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5 Reviews for Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ZLC

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Love this blade! Paired with t05H on FH and D09c on BH. Great to counter loop from any distance and great feeling with little vibration. Easy to BH flick but both blade and rubbers are heavy with the raw blade weighing 80+ Grams so younger players might break their wrist. highly recommend it though and I think you will become more advanced in a few months. Please remember to use fine sandpaper and sand the grip edges to prevent getting blisters on the sides of your thumb.
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I used Apolonia ZLC, Layer ZLC, old Innerforce ZLC, Innerforce ZLC PRO and for me this is the best blade from my perspective... I had maybe better blades than Harimoto ZLC. Harimoto ZLC have great grip, very easy to open with banana-chiquita of course it has cons, like there is problem with NO SPIN serves, overshooting and nets, that's my mistakes. This is amateur friendly blade, with great grip and hard feeling and slow tempo, this is special choice for amateurs who didn't want to play worse with expensive blade than with cheap all wood 5 ply OFF- blade. So I consider all kinds of stroke for amateurs to receive great feedback in every area. This is definitely premium OFF- blade, you didn't need nothing better with ranked "reputation". You didn't need to read opinion from snake oil salesman. You will be very happy with G1 on bh and Sieger PK50 on fh or Tenergy 05 like Dan from tabletennisdaily
EDIT: it is sometimes too slow with Sieger PK 50, so I recommend tensor rubbers not hybrid because blade has too much grip so it needs bounce from my perspective, MXS? MXP? VII PRO,V15 Extra, everything with catapult around 42-50 degree sponges. Don't consider this blade if you are amateur and wants to play with hybrid, you won't generate the high power, spin is one of kind no lie, but it works like this with hybrid: medium hard slow flexy composite blade+ harder rubber=bigger surface of blade (flex and control)+ heavier rubber (longer trajectory and more spin from further area) ==>setup is head heavy==> slow gears, good in short game but a lot harder to play after bounce and you need a lot of brushing motion so if you are good at brushing you need a lot of muscles, sorry it is too hard after 3-4 trainings with Sieger PK50. So it is still 9,9 overall but smashing is not good, and slow nature is base for other rubbers. The tempo is near Timo Boll Spark, so you understand me.
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better than Harimoto ALC/ Harimoto Super ZLC
blocking machine
unique touch
everything is special here 85 grams and 1320 HZ
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very nice product. I like it very much.
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Fantastic blade. Great feeling of control and long time holding the ball. Weight 82g OFF- speed. Sound in HZ 1350.Good balance with a larger head. Speed around 85-87 and let nobody try to rate above 90 !!!
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