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3 Reviews for Tibhar Quantum X PRO

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Just played once with it, so can't really tell yet got it in pink looks spectacular.
I have put the rubber on my forehand side of a slow defensive blade. It actually feels great.
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Tibhar Quantum X Pro (red cover) Max black - 47.7g (hardness 47)- Blade : Viscaria 87g - I used it in Forehand, and T19 2.1mm on BH. The throw angle is lower than T19. The control is just amazing, and the speed is enough high to finish points. Spin is "on demand". Very spiny and short opening is OK, but the most enjoyable with this rubber is the super fast top spins that are really stable and landing on the table, with moderate spin (like T64). To me, QX is in between T64 and T80. The rubber is very light for MAX thickness, with 47.7g (lower than D09C 2.1mm as 48.5 in black, and 49g in red). The most impressive also is the control, in block and also in counter spin. Overall, this rubber is very pleasant, very well balanced between spin/speed/control. Price is also good for this rubber quality. I cannot rate the durability yet.
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Felt tenergy 64, best suit with hard blade
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