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I am a jpen player who is looking to learn the reverse penhold backhand (RPB) technique, and I thought this racket was quite good. I played with it today but will probably come back later to edit this as I play with it more. Probably will not replace Victas Dynam as my primary blade, unless I get really good at RPB.

I really like the cork on this racket and it helps me maintain my ability to play traditional backhand (TPB) while also giving me the ability to play RPB. I've tried learning RPB on cpen rackets before and had decent success, but the RPB success comes at the expense of the TPB. Cpen rackets usually do not have a cork to hook the index finger on, and usually they require the index finger to be quite far to the right side of the racket (away from the handle) in order to open up the reverse side of the racket. The Garaydia Revolver lets me put my hand in a position where I can still hold the cork with my index finger
while playing RPB, thus giving easy maneuverability between RPB and TPB, and preserving the powerful jpen forehand stroke. I have pretty big hands (12.5 inches from palm to middle finger), so keep that in mind.

I know some people have tried this style of racket for twiddling, and I tried it myself but it seemed quite awkward. Twiddling a penhold racket in general seems quite awkward though. Maybe if I practice...

I play with DHS Skyline 2 (unboosted) on the forehand, and Dignics 09c on the backhand. The ALC gives more than enough speed, and the hinoki outer layers provide very good feeling and dwell time like you would get in a 1-ply hinoki blade.
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