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7 Reviews for Butterfly Zhang Jike T5000

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Great touch and feeling, you need some time to really adapt to it but on the other side you can feel how good this blade is from the very first shots you try.
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Revised after 10 month: The ratings for "Control" are a pure joke to me!!! I have never had a better feel with any blade. Speed and control are in an outstanding relationship here. Facts: strong FL handle, weight 88 g. ... blade sealed with clear varnish!
After I had played for some times a STUOR Nobilis ZLC Hinoki blade (which is harder, faster and more direct!), this blade happened to fall into my hands. ... glued on both sides with a Tibhar Aurus Select, with 1.7 mm sponge thickness. - and I was absolutely thrilled !!! Sufficient speed and incomparable control. - pure feeling! ... just madness. After a few weeks, I exchanged the Tibhar on the forehand side for a Nittaku Fastarc G-1 in 2 mm. - to get more rotation! Ultimately I decided on a Dignics 09c (2.1 mm). On the backhand side I'm currently using the Tenergy 64 with 1.7 mm, which I also use on my Stuor Nobilis ZLC Hinoki. - I swapped the Aurus Select after 3 months for a TSP Ventus Speed (1,8 mm) with identiacal (45) hardness, which has a flatter and longer trajectory.
Conclusion: Every offensive player should feel comfortable with this outstanding blade. All of my friends, who played my racket, were impressed by the feedback. This blade, together with my Stuor Nobilis, is now my set number 1point2. ;) ( - I use the Stuor in competition, "with softer balls", when I want a little more speed and hardness! ;-P ... otherwise the Z.JK T5000 comes to use! )
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Worth Every Penny. If you don't like the feeling ALC. Try this one... Fast, Spinny, Controllable. The Best Tamca Blade 10/10.
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First of all im sorry for the spelling mistakes. When i just bought this blade it felt very fast but after some trainings i had a very nice control. I play with t05 on bout sides and im thinking to switch my fh to tibhar Evolution fx-p. So this blade is very fast and in the same time has a good control. The sweat spot in this blade is not the biggest but it is ok.the loops whit it are very good far from the table.this blade is very good with a soft rubber because it is very stif.i hoop i helped and i would really appreciate if some one will review this blade whit the evolution fx-p rubber
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Zhang Jike t5000 is a good replacement for my Sardius. A bit slower in terms of ball rebounce. What I like about this blade are:
1. Very good control.
2. Great ball dwell time.
3. Good for blocking.
4. Good for short game and touch play.
5. Fast blade with a low throw angle.
6. Very good for drive and smashing.
7. Good for close, mid, and far away from the table.
Current blade set-up fh/bh T05.
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Coming from an Amultart, I immediately noticed the feel of this blade. It is very crisp with very good feedback from the ball.

In spite of its speed, the control is surprisingly very good. It isn't too bouncy in the short game and in control shots, but rips the ball out in attacking shots. Power loops, counters, drives and smashes are all fantastic. Blocking is a breeze, as if the blade is in auto mode. :)

I immediately adjusted to the blade, with just a couple of hits. This is because of the amount of control the blade has. Just minutes after the transition, my strokes became more consistent and my confidence in performing all types of shots escalated very quickly.

Comparing this to the ZJK ALC, I can say that this has more feel and power. Dwell time feels about the same.

This is my first review after quite a while of referencing from this site. The ZJK T5000 made me want to write about it since I am wondering why only one review was done about such an amazing blade.

For reference, I use Tenergy 05-FX on FH and Andro Rasant Power Grip on BH - with a little bit of twiddling through matches depending on what I need with the competiton.
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Good blade if you love tamca style.
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