis world and the Hexer series is still popular with many players. Andro rubbers will keep you going strong in your next match!

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Reviews of Andro Rasanter R37 (29)


well packaged in typical modern rubber style. Rubber has a softer feel to it. Top sheet is very thin with very short pips. It is extremely grippy, like most of the stuff getting out of ESN these days. It even has minor tackiness to it.

very good speed in terms of mid distance play, and general blocking game. If you go very far away from the table, some that speed fades due to rubber being soft on very hard hits, but if you keep your power at medium than you do retail speed and control.

very high with lower impact swings. One of the better spinning euro rubbers at mid distance and mid power of swing. It is not an ideal rubber for a 3rd ball attack, but again for mid distance rubber is fantastic.

this would be recommended as a BH rubber to almost all control players who play one or two meters away and do not have extreme power hits. The way I would think about this is: mid distance and mid power perfection. Heavy FH loopers as well as extreme flick players could benefit more from some other rubbers

Have fun and enjoy TT!!!
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Tried 2.0 on the forehand side of Butterfly Garaydia ZLC. This rubber works 100% as advertised. Very easy to lift up any balls with decent amount of spin. A little bit slow but not as much as I worried before. Would like to see how long the lifetime is.
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The sponge is too soft and creates variations on placement, especially on harder hits. Tensioned topsheet also makes it slightly harder to be accurate. It does allow a relatively longer dwell time to perform shots though. It is light, which is a big plus if you want to lower your setup weight.
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I tried this in black, 2.0mm sponge. Tested as backhand rubber on a Yinhe MC-4 carbon blade. I'm comparing this to the TSP Ventus Soft, 1,8mm (35deg). Just one session so far. Just bouncing the ball on R37 after gluing, is a quite nice feeling, trying to feel the spin and so. VS feels a bit more springy/bouncy and perhaps it answers a bit better when spinning the ball. Playing: Topspin feels a bit harder to do with R37 than VS. The ball doesn't dig into the R37 in the same way as VS. Less marigin for errors. The short game is perhaps a bit better than VS, because the bounciness in the VS. Blocking is where I think R37 really shines and countering play. If you play it passive, it's slow and if you play actively you can set quite good speed to the countering. Feels a little bit like the Tibhar Aurus Sound, but with a bit better grip.
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9.3/10 for OFF style. FH/BH: Andro Rasanter R37, 2.3mm, 44g (0.217g/cm^2), 37 degrees (ESN), 32 degrees (Shore A). Blade: Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC, 90g, 157mm x 150mm x 5.6mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 7 (5 Wood + 2 Composite): Koto - SZLC - Limba - Kiri - Limba - SZLC - Koto.
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