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7 Reviews for Andro Treiber CI OFF

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Very Good blade with good speed and great control. The grip is a bit big but manageable. The only thing I would have liked is replacing Kevlar Carbon with ALC and you pair it hard rubbers like r50 or MX-P, you will have a beast. I use Rakza 9 on FH and hexer grip on BH. Will try R47 or Hexer Powergrip for FH.
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Love this blade. got it at 84g. Use it with Andro R48 max on forehand and Butterfly Dignics 09C 2.1 on backhand. Love this combination! Fantastic spin with a lot of dwell and control. You can add huge speed as the inner carbon kicks in. Everything clears the net and drops in, then kicks. Love it.
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Great blade! Played Butterfly ALC blades before. Treiber CI Off is build like the Innerforce ALC (which I never liked) but it has less vibration on ball contact and it is a little bit stiffer and faster. The Ball contact is really clear, which I like much better. On the other side it is not as stiff as a Butterfly Freitas ALC or a Boll ALC. I wonder why this blade is not very popular because it offers a great combination of a hard carbon blade and a softer innerforce. Great job Andro!
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Great blade, it fast but have a good control, topspin attack from forehand and backhand is great, like this blade.
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well-if you have not played BATTERFLY
and still hard with the rubber is very,
the blade to which you need to pick up rubber is not a control blade
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This was my first carbon blade after playing with the Allround classic for more than a year. I play with the Rasanter R47 on my Forehand and GKI Hybridz GX on the Backhand. The amount of spin you can generate off this blade is incredible and with great control. My shots are very precise and the blade feels really good in the hand with lesser vibration and a smoother handle. The inner carbon layer definitely helps. Both my forehand and backhand loops are very spinny right off the bat due to the amount of dwell time the ball has on the blade. Blocking and Chopping also feels comfortable. Switching to a carbon blade from an all wood blade, i can clearly tell the difference. Great blade from Andro and I would recommend it to anyone.
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An excellent blade that has a great handle. Not the fastest blade, but still have enough speed to finish the point, even with soft rubber. I play with the rasanter r42 2.0mm . They couple well: you have a great dwell time and a good control, better than my previous carbonado 145 wich I couldn't control.
Block, chop, flat hit and everything is easy but this is not the best blade for it. This is a good blade for loop against everything
I recommend this blade for two winged looper due to the inner kevlar carbon. Everybody can play with this blade, just don't put it super hard rubber if you don't have the level.
ps: I just put the speed rating to show that this is not off+ blade, i think it is more a off blade
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