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Reviews for Tibhar Evolution MX-D (7)

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Counter Topspin machine for mid distance. More power than mx-s. Flat hitting also very powerful but sometimes the ball goes long cause of the power red sponge. Blocks are good and fast. The only weak point is service. It is not easy for me to generate spin with the hard rubber. Short receive
is easier with mx-s because the sponge is less reactive.
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Its been Long time that I wanted to change my mxp because my opponents block my topspins very easily and the ball land very short on the opponents table. Mxd feels way softer than the declared hardness, overall should be around 49.5/49.8, a bit softer than mxp50. The topsheet is really soft so you can easily grip the ball when you are out of position, away from table or make opening loops without engaging much the sponge because you dont hit the ball hard. When you hit the ball hard you engage the sponge and the trajectory of the ball is very aggressive, fast, low and deep on opponents table, he cant counterloop and makes many unforced errors blocking, many many more than while I was using the mxp.
Block with mxd and forehand flip is way easier due to the hard sponge.
With mxp I must use full force to make a strong topspin, so I made more unforced errors, with mxd the topspin is very strong even if I use 70% full power, so I can make less errors.
With mxd the ball stays more time than other rubbers in contact with the topsheet, so I think it could be a good rubber for backhand too, maybe in 2.0mm, many players that I know are now using it on backhand with good results .
Due to the hardness I suggest it for good players, for medium level maybe its better a mxp rubber that its more easy to engage the sponge
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Really enjoy playing with this rubber. The speed and spin is awesome with easy ball placement. The rubber doesn't feel as hard as one might expect. Has a very nice soft feeling when blocking and counter attacking. Can be as powerful as you want it to be. Great rubber when playing fast or slow. If you want to win at this game this rubber will give you a huge opportunity to do so. NICE RUBBER!!!
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A great addition to the evolution series of rubbers. Awesome speed, spin, & control. Blocking is superb. Great rubber.
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I thought that this was just a moneymaker until i got an ex. It is a marveloous rubber! My clubmates liked it very much too. And 2 was supposed too order it yesterday. It was built to have MX-Ps spees and MX-s spin, and i played these for alot of years now. I play 7 official matches with it and i havent loose yet. You have to brush on serves to reach the enormous spin os MX-S, but i won ALOT of points on my serve. The game from back is the funny part, and good loop combines with good topspin and sidespin from distance, and he block is awesome, and doesnt fly away over the table as easy as MX-P. I totally recommend
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Really great rubber, more spin AND top-end speed than MX-P at a similar weight (50g cut at 2.1/2.2 thickness). IMO it is a superior rubber and feels closer to Tenergy/Rozena than any Tensor I've used in recent years. Pores are finer like MX-S but speed doesn't suffer this time.

It's definitely a forehand rubber, I'm using Rozena on the backhand as MX-D is too hard if you like to vary between soft and hard strokes.
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The rubber felt softer than mxp 50, it grips the ball better than mxp and its 50 degrees counterpart
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