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5 Reviews for Butterfly Diode V

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Not as stiff and hard as a JSH, but still way more than a VKM, slightly stiffer and faster than a VKMO but quite similar, the Diode has a very comfortable handle in ST, a bit square and thick. Very good for chopping and attacking far from the table. Im not a fan of the feeling compared to the VKM but the consistency and quality of shots is great. Overall a great blade
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Its very different,than Joo Se Hiuk.More,more control,less stiff,very cotrollable.Any rubbers work on it.Very spinny.Good speed,when loop.Its old butterfly Matsushita.VERY GOOOD!!!
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Used this blade with Andro Rasanter V47 and TSP Curl 0.5 mm. The blade was a little to stiff for me so I wasn't able to get a good feel however, chops are very good almost always low and deep to the table. With just a slight change in the wrist you can aim to the forehand or backhand. I would use this racket probably when I could chop those fast spinny kills on the backhand side consistently. As of now this seems more like an intermediate blade.
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Tons of controll, very god speed while attacking. This blade is not so stiff as described. For example Clipper CR is much more harder and stiffer blade than Diode V. This blade is shining in defense and sudden deadly attacks. I am using P1-R 1,1 mm and it fits perfect. Worth every price.
Love this blade. Nice controll, beautifull counter hits, vey stable while chopping. All setup with Tibhar ELS max and P1R 1,3 weight 201 g which believe me gives more power to countering away from teable and its helpfull :) ps I am using with flare handle.
Two weeks ago i got after searching JSH blade and i had chance to compare them. DV has more control, less stiff, little faster. It is easier to attack with topspin Maybe it was because a put in fh Tibhar MXP . Generally i would stay with DV.
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I think this blade is even better than the JSH-blade for modern defensive game. I have paired it with TSP Curl P1r OX and T05 1,9mm. My immediate feeling is that this blade has better control and identical speed as the JSH. For sure this will be my first-choice. Good job from Butterfly here!!
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