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5 Reviews for Andro Treiber FO OFF/S

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Good blade!
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I don't usually do this, but after using the this blade, I feel obligated to say something about it. I had been using Timo Boll ALC with Hurricane (FH) and Moristo SP (BH). Decided to build a new bat and test this blade out after looking at reviews on YouTube (Table Tennis Daily). Tried it today and was totally blown away.

Pros - Very fast, suitable for close to table loops and counter attacks. Considerably consistent throughout all my shots and its so much cheaper compared to Butterfly's ALC, ZLC range.

Cons - less dwell time so less feel for brushing the ball. Might be due to changing of rubbers from Hurricane to MX-P. Less forgiving than Timo Boll ALC.

For the amount of speed and power it offers over my Timo Boll, the slight dip in consistency is negligible. My training partner have a tough time blocking my loops and counter attacks compared to when I was using the boll.

Good blade my Andro.
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Fastest blade I have ever played with. For me definitely not enough control. Very short contact time, but powerfully played shots are absolut rockets.
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Said to be the improved version of the Treiber Z but the Treiber Z is better. The handle is larger Treiber Z, not comfortable. I recommend the Treiber Z.
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Paired this blade with Donic Bluestorm Z2 (2.1) on both sides and the blade performs at top notch. Control is amazing with the speed it offers. Makes blocking with Z2 come easy. Most comfortable feeling handle. A weapon that offers an all-out attack. A pleasure to play with. 5 stars with an overall 10. Note: Table Tennis Daily Dan and Professional Player Damien Eloi were right on with the You Tube video of this blade. Check it out.
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