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Tibhar Evolution MX-D

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This is an upgraded version of the hard-to-improve-on Evolution rubbers. The idea was to find the optimal balance between the power of the Evolution P rubbers with the spin of the Evolution S rubbers. The core difference is the brand-new ‘’RED ENERGY SPONGE’’, which, combined with the MX-P-like topsheet, results in increased dwell time, meaning softer touch and more comfortable feeling, and at the same time a very strong catapult effect, especially during offensive topspin rallies. Despite the hard sponge, you get soft feeling, which opens up many possibilities for skilled players.

Speed: 95
Spin: 96
Control: 87
Sponge: Med Hard

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Reviews of Tibhar Evolution MX-D (15)

A wonderful rubber for my Innerforce ZLC. The throw is actually pretty high, seems to be above MX-P. It's like MX-P with added firmness and grip of MX-S. Very dynamic for such a hard rubber, surprisingly easy to get the spin out of it. Feels relatively soft, but don't let it fool you, it has a lot of explosive power and good deal of bounce, and it is not easy to tame on backhand. On the forehand, however, it is very forgiving for the power it offers.
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This rubber is a bomb! It shoots like hell, it's powerful, great grip, medium-low trajectory, compact sponge with medium pores (not large) but the topsheet is thin and therefore hooks the ball which launches like a slingshot. It is affected by the effects of the opponent and this is typical of the thin coat.
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One of the best rubbers I've used. It has it all, speed, spin and control, with an excellent grip on the ball. I've been using it for months on forehand, and the durability is also great.
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This rubber is a monster. I'm used to fast rubbers, I'm used to hard sponges, but this is the most difficult rubber I have used in a while. Definitely not for beginners. But in the right hands, it's unstoppable. Especially if you pair it with a hard blade (any outer ALC like Viscaria for example). You can choose a softer blade to tame it but it would be pity. You don't buy a fast rubber to tame it, right? So this MX-D, like MX-P, is similar to T05 but spinnier than MX-P and with a couple more gears above T05. Throw angle is higher than I'm used to but with a little angle ajustment I am able to drive and smash with confidence. People say it's not good for BH but I found it very pleasant in BH too. You must be able to do really long, powerful strokes with a perfect timing to benefit from this rubber. You must engage the sponge at every shot. As a drawback, I found it quite spin sensitive. Other reviewers say it's not, I disagree. Obviously, don't even think about playing defensive or passive with this rubber. It's 100% OFF+. I use it only against opponents that rely on looping, because in loop rallies, it's more powerful than anything else. If you want to use it against an opponent who has good defensive tactics or is good at flick or other vicious tricks, you better be a champion at reading incoming spin or you are doomed (I'm not so I won't use it against vicious opponents). If you aren't that confident in your skills, K3 is a much safer, more forgiving and versatile option.
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Played on off- blade, FH MX-D max, BH Victas V22 max. I played a long time with V15 extra max both sides, and before I had a MX-S 1.9-2.1mm on FH side. To me, MX-D is the spiritual son of the V15 extra. Build for counter offensive play, low spin sensitive, very linear but powerfull, not for spin oriented players. It's simply the best rubber I ever seen for counter topspin. It's is very effective on smash / block / flick, the throw angle is medium high but topspin against backspin is easy. The mecanical grip is good and the ball never slip on the rubber. I don't feel the 50 of hardness, more like 47, a little more than MX-S. The only weak point for me is the services that have less spin and more complicated keeping the ball short (and I don't play with an off+ carbon blade...). MX-D is the best counter offensive rubber on the market, an improvment of V15 extra. If you search an update of the MX-S, you will be desappointed (Victas V-22 is what you want).
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