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26 Reviews for Butterfly Zhang Jike ALC

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I have been using the zjk ALC (88g) for about 5-6 months. I have andro r53(ultr max) on fh and bty D05 (2.1) on bh. Its pretty fast but with control. I really like blocking/active blocking in both ends and effective . I like the feeling of it , I tried viscaria before getting this but it has too ( for my liking) vibration but zjk ALC is perfect for me . I like the rubber setup as well fits well on zjk ALC for my playing style which is closer to the table and mid distance . But close to the table its superb , I really love the active blocking feeling and sets me up for return perfectly .
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like i said 88 gr slower than 90 gr and yes i have two at 90 gr and one i sell it because it was slower because bty is not so high standard like 1980 - 90 years . if you know - how to see center of gravity paddle you will be able to determinate future setup . standard is about 25 mm from handle ............
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the best version of zhang jike alc
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the best version of zhang jike, the greatest value blade from butterfly
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Speed 10/10 , control 10/10 , overall 10/10 !!! The fastest blade I have tried so far! Much much faster than DHS Ma Long 5. I tried them with the same rubbers so I can compare. A lot of power with this blade but with marvelous control! This blade is magic!
Looping is easy if you are pro, if not then looping is little bit harder than with wooden blades because it is stiff and hard like all carbon blades. You can't feel the ball with carbon blades. If you are beginner you need that feeling, if you are pro you just don't care.
You don't have to weight it because it is not head heavy. It has perfect balance and perfect handle!
Just pair it with t05 and DHS H3Neo and you will be happy.
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A nice softer version of Viscaria with great control. Easier to play than Viscaria. A viscaria for amateur player. The handle is about the best among all bty blades.
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Soft blade with woody feel. Good for beginning to intermediate players to create spin. However, the lack in speed and power should keep the advanced player from this blade. Somebody who focus on spinny game find success with this blade, but I would rather go for a 7 ply wood.
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Softer feel than Viscaria which provide great feelings and much easier to control.
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This is it! The perfect blade for my style of play. Not as stiff as TB ALC but not as soft as Viscaria, the speed, spin and control are great. After a long long time of trying different blades, I guess I could say I've finally found what l'm looking for...
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First version blue dragon was better but this is better for plastic balls.
Very stiff and better for blocking
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I played Butterfly T.BOLL ALC and I lacked control.Butterfly ZHANG JIKE ALC has excellent control, speed and controllability.Gorgeous blade . I recommend!Apolonia ZLC looks like it.
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Best blade. i love it
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Great blade, I like the handle.
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My primary blade so far. Updated. ( July 2021.Using Tenergy 05fx for forehand and Donic bluefire M2 for backhand. Flicking the ball makes my opponent awful when the ball rushing like a bullet on the other side of the table thinking where did the ball go. Blocking is like wall. Smashing is like a thunder. Deadly combo. Control is very good. Try it guys. Update: Changed my rubbers to Donic Bluefire M2 for FH and BH. Excellent Combo. After pressing for two hours.. voila!
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Its a fantastic blade. Its good for close and mid to table maybe its because im using H3 neo on my forehand and short pips on my backhand. Its a good combination its because you can do slow and fast loop drive on forehand and you can do defence and smash on backhand. This blade has a good and crisp sound when you hit hard and is good also on blocking. It has a very comfortable handle and its a high quality blade.
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This blade is amazing, at least for me. Mine weights 93g and its thickness is 5.8mm. Very soft feeling compared to my previous blade, which is donic epox offensiv. It's indeed a fast blade, so unless the player has skills to handle it, it's hard to spin the ball with this blade. The first time I used it, it was a bit hard to perform spinny serves and short receives because of the weight of the racket and the speed of the blade, but nowadays I'm used to it, so it's not that hard to make spinny serves and receives.

Although this blade is a carbon blade, it's not stiff at all. Donic epox offensiv is way stiffer. It's a fast but very soft and flexible blade. I recommend this blade to all those people who know how to spin the ball very (experienced players) and who are looking for fast blades with good feeling of the ball.

These are the characteristics:

- Fast blade with soft feeling.
- Handle is a bit thick for a 5.8mm thickness blade.
- Quality is world-class.
- This blade is not head-heavy.
- Head is smooth. Handle is a bit rough.
- I would say the dwell time is not short for a carbon blade.
- Good for both close to the table and far from table. But the true power of this blade can be seen far from table playing style.
- It's expensive. I paid 200 dollars for it in Peru.
- Tensor rubbers are highly recommended for backhand.
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I have a good technique so give me any frame or rubber and I will adjust. Nevertheless searching for the right combination brought me by Yasaka mark V ( dwell, spin and control) and the Zhang Jike ALC for more speed. So far I like it.

Played with 49 Stiga Allround Carbon before. The 160 Zhang Jike ALC does not have the same (perfect) handle as the Timo Boll ZLC. It's more like the flared handle from Stiga and that was a disappointment. I do not agree with all the ooh's and aaah's concerning the looks of this blade. Same league as the 49 Stiga. Maybe even less. Playing with Yasaka mark V (max) on forehand and 2.0 at my backhand gives me more speed then the Stiga. Good qualities of this frame are topspin and speed. Chopping, blocking and looping works great too but the Stiga did a great job also.

Because I like to attack but also want to have more dwell time and control I use this Zhang Jike ALC with the Yasaka mark V combination. It just feels right.

Last note: I played with Tenergy 05 and changed to yasaka mark V for the better. Yasaka gives you so much spin and control in combination with an ALC frame. This cheap rubber is highly underestimated. Tenergy is great too but to my opinion it's to bouncy. I lost to many points with par example blocking. (over the table).
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Ive used this blade for 2 months now and couldn't be happier with the performance of this blade and how my game has improved because of the Zhang Jike ALC. I use this blade with a Bty Rozena an my bh which gives me a perfect attack/defence. Highly recommend you get this blade if you like topspin and heavy loop.
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I came from Timo Boll ALC to this one, basically just because it looked awesome. But I'm surprised by what I foud. Any Arylate Carbon blade was fine to me, until I started testing them all, now I'm in love with it.
What this blade gives you:
1) Comfort. The handle is a little thicker than average, and its shape is just awesome.
2) Speed. As any ALC blade, it's fast. You don't need to be Zhang Jike to get the most of it.
3) Control. It is a very balanced blade, very forgiving.
4) Zero Vibration. The arylate carbon absorbs the vibration, but you still have a lot of ball feeling in your hand. No vibration, just feeling.
5) Look. It looks simply awesome, the only one similar to it, would be the new Apolonia ZLC.
6) Versatility. You can virtually combine this blade with any rubber. I've used hard rubbers on my forehand and soft to medium on my back, it plays perfectly with any rubber I've used, feels great. Although I would have to say that harder rubbers are slightly more suitable.
7) Expensive. Yes, it's a little overpriced, it could be on the same price range as TB ALC. I guess Zhang Jike is hotter for Butterfly, so they charge you more for his image, who knows.
Cheers guys, keep spinning...
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Extremely satisfied with this blade. I was previously using a Xiom Zetro Quad that weighed 91g. My ZJK ALC is 84g. The difference is night and day in terms of feel. Yes it is lighter, but also the balance of the weight is more towards the handle, which gives you a little more leeway for heavier rubbers. Shots like the backhand flick are a breeze and I can really maximize head speed. Compared to the Zetro Quad, it is thinner, so you feel the vibrations a little more, but in a good way! A lot of people said the handle is larger than other ALC blades, this may be so, but in general it isn't a very large handle. I think part of reason is because the wings don't go very deep into the handle at all, so its not thick around this area that I prefer it to be. Nothing a little extra grip tape didn't fix!

This blade is great for an offensive game - it can do it all. Is it worth the extra money? Probably not. You could save $40-60 and buy another Butterfly ALC blade and performance would probably be similar. But on purchases like this where I'll just get the one and use it for a long time, the price difference was not a factor for me - so I went for the Zhang Jike name, cool blade design, and lighter avg. weight!
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i'm using this blade with m2 2.0 on forehand and s2 2.0 on backhand.
Speed: it's not too fast or too slow, for me the backhand it's perfect, the only problem is the forehand from mid distance, it's a bit slow and sometimes the ball goes in the net.
Control: with this blade every shot is so easy, you will feel safety on every shot, probabily for 2.0 rubbers but in compared with maze+ vega pro max the control is really so much more.
Looping with this blade is awesome, you can loop slow and spinny but also you can top spin with a lot of power and spin in the same time (i guess for its flexibility) and you have a lot of catapult effect for this king of blade.
The price is high, i know, but i think it's worth. (sorry for bad english)
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Ive used this blade for 4 months now and couldn't be happier with the performance of this blade and how my game has improved because of the Zhang Jike ALC. I use this blade with a joola rhyzm 425 on my fh and a 729 aurora on my bh which gives me a perfect attack/defence. Highly recommend you get this blade if you like topspin and heavy loop.
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Bruce Lee once said that the most effective form of attack is the one that lands. You can be really fast but if your timing and control is off then your punches and kicks don't really matter. What you have in this blade is the best of all worlds. Poly-arylate carbon is used by more world champions than any carbon blade in the ITTF. I think it's important to note that since sometimes really good marketing can cause you to spend more money than you really should. Ma Long, Zhang Jike, Timo Boll and several others all use arylate carbon in their blades. When used in my game it doesn't matter whether I'm serving, pushing, chopping, smashing or looping - the amount of control and feel I have when taking the shot always breeds confidence in knowing that the attack will go where I want it to go. Having that confidence is what allows me to !
relax and release the hand brake from my proverbial sports car which therefore allows me to have faster and more powerful shots. There's nothing worse than being offered the chance to attack but not being able to take that opportunity because you feel as if your blades aim, timing and control is off. Before deciding to go with the Zhang Jike ALC paddle I used a Gergely paired up with Tackifire Drive on both sides. Way too fast even though the rubber is designed for control. I considered buying the Zhang Jike Super ZLC as well but for more than twice what the ALC would cost not only is it considerably faster with less control but watching the reviews on YouTube proved that it would be a tougher beast to tame. Today I've matched this Zhang Jike ALC paddle with both Tenergy 80-FX on both forehand and backhand and it provides the most flexibility of style and play in attack and defense. It has definitely opened my game and allowed me to be more daring with my attacks and I kn!
ow you will like it too! Good luck!
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First: to me the Zhang Jike ALC blade is more stable especially far from table compared to the normal Zhang Jike blade and a little bit faster when you go for the finish of the point (I know many people wonder about this cause they are both ALC-blades named to Zhang Jike).

This blade is telling me: hit me baby one more time!
I bought a flared one, weight 90 grams, medium feel. The handle to me has way more comfort then for example the flared handle of the Timo Boll ALC (I'm not saying the Timo Boll ALC handle can't be good for some players, some will prefer the thinner handle of Timo Boll ALC), ZJ ALC handle is wider and also the weight of the blade is pointed towards the handle (better for combining with heavier rubbers I think if you don't like top heavy blades). Pushing, spinning, overspin, serve, blocking, smashing... it all goes fluently for me, especcially the mid distance play is great with this blade.

I don't really get the hype about the Zhang Jike Super ZLC, okay it's a very good blade, but can you control it? I prefer the Zhang Jike ALC here, it has way more control to me in the overall game, maybe a bit less powerfull topspin, but I think the control makes alot good here.. What would you choose: 9/10 topspins on the table (Zhang Jike ALC) or only 5/10 topspins on the table with bit more power (Zhang Jike Super ZLC)? If you doubt between the ALC and Super ZLC then take ALC, it saves you alot of money ;)

NOTE: all those topplayers, they almost all play with Arylate Carbon, I think this is no coincidence.. It's just something I notice, I find it a bit weird that I never have seen this said by someone before. Timo Boll is ALC, Zhang Jike is ALC and I can go on way longer, they probably all tested ZLC but didn't like it I suppose. Actually almost none of them plays with (Super) ZLC. Butterfly's (Super) ZLC is good material, and some will maybe play better with it, but is it worth paying the extra money for if you even haven't compared it with ALC yet?
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Plays fast and solid, but maintains a soft feel overall. The balance of the weight is toward the handle, which I am not necessarily sure that I like--since I am more inclined to play with head heavy blades like the TBS (the benchmark). I do like the size of the handle in comparison to any other alc blade that I have tried. Maybe I should just fine a heavier backhand rubber next time (maybe T80). Powerloops, blocks, and smashes are also the deadliest with this blade than any other alc blade that I have used as well, but their is a trade of in control unfortunately (the worse, although nowhere near as bad as a carbon blade). By the way, the zjk alc that I own is 92 grams, which is a good weight to me. I will stick with this blade for a while and try to adjust to the weight balance and lower control for the trade-off in speed and feel.
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The best blade for me now
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