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Andro Rasanter R45

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Your game is spin and speed. Variability and safeness embody your topspins. Break with conventions, use the strengths of the ENERGY CELL technology: more power and quality in your strokes, high dynamics longer ball contact feel. The ENERGY CELL sponge with its highly elastic cell structure ensures an extremely dynamic energy transfer to all topspin variations. The 45 medium sponge supports both active and passive strokes in the best possible way. The perfect balance of spin, speed, and control is the basis for variable offensive table tennis. The R surface for maximum rotation gains an additional impact by the ENERGY CELL sponge

Speed: 96
Spin: 97
Control: 70
Hardness: 45 degrees (Medium)

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Andro has dedicated over three decades to the development of high-performance table tennis equipment. Exemplifying German engineering prowess, Andro rubbers are built for speed, spin and versatility. Through rigorous research and development, Andro consistently delivers products for those individuals who demand the most from their table tennis equipment. No one demonstrates this better than Simon Gauzy from the Andro pro team. His unrelenting style of play lets him push the boundaries of what's physically possible.

Andro has a long list of professional quality rubbers. The Andro Rasanter series is a mainstay in the table tennis world and the Hexer series is still popular with many players. Andro rubbers will keep you going strong in your next match!

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Reviews of Andro Rasanter R45 (9)

I have been using this rubber for about 5 months now. Using it in Backhand on Xiom Hugo HAL Blade. The highlight here is that i am a beginner level and still manage to control this rubber. This rubber help me to develop my technique and to me it is easier to lift/loop backspin ball compared to my FH rubber which is Nittaku G1. I feel the trajectory also longer than nittaku G1 because with relatively shorter stroke in backhand i am able to put the ball in the back side of opponent table. I think the durability also good since the top sheet do not wear after 5 months (i played for average 3-4 times a week @2-3 hours)
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In my opinion the best forehand rubber i have yet played. The amount of force and spin you can generate is insane. Great for blocking and and chopping.
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At first I loved this rubber and bought 6 more sheets. When its new its amazing: Control superb, Spin good, Speed good. The problem with this rubber that initial spin and grip is gone very fast. In small humidity it slips. After only two weeks it slips and doesnt grip the same at all. At that point spin, grip and pick up is poor. That has happened on all sheets that I had. And that has happened to other players that have had this rubber. The sponge after couple weeks feels a little harder than initially. Comparing to Yasaka and Gewo , let alone Butterfly, the grip and spin disappoint after couple weeks.
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Excellent rubber that feels like around 44 with a very grippy, thin surface. Thid way the sponge is thicker, allowing many players to go with the 2.0mm version.

Topspin openers on underspin are well possible, slow or mid fast. They are really spinny and tend to have a low curve on mid fast strokes up to mid high curve on slower topspins.
This rubber also shines on counter topspins whereas it is limited in speed when you have to counter power topspins. You won't be able to add more speed on top then.
Serves are easy and spinny, too. Even the short-short game is well possible with this rubber.
The only real downside of this rubber is blocking. It is really tough to block hard and spinny topspins as the curve is, as mentioned above, rather low and the sponge having quite a catapult. It was way easier for me to block those shots with my Xiom Omega V, though I then missed some gears on my forehand topspin with the O5E.
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Loops are loaded with spin and the quality of every other kind of shot from a push to a drive to a smash is very good if you have decent technique. Dwell time is very good so you can feel the ball very well-- control is very good because of this.
You will make errors if you don't have proper technique because it is a bit springy and has a fairly high throw angle. if you do have good teqnique it has really good control and speed and spin. The higher throw angle does give a developing looper like me some forgiveness on heavy backspin balls. Sensitivity to spin is average.
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